Let's go questing

<questlist 61>

61. Pub Crawl:

Participate in the Great Pub Crawl of Three Kingdoms! Go to the Palisade to get started.

There is no inherent killing required for this quest. However you should be warned that some pubs are located in very dangerous locations.


Search throughout the Realms

Thinking : (2/10)
Exploring : (10/10)
Fighting : (0/10)

Quest Point Value : 35
Designed for Levels: 5+
Created by : Ryft
Once per Reboot : No


Quest Notes (last solved and updated: January 2021)

RULES: Welcome to the Great Pub Crawl of Three Kingdoms!

The Three Kingdoms Pub Crawl is a quest to test your knowledge of the MUD. Those faint of heart or stomach need not go any further. Your quest will take you to the outermost reaches of the Kingdoms and perhaps show you places you have never seen or heard of before. However, you must beware, brave adventurer, for though you need not shed blood to complete the quest, some of the places you will visit are not in the most secure areas of the realms. Read on, and good luck.

To complete this illustrious quest and claim your reward, you must visit each pub on your pub card. Type <read publist> to see which pubs you need to visit.

There are nine pubs in all, three pubs in each realm of Fantasy, Science and Chaos. The pubs of Three Kingdoms have all agreed to sponsor the Great Pub Crawl and will be serving special Three Kingdoms beers to all participants at a cost of 30 coins. When you have entered one of the pubs on your list, simply type: <procure drink> and the bartender will give you your special brew.

While pub locations are not considered quest information, giving out or asking for directions to pubs for the purposes of completing this quest is still very illegal. If you are caught cheating on this quest, you will be deducted the quest point value of this quest and prevented from attempting it again.

Apart from that, please try to have fun, get _very_ drunk, and let's see how well you _really_ know the mud. Let the games begin! Please take the time to read the FAQ by typing <read faq>. If there is any conflict between this card and the FAQ, the FAQ is most correct.
Send any comments to Ryft.

Starting from Center of Town (aka CoT)
Step 1: Go to the Palisade - <2s>
Ryft's Pub Crawl Dispenser

This is one of Ryft's wondrous inventions. It is a smallish box made of some unknown material. There are two closed holes, one on each side; and two slots on the front of the box. One slot is a little larger than the other, while the other is about the same size or just a bit bigger than a coin. There is a plaque attached the front of the machine that you can read.
You are not sure how heavy it is.

The plaque reads:
Welcome one and welcome all!
This is where you start for the 3K Pub Crawl!
If a Pub Crawl here is what you seek,
Rejoice! Be Merry! 'Twill be a treat!
And now, to start without further ado,
Deposit a coin! Yes, won't you?

Step 2: <deposit coin>
You deposit a coin in the slot, and the machine comes to life.
The machine jitters around for a bit as two mechanical arms emerge from either side of the machine.
A piece of paper slides gently out of the larger slot of the machine and is taken by the two hands of the machine.
The card is then gracefully presented to you.

Step 3: <read publist> - Please note that this is an example list, each list will be different for each player.
The card reads:
The Great Pub Crawl of 3-Kingdoms
You have the following pubs left to visit:

In the Fantasy Realm:
Egon's Inn
Blood of the Vine Tavern
The Black River Pub

In the Chaos Realm:
Dolen's Inferno
The Reservoir Tavern
The Kyoto Inn

In the Science Realm:
Ten Forward
The Hard Rock Cafe
The Zero-G Club

Step 4: Below are 3 separate tables, divided by Realm, listing pubs alphabetically. Find your pub; once inside <procure drink> and then proceed to the next pub.
You order a 3-Kingdoms Beer and drink it.
The pub disappears from your list.

