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Map of Atlantis
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56. Atlantis

A great misfortune has befallen the King and Queen of Atlantis and they desperately need your help. You must find the lost city and ascertain exactly what is wrong. You will meet and interact with many interesting characters along the way.

Search in the Realm of Chaos

Thinking : (7/10)
Exploring : (7/10)
Fighting : (5/10)

Quest Point Value : 30
Designed for Levels: 25+
Created by : Alfonzo and Woof
Once per Reboot : No


Quest Notes (last solved and updated: January 2021)

AREA NAME: Atlantis [Woof]
Monster class range since inception: 391 to 8,141

From Chaos:
Step 1: <enter; 3w; s; dive into bucket>

Step 2: Find the secret room - <d; se; e; 2s; w; sw; search cave> - you'll find a secret exit to the north.

Step 3: Obtain the bracelet - <n; take bracelet> (you don't need to wear the bracelet, just keep it in your inventory)

Step 4: Find the marrowbone (this item moves, go to other rooms in the area and search bones if it's not at these) -

Location 1 - <s; nw; w; n; e; search bones; get marrowbone>

Location 2 - <s; nw; w; search bones; get marrowbone

Location 3 - check any and all piles of bones, search them, and get marrowbone.

Step 5: Go to Cro-magnon Man - <w; n; 2e; pool>
The guard notices your bracelet and steps aside.
You dive into the pool, the bracelet on your wrist constricts slightly and your whole body shrinks. You notice that your legs are forming into a fish tail and gills are appearing on your neck.

Step 6: <4d; n; portal; breathe> . . . wait.

Step 7: Find the notice (it should be located on a lamppost, but it will move from lamppost to lamppost) -

Location 1 - <2n; 2w; look at lampost; look at paper; read notice>

Location 2 - (directions from location 1) <2e; look at lamppost; look at paper; read paper>

Location 3 - (directions from location 2) <2e; look at lamppost; look at paper; read paper>

Location 4 - try to find another lamppost and repeat the examination process (let us know and we'll include it here)

                *       MISSING!        *
                *                       *
                * The Princess Aquarius *
                *      is missing.      *
                *                       *
                * Any person willing to *
                *  help, please contact *
                *  King Poseidon at the *
                *    Crystal Palace!    *
                *                       *

Step 8: Head to the Palace (directions from Location 1 in Step 7) - <2e; 2s; e; say quest>
The guard says: So you are the great warrior who will slay the Kraken and rescue the King's daughter?? You hardly look like a warrior to me!

The guard continues: How did you hear about this misfortune?

Step 9: <say notice>
The guard says: Very well, I will let you talk to the King.

Step 10: Talk to King Poseidon - <palace; 4n; 3e; bow>
The King says: Have you come to slay the Kraken?

Step 11: <say yes>
The King says: Excellent! I know you will succeed! None of my warriors can attack the Kraken for it is written in the Great Laws that no God or Titan shall attack the Kraken.

He pauses momentarily.

He says: It can only be slain by a mortal - such as yourself. I don't know how you will do it, the Kraken is a very powerful creature. You must talk to Diodorus, the Scholar in the high tower. He may be able to help. Now please hurry, and godspeed to you!!

Step 12: Find a secret passage - <3w; 3s; w; play piano; fix key>
You stand and go to the end of the piano with the broken key. After a few moments of fiddling with it, the key loosens up.

Without warning, the bookcase swings open, revealing a secret passage to the northwest!

Step 13: Find the horn - <nw; u; search boxes; get horn>

Step 14: Make your way to Diodorus - <d; se; 3e; pull cord; tighten bulb>
You tighten the lightbulb as tightly as you can and pull the cord on the reading lamp. The light switches on and from someplace behind you, you hear a door opening.

Step 15: <ne; u; say kraken>
You whisper to Scholar: kraken

Diodorus looks extremely puzzled.

He asks: You want to kill the Kraken?

He ponders quietly for a moment.

He says: Oh no, it would be quite impossible for a mortal to kill the Kraken with mere weapons! However, there is another way...

Step 16: <say another way>
He says: It is written that the Kraken can only be killed by using one's head. That is all I can tell you I'm afraid.

Step 17: <say book>
He says: Oh! You want to read my book?
He continues: It's not quite finished, but I guess it will be ok.

