Let's go questing

<questlist 6>

6. Free Cho

Dr. Jan Cho, PhD. received fifteen million dollars from a corporation to research the realms of Sub-Space. Within a month of starting the research project, however, Dr. Cho disappeared without a trace. If you were able to find him, you might find your reward to be very satisfying.

Search in the Realm of Chaos

Thinking : (2/10)
Exploring : (1/10)
Fighting : (5/10)

Quest Point Value : 5
Designed for Levels: 25+
Created by : Blizzard
Once per Reboot : No


Quest Notes (last solved and updated: November 2020)

From center of Chaos:
Step 1: <4w;e;s;e;turn knob;flip switch;push button>
Step 2: <kill molecule> /no wimpy/ (class 16,027)
Step 3: continue to kill all other mobs that appear
  Atom (7,826)
  Atom (7,835)
  Proton (4,127)
  Proton (3,974)
  Neutron (3,145)
  Neutron (3,027)
  Electron (4,230)
  Electron (3,910)
  Gluon (2,168)
  Gluon (2,163)
  Gluon (2,179)
  Gluon (1,449)
  A Down Quark (770)
  A Down Quark (848)
  A Down Quark (810)
  A Down Quark (847)
  A Down Quark (826)
  A Down Quark (800)
  An Up Quark (823)
  An Up Quark (811)
  An Up Quark (771)
  An Up Quark (819)
  An Up Quark (797)
  An Up Quark (769)
Step 4: <free cho>
Step 5:<search ion beam> to get back to the lab room


To get back to center of Chaos:


A Scientific Research Journal

This small journal belonged to Dr. Cho, a physics researcher who got trapped inside his own particle accelerator. The handwriting that fills the pages is neat and concise. You might be able to 'read journal' or even 'read '.
There are 15 pages in the journal.

page 1
The funding for this project was approved today. Fifteen million dollars, and all of it to support this project. If I succeed, my name will be etched forever in physics manuals, textbooks, and journals. That, and the Corporation will stand to make fifty million dollars or so. I have already sent checks to all of my equipment suppliers, everything should arrive in the next week or so.

page 2
Today I began. The only piece of equipment that has not arrived yet is the second Van de Graaf accelerator, but there is a lot of work to be done before it arrives. Thus far I have the primary accelerator constructed. I will begin to lay out the alignment equipment tomorrow.

page 3
The primary accelerator is built, and remains untested. I began alignment of the steel tubes that would carry the ion beam today, but was unable to finish. There is always tomorrow.

page 4
Today I finished installing the steel pipes for the primary accelerator. Several of the electro-magnets are installed as well, but it seems as though there will always be more work to do. I am still waiting on the secondary accelerator to arrive, the company I bought it from has yet to return my phone calls. I almost regret sending the five million dollar check to them before delivery.

page 5
Everything is set to go. Well, except for the secondary accelerator. DAMMIT! Tomorrow I will fire up the primary accelerator and see how it runs.

page 6
Yes! The primary accelerator is running perfectly. To be specific, the vacuum pumps are running at 98% efficiency, and the ion control is putting out a 92% pure beam. These are well within my defined par values. Now all I lack is the secondary accelerator...

page 7
ARGH! The secondary accelerator arrived today, except they sent the WRONG one. Isn't it strange how I order (and pay for) a 10 million volt model and they send me a 2.5 million volt model? Needless to say, I was forced to return it and wait even longer.

page 8
Not much to report. The primary accelerator is running smoothly, and the beam is up to 95% purity. I grow tired of this waiting game...

page 9
99% purity. I have achieved a new record, but I still wish to finish this record-breaking project. If I succeed in linking the two accelerators together to 'bounce' the beam back and forth between them, charging the particles to 100 million micro-volts each, then I will be able to fire the beam at a brick of titanium-steel and melt through it in seconds, using nothing more than the 220 volts of alternating current supplied to me by the power company...

page 10
I will wait no longer. Tomorrow I will attempt to reverse the primary accelerator even though I don't have the secondary device to push the beam into it. Hopefully I will be able to use a magnetic mirror to bounce the beam back and forth...

page 11
Sigh. The beam did exactly what I wanted it to do, but the magnets that were bouncing the beam back into the accelerator failed, and for some strange reason sucked half of the laboratory into the accelerator. I am in the accelerator! How this could happen, I do not know, there are too many laws (or supposed laws) of physics that prove this cannot happen! I'm tired, when I wake up I'll try to find my way out of here.

page 12
It has been one month since I was trapped in the accelerator. It would almost seem that the molecules and such that are in here are semi-intelligent, especially since none of them will let me get near the ion beam. Maybe I can study them while I am here hoping to find a way out.

page 13
Six months, and nothing. The molecules and atoms still seem semi-intelligent, but they don't seem to interact on a human scale. All they do is float around, exchange some particles here and there, oh yeah, and keep me away from the ion beam.
page 14
One year. Although I have had plenty of time for meditation and studying the atoms here, I am more than ready to go home. I give up physics research, if I ever get out of here I'm gonna go teach high school.

page 15
Two years. I am giving up hope...