Black River Pub, The
Blood of the Vine Inn Tavern, The
<portal; 15e; leave; 4e; 2ne; n; 2ne; 3e; 2s; sw; w; nw; enter mist; in; n; nw; n; ne; n; nw; n; ne; n; 7w; n; e>
Return: <w; s; 7e; s; sw; s; se; s; sw; s; se; s; enter mist; e; n; portal>
Deep Mountain Pub
Area: Deep Mountain
<portal; #15 e; leave; e; se; 8e; se; 7s; 2w; s; 3d; 3n; nw; 3w; 10s; 3e; se; enter; s>
Return: <n; e; u; portal; 5n; nw; 3n; 3e; se; 3s; 3u; out; 2e; 10n; 6w; sw; 4w; enter; 15w; portal>
Dragon's Den, The
Area: Dragon Isle
Step 1 - <portal, 7w, 8s, e, (buy pass), pay serinth> . . . wait
Step 2 - <3se, e, 5s, w, 4s, e, 3s, 7w, 12s>
Step 3 - <3w, s, se, e, s, sw, w, 3s, 2w, 2s>
Step 4 - <enter town, 3s, 2w, enter traveler, push 2, exit, n, e>

Return to Fantasy:
Step 1 - <w, s, enter traveler, push 4, exit, 6e>
Step 2 - <2n, 2e, 3n, e, ne, n, w, nw, n, 3e>
Step 3 - <12n, 7e, 3n, w, 4n, e, 5n, w, 3nw>
Step 4 - <board ferry> . . . wait <w, 8n, 7e, portal>
Egon's Inn
Area: Sarkath Khan
<portal; 12n; leave; 8n; 5w; 2n; path; enter>
Return: <out; path; 2s; 5e; 8s; enter; 12s; portal>
Erah's Ruined Pub
Area: The Village of Erah
<portal, 12n, leave, 4n, 8w, enter, 2s, 2ne>
Return: <2sw, 2n, leave, 6n, 2w, portal>
Flying Oasis, The
Area: Xaxis
<portal, 12w, leave, 12w, s, rent carpet, 4w, 2s, 2e>
Return: <2w, 2n, 4e, hop carpet, 4e, 2s, portal>
Golden Nugget Pub
Area: Mount Knivur
<portal, 12n, leave, 11n, 3e, 3n, 12w, 2n, path, gates, 5n, 3e, s>
Return: <n, 3w, 6s, path, 2s, 4e, portal>
Kaynbee's Pub
Area: Harfain
<portal, 12n, leave, 8n, 3w, 2n, nw, ne, u, cave, trace symbol, u, out, e, n, d, 4e, 2s, w>
Return: <e, 2n, 4w, u, s, w, cave, d, push west wall, out, d, sw, se, 7w, portal>
Jerusalem Pub
Lally's Pub
Area: Wayhaven
<portal; 8n; 4e; s>
Return: <n; 4w; 8s; portal>
Meat Market, The
Area: Angelo
<portal, 12n, leave, 5n, 15w, nw, w, nw, w, sw, 6s, 2e, n>
Return: <s, 2w, 6n, ne, e, se, e, se, 6e, 5n, w, portal>
Mystic Inn
Area: Serinth
<portal; 7w; 8s; e; pay serinth> . . . wait <3se; e; 5s; 3e; enter city; 3s; w>
Return: <e; 3n; leave; 3w; 5n; w; 3nw; board ferry;> . . . wait <w; 8n; 7e; portal>
Order of the Lost Knights' Pub, The
Area: The Order of the Lost Knights
<portal, 12n, leave, 4n, 8w, enter, 3s, (search grass), squeeze through, s, sw, se, s, 2w, 2s>
Return: <2n, 2e, n, ne, nw, 5n, leave, 6n, 2w, portal>
Pirate's Hole (aka Pub of Waff)
Area: Serinth
Step 1: <portal, 7w, 8s, e, pay serinth> ...wait
Step 2: <3se, e, 3s, w, 5s, e, 3s, w, s, 5w, sw>
Step 3: <2s, se, 2e, 2s, se, s, 5e, se, s, e>
Step 4: <ne, nw, enter town, 2n, ne, n, e>

