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45. Dogs and Diamonds:

After a simple jewelry heist transformed into a bloody shootout with the police, the Reservoir Dogs went into hiding and have not been seen for several months. Now, Joe Cabot, the leader of the Reservoir Dogs, needs someone to track down all of the members of his criminal team and recover all of the stolen diamonds.

Find Joe Cabot and ask about the diamonds to get started.

Search in the Realm of Chaos

Thinking : (4/10)
Exploring : (4/10)
Fighting : (5/10)

Quest Point Value : 25
Designed for Levels: 35+
Created by : Ploppy
Once per Reboot : No


Quest Notes (last solved and updated: January 2021)

AREA NAME: Chaos Cinemaplex [Mos]
Monster class range since inception: 951 to 42,385

AREA NAME: Pulp Fiction [Ploppy]
Monster class range since inception: 2,940 to 93,569

Note: Before you begin, make sure you have about 15,000 coins on you. During the quest, the gang members are sometimes masquerading as different mobs, so you must identify them and 'recall' which gang member they are. Hints can be found in the mobs descriptions.

From Chaos:
Step 1: <enter; 3e; 2s; 2e; s; 2w; buy 3; theatre; n; sit on couch> - You start the area just inside the entrance of Apartment 1.

Step 2: <leave; n; e; 2s; e; n; enter; 2w; 3n; say hi>
Joe Cabot says: I'm not here for small talk...
Joe Cabot says: You interested in helping me find the diamonds or what?

Step 3: <say diamonds>
Joe Cabot says: The plan was so simple...
Joe Cabot says: I assembled a team of professional criminals to pull off a jewelry heist...called them the Reservoir Dogs.
Joe Cabot says: Somehow, the cops caught wind of the operation and the heist turned into a bloodbath.
Joe Cabot says: Now, the gang members are scattered, hiding out from the heat somewhere in this city.
Joe Cabot says: I need you to find each gang member and recover their share of the stolen diamonds.
Joe Cabot says: I don't care what you have to do, or who you have to kill, I just want those diamonds returned to me.
Joe Cabot says: I'm prepared to pay you for your time and effort.

Step 4: <say members>
Joe Cabot says: Each member of the Reservoir Dogs has a colorful code name to keep them anonymous...
Joe Cabot says: Mr. Blonde, Mr. Blue, Mr. Brown, Mr. Orange, Mr. Pink, and Mr. White.
Joe Cabot says: You'll need to dig a bit to find them, although I received a reliable tip from Jimmie Dimmick that Mr. Pink is somewhere in this very restaurant.

Step 5: First gang member is Mr. Pink, who is actually Buddy Holly - <3e; se; remember mr pink>
Now you remember who this guy is: Steve Buscemi. He played Mr. Pink in the Quentin Tarantino film 'Reservoir Dogs'. Your recollection has had some sort of Movie Magic effect on Buddy Holly...

Step 6: <kill pink>
  34k : Mr. Pink

Step 7: <get diamonds>

Step 8: Go to Jimmie's House to find Mr. Brown - <s; sw; w; leave; s; 2w; s; enter; recall quentin tarantino; recall mr brown; kill brown>
  34k : Mr. Brown

Step 9: <get diamonds>

Step 10: Next you will need to make a trade with a Black Suited Homeless Guy. He wants a donut, but he will not tell you what kind. You have to try various options until you get it right. First head over to the Teriyaki Donut shop - <leave; n; w; 2s; 2e; 2s; 2e; n; e; enter>

Step 11: There are several types of donuts you can buy <look at menu; read sign> -


~ All Donuts 150 Coins ~

Sauce Selections: Ginger, Lemon, Orange, Teriyaki

Meat Selections: Beef, Chicken, Pork, Shrimp

To buy a donut, type 'order <sauce> <meat> donut'
For example: 'order ginger beef donut'


Additionally, there are several condiments you can add to the donut (only spicy sprinkles remain):


~ Want to spice up your life? ~

Just 'sprinkle' the donut of your choice...