<read book>
You leaf through the book, taking time to look at some nice pictures of the people and creatures of Atlantis.

Step 18: <get book> (If you were not able to get a book at this point, there is another chance to find it in Step 26 and possibly even step 30-1.).

Step 19: Find the mirror - <d; sw; 2w; 3n; w; search papers; push button>
You push the button on the desk and the portrait of the royal family moves to the side revealing a secret passage to the northwest!

Step 20: <nw; u; search chest; get mirror>

Step 21: Get a special jar - <d; se; 3e; n; u; w; s; fix photograph>
You straighten the photo on the wall and a secret trap door opens in the floor!

Step 22: <2d; get jar>

Step 23: Capture the sea monkey - <2u; n; e; n; look at tank; take monkey>
You scoop the Sea Monkey up into the mason jar and screw the lid on loosely so he can breathe!

Step 24: Get the brass key - <s; e; n; search dresser; get key>

Step 25: Get the crystal key - <2s; open cabinet; get key

Step 26: Get random treasure (and possibly book as well if you were not given the book in Step 18, you'll have a 3rd chance in Step 30-1) - <n; e; unlock door; open door; e; get coins; get book>

Step 27: Find a lasso - <3w; d; s; 2w; 2s; 3e; search gear; get lasso>

Step 28: Give the guard a distraction - <3w; s; e; n; d; give book to guard>
You hand the book over to the guard, who eagerly accepts it. 'Hey, this looks interesting!' he says, tucking the book away. The guard unlocks the door to the cell and motions for you to enter.

Step 29: Find and kill Medusa - <s; e; sw; w> (Continue going west until Medusa appears) <kill medusa>
Medusa gazes into the shiny mirror and screams out in agony! Without warning, her body turns to stone and shatters - leaving only the solidified head of medusa! Your shiny mirror cracks under the strain and crumbles into dust!

Step 30: Find the Mayor's vault (and do not kill the dog) - <get head; e; ne; w; n; out; u; s; w; 2s; w; 2n; 3w; give marrowbone to merdog; search> - you should find a secret exit to the southeast.

  Step 30-1: If you were still unsuccessful at finding the book in Step 17 or Step 26, search bookshelf here in this room before you move on to Step 31.

Step 31: <se; kill mayor>
  6,531 : Mayor Atli

Step 32: Get the iron key - <search documents; get key>

Step 33: Head towards the Kraken's Lair - <nw; 6e; 2n; unlock gate>

Step 34: <n; e; n; search>
You find a stalagmite that once led up through a hole in the ceiling. Unfortunately, it looks as if someone has broken the top off of it! Luckily though, there is a large stalactite hanging nearby... if you only had some sort of rope!

Step 35: <lasso stalactite; climb lasso>

You grip the end of the lasso tightly with your left hand and, with your right, swing the loop above your head like a real professional. You release the loop and it swings up and fastens on to the stalactite. You secure the end of the lasso on to a stalagmite below. It looks quite strong.

You climb up the lasso to a cavern above.

Step 36: <n; w; blow horn>
The sound of the horn echoes across the chamber. The water begins to bubble and churn violently. A huge shape begins to emerge. IT'S THE KRAKEN!!

Step 37: <hold head>
You hold the head of Medusa up to the Kraken. The head becomes animated in your hand. The snakes slither back and forth and the eyes open up, looking at the Kraken with extreme hatred. You can not bear to endure this! The Kraken screams in terror and you watch as its skin begins to harden and turn to stone. Moments later, the Kraken has become transformed into a giant statue and the head of Medusa crumbles to dust!

Step 38: <pool; give jar to princess>
The princess smiles at you for giving her pet sea monkey to her. She allows you to come close and free her from her bonds. She takes you by the hand and you both go back to the castle, where her father and mother are anxiously awaiting...

When you arrive with their daughter, they rush up to her and give her an enormous hug. The King pats you on the back and thanks you, saying 'This is indeed a great day in our land. You have brought our daughter back and destroyed the terror of the Kraken which has scared off so many of the townsfolk. From the bottom of our hearts, we can not thank you enough.'


Return to Chaos: <3w; 5s; w; portal; breathe; s; 5u; w; ne; 2u; n; 3e>

Map of Atlantis