Return: <w, s, sw, 3s, se, sw, w, n, nw, 5w>
Return Step 2: <n, nw, 2n, 2w, nw, 2n, ne>
Return Step 3: <5e, n, e, 3n, w, 5n, e, 3n, w, 3nw>
Return Step 4: <board ferry> ...wait <w, 8n, 7e, portal>
Pub of the Underdark
Area: The Drow Kingdom of fe dar Shad
(kill all blocking mobs - ranging in class up to 8k)
<portal, 15e, leave, 11e, 9s, 2w, s, 3d, s, 3e, enter, n>
Return: <s, out, 3w, n, 3u, out, 2e, 9n, 11w, enter, 15w, portal>
Rosewood Pub, The

Short & Sweet Pub, The
Area: The Mews
There are a lot of aggressive muggers along the way.
<portal; 5e; 4n; e; 3s; e; kill mugger>
<get mask; wear mask; w; 3n; 4w; s; e; s; turn doorknob; kill dwarf; s>
Return: <n; w; n; w; n; 3e; 4s; 5w; portal>
Silvermane, The

Sleeping Dragon Pub, The
Area: Tookwich
<portal; 12n; leave; 10n; 7w; n; path; se; 3s; e>
Return: <w; 3n; nw; path; s; 7e; 10s; enter; 12s; portal>
Southern Face Tavern, The

Swampy Drinks, The
(aka Razorin)
Area: The Islands of Serinth
<portal; 7w; 8s; e; buy pass; charter serinth> ... wait
<3se; e; 3s; w; 5s; 2e; 2s; sw; s; 6w; sw; w;>
<s; w; s; w; enter city; 3s; e; s; 2e>
Return: <2w; n; w; 2n; enter; n; e; n; e; n; e>
<ne; 6e; n; ne; 2n; 2w; 5n; e; 3n; w; 3nw; board ferry; w; 8n; 7e; portal>
Tall & Long Pub, The
Area: The Mews
There are a lot of aggressive muggers along the way.
<portal; 5e; 4n; kill mugger>
<get mask; wear mask; w; 3n; 4w; s; e; s; turn doorknob; kill dwarf; n>
Return: <s; w; n; w; 4s; 5w; portal>
Tall And Short Of It, The
Area: The Mews
<portal; 5e; 5n>
Return: <5s; 5w; portal>
Tavern, Razed, The
Area: Catacombs
<portal, 12n, leave, 11n, 3e, 4n, w, d, se>
Return: <nw, u, e, 4s, 3w, 11s, enter, 12s, portal>
Troll Fodder
<portal, 12n, leave, 11n, 3e, 5n, 9w>
Return: <e, 2s, portal>
Wayhaven Pub, The
Area: Wayhaven
<portal; 8e; 3s; e; 5s; e>
Return: <w; 5n; w; 3n; 8w; portal>
Winter's Haven
Area: Balooga Falls
<portal; 12n; leave; 8n; 4e; 6n; 13w; enter; 3w; 2n>
Return: <2s; 3e; leave; 13e; 6s; 4w; 8s; enter; 12s; portal>

