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Map of Body Mansion

<questlist 53>

53. Whodunit:

Mr. Body has been murdered! Go to Body Mansion to search for clues...

Search in the Realm of Chaos

Thinking : (4/10)
Exploring : (5/10)
Fighting : (4/10)

Quest Point Value : 25
Designed for Levels: 15+
Created by : Simetra
Once per Reboot : No


Quest Notes (last solved and updated: January 2021)

AREA NAME: Body Mansion [Mischief]
Monster class range since inception: 1,714 to 6,425

Your goal is to locate all clues and return them to The Ghost of Mr. Body. There are a total of 10 suspects, 12 room objects, and 10 weapons you'll need to find (plus the key to the house). Below is a list of each item in it's category.

1. M. Brunette - a brown beret

2. Sgt. Gray - a dark gray tie

3. Col. Mustard - a yellow sports jacket

4. Miss Peach - a pair of peach pumps

5. Miss Scarlett - a ruby necklace

6. Mrs. Peacock - a turguoise ring

7. Mr. Green - emerald pinky ring

8. Prof. Plum - a pair of purple loafers

9. Mrs. White - a pair of white lace gloves

10. Madame Rose - a pink shawl
1. Carriage house - toolbox

2. Gazebo - wind chimes

3. Courtyard - a smooth rock

4. Fountain - a silver dime

5. Library - a leather-bound book

6. Drawing room - teacup

7. Billiard room - 8 ball

8. Art studio - a paintbrush

9. Conservatory - a flower

10. Trophy room - a stuffed parrot

11. Kitchen - a silver tray

12. Dining room - a crystal goblet
1. wrench

2. a gun

3. lead pipe

4. horseshoe

5. a sharp, sinister looking sickle

6. rope

7. candlestick

8. bottle of poison

9. knife

10. a bloody switchblade

From Chaos:
Step 1: Go to Body Mansion area - <enter, 3e, 5s, out2, s>

Step 2: Find your first suspect - <4s; e; s; kill brunette>
  2,167 : M. Brunette

Step 3: Get evidence from M. Brunette - <search bench; get all; open toolbox> - you should now have a beret, toolbox, and wrench in your inventory.

Step 4: Second suspect - <n; 3e; n; 3w; kill gray>
  1,982 : Sgt. Gray

Step 5: Get evidence - <search gazebo; get all; take gun> - you should now have a tie, wind chimes, and a gun in your inventory.

Step 6: Find a murder weapon lying around - <5e; n; get rock>

Step 7: Search a possible murder location - <s; 3e; drain fountain; search pipes; get all> - you should now have a lead pipe and a silver dime in your inventory

Step 8: Enter the house - <4w; s; search doormat; get key; unlock door; s; kill butler>
  5,623 : The butler, Didit

Step 9: Third suspect - <s; 3e; n; kill mustard>
  1,770 : Col. Mustard

Step 10: Get evidence - <search chair; get all> - you should now have a jacket and book in your inventory

Step 11: Fourth suspect - <s; 6w; n; kill peach>
  2,037 : Miss Peach

Step 12: Get evidence - <search table; search couch; get all> - you should now have pumps, a horseshoe, and a teacup in your inventory.

Step 13: Find more evidence - <2s; 5e; search artwork; get sickle>

Step 14: Fifth suspect - <e; kill scarlett>
  2,106 : Miss Scarlett

Step 15: Get evidence - <search table; get all> - you should now have a ruby necklace and an 8 ball in your inventory.

Step 16: Sixth suspect - <w; s; e; s; kill peacock>
  1,949 : Mrs. Peacock

Step 17: Get evidence - <search cabinet; get all; get rope> - you should now have a turquoise ring, a paintbrush, and rope in your inventory.

Step 18: Seventh suspect - <n; w; 2s; e; s; kill green>
  1,802 : Mr. Green

Step 19: Get evidence - <search plants; get all> - you should now have an emerald pinky ring and a flower in your inventory>

Step 20: Eighth suspect - <n; 3w; s; kill plum>
  1,949 : Prof. Plum

Step 21: Get evidence - <search loveseat; get bottle; get all> - you should now have a pair of purple loafers, a stuffed parrot, and a bottle of poison in your inventory.

Step 22: Ninth suspect - <n; 3w; s; kill white>
  1,770 : Mrs. White

Step 23: Get evidence - <search cabinets; get knife; get all> - you should now have a pair of white lace gloves, a knife, and a silver tray in your inventory.

Step 24: Find evidence in the Secret passage - <search; sw; d; look at stairs; get switchblade>

Step 25: Tenth suspect - <u; ne; 3n; kill rose>
  1,880 : Madame Rose

Step 26: Get evidence - <search table; search dishes; get all> - you should now have a pink shawl, a candlestick, and a crystal goblet in your inventory.

Step 27: Bring items to The Ghost of Mr. Body - <s; e; 2n; 2e>

Step 28: You must now give the ghost 1 item from a person, 1 item from a location, and 1 weapon. For example -
<give beret to ghost>

Mr. Body says: You must now give me an item from a room and a weapon.

<give rock to ghost>

Mr. Body says: You must now give me a weapon.

<give wrench to ghost>

Mr. Body says: The murder was not committed in the courtyard.

Mr. Body shoves the items back at you.

Step 29: Continue step 28, working down the line of items, making sure you eliminate the item that he indicates is not a clue. I found it easy to go west, drop the item he said wasn't good (in the above example I would drop rock), go back east, try the same 2 items from the previous attempt with a new 3rd item. Repeat until you see him say something similar to,
Mr. Body says: That's right!

Mr. Body says: It was Mr. Green, with the switchblade, in the fountain.

Mr. Body lets out a sigh.

Mr. Body says: I've been avenged. At last I can rest. Thank you my dear friend.


To get back to Chaos:
<w; 2n; e; n; 5w; 6n; out1, 4n, 3w, vortex>

Map of Body Mansion