For example: 'sprinkle donut'
       'sprinkle donut 3'
       'sprinkle ginger beef'
       'sprinkle lemon pork donut'



Step 12: You will need to get the correct combo for the Homeless Guy. Eg: 'order ginger beef donut' and give it to the guy at - <leave; w; s; 4w; pull corner; give donut to guy> - He will tell you if there is something about this donut he does not like, so change it up if you need to.
You give the Ginger Beef Donut to the Homeless Guy.
Homeless Guy greedily stuffs the entire donut into his mouth and swallows it whole...
Homeless Guy says: Ugh! A beef donut?!
Homeless Guy says: Who the hell puts beef in a donut?! Try again...

To get back to the donut shop: <n; 4e; n; e; enter>

To get back to the homeless guy: <leave; w; s; 4w; pull corner>

Step 13: Once you have the right combo of sauce and meat, he may indicate it needs a condiment -
You give the Lemon Pork Donut to the Homeless Guy.
Homeless Guy greedily stuffs the entire donut into his mouth and swallows it whole...
Homeless Guy says: Ack! I can hardly taste it!
Homeless Guy says: That donut was much too bland! Try again...

Step 14: If he says it's bland, buy the same donut, and 'sprinkle donut'. If it is still too bland, buy the donut again and sprinkle it twice, or three times and so on -
You give the Lemon Pork Donut (Satanic) to the Homeless Guy.
Homeless Guy greedily stuffs the entire donut into his mouth and swallows it whole...
Homeless Guy says: Mmm-mmm! Delicious! That's my favorite!
Homeless Guy says: I guess I owe you a severed ear...
The Homeless Guy rummages around in the garbage, locates the severed ear, and gives it to you.

Step 15: <n; 4e; n; give ear to nash> - and he will teach you a 'hand signal'

Step 16: Go to Hawthorn Grill - <n; w; s; enter; e; signal orange> - and you will be given the orange diamonds.

Step 17: Head to Lance's house - <w; leave; n; w; n; e; enter; 2e; search refrigerator> - and you will receive Adrenaline Sryinge.

Step 18: Find the book, 'Little Black Book' (there are several locations this book could be, if you find more, please let us know) - <w; s; w>

Location 1 - <search boxes; read book>

Location 2 - <search paperwork; read book>

Location 3 - <search books; read book>

Step 19: <e; n; w; inject mia; e; recognize mr blonde; kill blonde>
  32k : Mr. Blonde

Step 20: <get diamonds>

Step 21: Go to the Pawn Shop Basement / Maze and find Eddie Bunker - <w; leave; w; 3s; e; s; enter; down; 6n; e; 2s; e; n; e; 2s; 2w; s; e; s; e; n; 2e; s; w; identify mr blue; kill blue>
  34k : Mr. Blue

Step 22: <get diamonds>

Step 23: <e; n; 2w; s; w; n; w; n; 2e; 2n; w; s; w; 2n; w; 6s; u; leave>

Step 24: Next you need to find the Acura NSX wandering town. <kill car>
  45k : Acura NSX

Step 25: Once you kill the car, Winston Wolfe will appear and IMMEDIATELY leave (he may continue to wander) - <recollect mr white; kill white>
  35k : Mr. White

Step 26: <get diamonds>

Step 27: Return to Joe Cabbot in Jackrabbit Slim's (Jackrabbit Slim's is in the northeast side of the area). Once you find Jackrabbit Slim's - <enter; 2w; 3n; give diamonds to joe> <--- repeat this 5 more times


You solved the DOGS AND DIAMONDS quest!!!



To get back to Chaos:
Return to Chaos - <3s; 2e; leave; 2s; w; 2n; w; s; enter; sit on couch; 2s; 2e; n; 2w; 2n; 3w; vortex>

Map of Pulp Fiction