Bacchus' Pub
Find the roaming 'A fairy (Twinkling)' in Chaos. <chase fairy; sleep; gate; 5e; 2n; 2e>
Barker's Bar
(aka Darkmoorian Brewery)
Area: Darkmoore
<enter; 3e; 2s; 2e; n; 9e; n>
Return: <s; 9w; s; 2w; 2n; 3w>
Bacchus' Pub
Area: Myth Area
<enter> - Locate the roaming 'A fairy (Twinkling)' - <chase fairy> <-- repeat this command over and over until you're transported to the area <sleep, gate, 5e, 2n, 2e>
Return: <2w; 2s; 5w; gate; awaken; leave>
Burdog Saloon
Area: Burdog Gorge
The Burdog Gorge area has been closed. If you are given this pub on your publist, please verify with someone in authority that it's accurate.
Area: Ashridge Acres
<enter> Locate the roaming 'A bouncing bingo ball.' <catch ball; 5e; 2s>
Return: <2n; 5w; out> make your way back to the Chaos vortex
Crydee Village Pub, The
<enter; 4w; e; s; w; s; 2e; u; 2n; 2d; enter; s; 2e; 4n>
Return: <4s; 2w; n; portal; 2u; 2s; u; 2w; n; e; n; 2w; 3e; vortex>
Darkmoorian Brewery
(aka Barker's Bar)
Area: Darkmoore
<enter; 3e; 2s; 2e; n; 9e; n>
Return: <s; 9w; s; 2w; 2n; 3w>
Dolen's Inferno
Area: Chaos Cinemaplex
<3e; 2s; 2e; s; buy 1; theatre; u; s; watch; dream; 2n; e; u>
Return: <d; e; 2n; 2e; u; w; s; crawl; e; 2n; 2u; wakeup; n; d; s; 2e; n; 2w; 2n; 3w; vortex>
Frying Pan Public House, The
Area: Old London
<3e, 4n, 4e, door>
Return: <out, 4w, 4s, 3w, vortex>
Gug Butcher Shop, The
Area: Gug City
<enter; 3e; 2s; 2e; n; 8e; 4s> - you'll need a shovel, which you can get from the caretaker (more south till you get to the graveyard, now dig in random rooms a bunch of times until you fall through the floor - <2n; w>
Return: <e; s; 3u; 6n; 8w; s; 2w; 2n; 3w>
Kyoto Inn
Area: Kyoto
<enter> locate the strange boy <trace symbol; left; right; 4forward; left; forward; right; forward>
Return: <buy dose> and you're dropped off somewhere in Chaos
Inn of the Last Home
Area: Inn of the last Home
<enter; 4w; e; s; w; s; 3e; enter; nw; sit> . . . wait <2u; enter; n>
Return: <s; out; 2d; leave; se; 4w; n; e; n; 2e; 2w; 3e; vortex>
Linux Cafe
<3w; 3n; d; cave; squeeze between stalagmites; n; ne; nw; n; ne; kill phish; eat head; enter hole; n; pod 5; n>
Return: <e; s; pull cord; 3s; 3e; vortex>
Moe's Tavern
Area: The Simpsons
<enter> Locate the roaming 'A Small ChaosBrand(tm) Television Set.; <channel 2; 3w; enter>
Return: < >
Pirate's Nose Bar, The
Area: New Legoland
<enter; 2e; 4s; w; 2n; list> (buy eyepatch) <wear eyepatch; s; w; 3n; open door; 2n>
Return: <s; open door; 4s; e; s; e; 4n; 2w; vortex>
Queen's Hoof, The
<enter; 3e; 2s; ride cow; 9n>
Return: <9s; path; 2n; 3w; vortex>
Reservoir Tavern, The
<enter; 2e; 2s; sw; 2s; w; 2n; w; 3s; 2e; 2s; 5e; s; e; n>
Return: <s; w; n; 5w; 2n; 2w; 3n; e; 2s; e; 2n; ne; 2n; 2w; vortex>
Revelwood Pub, The
Area: The Land
<3e; 2s; 2e; 4n; break arch; say land; w; 2nw; n; say aliara; climb vine; 2u; sw; nw; 2w; u; 2e; sw; se>
Return: <nw; ne; 2w; d; 2e; se; ne; 3d; s; ford; 4e; 4s; se; s; e; se; w; 3s; 2se; e; portal; 4s; 2w; 2n; 3w>
Roadhouse Bar, The
<enter; 4w; e; s; w; s; read book; 3e; 5n; 3w; n>
Return: <s; 3e; 5s; 3w; s; n; e; n; 2w; 3e; vortex>
Sally LeRoy's
Area: Pulp Fiction
<enter, 3e, 2s, 2e, s, 2w, buy 3, theatre, n, sit on couch, leave, n, w, 5s, enter>
Return: <leave, 5n, e, s, enter, sit on couch, 2s, 2e, n, 2w, 2n, 3w, vortex>
Soda Jerk, The
Area: The Soda Jerk
<enter, n, shop>
Return: <out, s, vortex>
Starbuck's Coffee
Area: Starbuck's
<enter; 3e; 2s; 2e; n; 3e; n; 2w; 3n; 3w>
Return: <3e; 3s; 2e; s; 3w; s; 2w; 2n; 3w; vortex>
Tabard Inn, The
Locate the roaming Erratio Forest. <enter forest; 2sw; s; enter inn>
Return: <leave; 2ne; enter gap> you'll be dropped off somewhere randomly in Chaos
Tencho Tea Shop
<enter; 2w; 2n; break cookie; 3n; gate; 3w>
Return: < >
Tropical Tavern, The
<enter; 3e; 2s; e; n>
Return: <s; w; 2n; 3w; vortex>
Undersea Pub, The
Area: Atlantis
<enter; 3w; s; dive into bucket; d; se; e; 2s; w; sw; search cave; n; take bracelet; s; nw; w; 2n; 2e; pool; 4d; n; portal; breathe; 2n; 4e>
Return: <4w; 2s; portal; breathe; s; 5u; w; ne; 2u; n; 3e; vortex>
Willie's Water Hole
Area: Chicago Zoo
<enter; 3e; 2s; 2e; n; 3e; n; 2w; 2n; 4e; 2n; 3e>
Return: <3w; 2s; 4w; 2s; 2e; s; 3w; s; 2w; 2n; 3w>

