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Map of Codename:Kodiak
<questlist 5>

5. Codename: Kodiak:

Incoming message from : Commander Ford, Command bunker 296-4497.

I regret to say this will be my last transmission. Our supplies are depleted and our forces torn to shreds. We continue to fight this unseen horror but each day more of our best and brightest fall. My only hope is to protect anyone passing within reach of this planet.

A Renegade Mechwarrior from Clan Ghost Bear has landed on our planet and has been slowly tearing us apart. Our best mechwarriors have gone to face the renegade and all have died. I fear all hope is lost.

Search in the Realms of Newbieland and Science

Thinking : (3/10)
Exploring : (7/10)
Fighting : (10/10)

Quest Point Value : 5
Designed for Levels: 49+, or 4+ (newbie)
Created by : Dynon
Once per Reboot : No


Quest Notes (last solved and updated: October 2020)

Area: Codename:Kodiak [Dynon]
(mob class is 71-175,622)

Important Note: First, get a light source (you can find a Glowing Orb in the Magic Shop within Woonsocket (1050 coins), or a Wand of Illumination in Arundin's shop within Pinnacle).

Step 1: Find the mirror -

if attempting this quest as a Newbie - directions from Newbie Bin: <4s; u; n; enter mirror 5>

if you're not a Newbie anymore - directions from Science: <enter; 2u; enter shuttle; exit; 4w; 2d; s; enter pod>

Step 2: Find Commander Ford - <2nw; e; search rubble; climb over rubble; 2nw; search elevator; nw; u> - You should be at Commander Ford now.
  Note: Alternate search for nw exit is <search doors>

Step 3: <say hi>, <say kodiak>, <say robertson>
  Note: Make note of the command code he gives you. You'll need to repeat it to First Class Robertson in step 5.

Step 4: Find First Class Robertson - <d; search floor; d>

Step 5: <say ford sent me>, <say QLW2nW>

Step 6: He should give you a scanner at this point; wear scanner.

Step 7: <u; 4se; w; 2se; 2sw>

Step 8: Upcoming aggressive enemy - <scan; search trees>, this should open up a direction to go se. If the scanner does not read a high number, check the surrounding rooms, and then search for the hidden exit there.
(Kodiak is agro, so as soon as you go se, he will attack you.)
Once you defeat Kodiak, you're DONE!

Map of Codename:Kodiak