Bar Car of Musicland Express
Area: Science
<enter, u, 2e, d, board train> . . . wait <out, 2s, d, w, d, enter, car2>
Return: <car1, out, u, e, u, 2n> . . . wait for train <board train> . . . wait <out, e, 2w, d, out>
Bill Bond's Bar and Tavern
Area: Detroit
<enter, u, 4n, d, 9n, 13e, 12n, 2e, enter, 3n, 9e, n>
Return: <s, 9w, 4s, 2w, 12s, 13w, 9s, u, 4s, d, out>
Camazot Distillery
Cantina, The
Area: The Cantina
From Science: <enter, 2u, board shuttle> ...wait <exit, 4w, 2d, w, n, enter pod> ...wait> <2n>
Return to Science: <3s, door, s, e, 2u, 4e, board shuttle> ...wait <exit, 2d, out>
Dead Hawaiian, The
Area: Atlanta
From Science: <enter, u, 3e, d, e, path, 3n, 12e, road, 3s, w>
Return to Science: <e, 4n, 12w, 3s, path, w, u, 3w, d, out>
Dead Pub
Area: Atlanta
From Science: <enter, u, 3e, d, e, path, 3n, 12e, road, s, 2e, n, 3e, n, e>
Return to Science: <w, s, 3w, 2w, 2n, 12w, 3s, path, w, u, 3w, d, out>
Deever's Tavern
Area: Mars
<enter; u; 4n; d; 2n; 11w; nw; 2w; 2n; compound; 4n; board shuttle> . . .wait <2sw; w; sw; w; d; 2w; sw; nw; n; nw; n; nw; n; ne; enter; s>
Return: <n; out; se; s; sw; s; se; s; se; ne; 2e; u; 3e; n; 2ne; board shuttle> . . .wait <7s; 2e; se; 11e; 2s; u; 4s; d; out>
Grav Bar, The
Area: Space Simulator
<enter, 2u, board shuttle> ...wait <exit, 4w, 2d, s, w, enter> ...wait <2u, 2e>
Return: <2w, 3d, e, n, 2u, 4e, board shuttle> ...wait <exit, 2d, out>
Hard Rock Cafe
Area: D.C. Megatech
You will have enemies blocking your path to this pub, ranging up to class 50k. Kill them.
Step 1 - <enter, u, 3e, d, e, path, 3n, 12e, road, 5s, 2w, 3s, 3w>
Step 2 - <s, 3w, push button, s> ...wait for doors to close <push button 50>
Step 3 - <n, e, s, 8e, 5s, w, push button, w> ...wait for doors to close <push button 100>
Step 4 - <2e, 5n, 6w, 2n, 3w, n, push button, e> ...wait for doors to close <push button 150>
Step 5 - <2w, s, 6e, n, w, push button, w> ...wait for doors to close <push button 200>
Step 6 - <2e, s, 10w, 10n, e, s, push button, s> ...wait for doors to close <push button 250>
Step 7 - <4n>

Return: Step 1 - <3s, push button, s> ...wait for doors to close <push button 200>
Return: Step 2 - <2n, w, 10s, 10e, n, w, push button, w> ...wait for doors to close <push button 150>
Return: Step 3 - <2e, s, 6w, n, e, push button, e> ...wait for doors to close <push button 100>
Return: Step 4 - <w, s, 3e, 2s, 6e, 5s, w, push button, w> ...wait for doors to close <push button 50>
Return: Step 5 - <2e, 5n, 8w, n, w, push button, s> ...wait for doors to close <push button 1>
Return: Step 6 - <n, 3e, n, 3e, 3n, 2e, 6n, 12w, 3s, path, w, u, 3w, d, out>
Knight Saber Sushi Bar & Steakhouse
Area: Mega-Tokyo
<enter, u, 2w, enter train, leave, 3s, e, 6n, 2w, 2s, sw, s>
Return: <n, ne, n, out, 2e, 6s, w, 3n, enter train, leave, 2e, d, out>
Legal Grounds Pub
Minkling Moon, The
Area: Fuzzy Aliens of Mars
<enter, 2u, board shuttle> ...wait <out, 4w, 2d, e, pod> ...wait <s> ...wait <board shuttle, exit, step platform, e, enter, s, e, s>
Return: <n, w, n, out, w, step platform, enter shuttle> ...wait <exit, n, door, w, 2u, 4e, enter shuttle> ...wait <exit, 2d, out>
Spacing Bar, The
Area: Dune
<enter, 2u, board shuttle> . . . wait <exit, 4w, 2d, n, enter pod> . . . wait <d, e, n>
Return: <s, w, u, exit, s, 2u, 4e, board shuttle> . . . wait <exit, 2d, out>
Syderman's Drink Shop
Area: HTC Northern Expansion Terminal
<enter, u, 3e, d, e, path, 15n, 3w, d, w, ne>
Return: <sw, e, u, 3e, 15s, path, w, u, 3w, d, out>
Techno Karaoke Bar
Area: Mega-Tokyo
<enter, u, 2w> ...wait for train <enter> ... wait <leave; 3s; w; n; w>
Return: <e; s; e; 3n> . . . wait for train <enter> . . . wait <leave; 2e; d; out>
Ten Forward
Area: USS Enterprise (TNG)
<enter, 2u, board shuttle, out, 4w, 2d, e, s, enter pod> . . . wait <beam, enter shuttle, engage pad> . . . wait <out, press button, turbolift, say ten forward, out>
Return: <press plate, enter shuttle, engage pad> . . . wait <out, beam, door, enter pod> . . . wait <door, n, w, 2u, 4e, enter shuttle> . . . wait <out, 2d, out>
Zero-G Club, The
<enter, 2u, board shuttle, out, 4w, 4d, n, 2w, n>
Return: <s, 2e, s, 4u, 4e, enter shuttle, out, 2d, out>

Crowns Pub crowns pub and pub of keyloncia - serinth/3se/e/5s/w/3s/2e/enter southgate/2n/e
(Pubs in The 'Tear')----PTR...7e,tear,3se,e,5s......
Pub of Keyloncia -------- Serinth, Keyloncia city.
Elven Spirit w,3s,2e,n,enter town,4n,ne,enter traveller,(push ?),leave,5e,s,w... / in Tear, on Devil's Isle from road portal, / in Tear, on Devil's Isle from road portal, 7e,tear / 7e,tear,3se,e,5s,w,3s,2e,n,enter town,4n,nw, enter traveler, push 2, leave, 5e,s,w
Lazarian----------------PTR...(pegasus?/rampages area)
There's a bar in Borgur (road portal, 4w,n,path,gate) but I can't remember the name of it and Borgur is closed at the moment
Titan's Tomb------------PTS...15e,exit,3s,w,board,2s,9e,2s,e,9s,e...
Angels------------------ET...it's in detroit someplace in the south central area