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<questlist 42>

42. Accipiter

After having learned much about the man/trees and their creator, it is apparent that there is much more to their phenomenon to understand. This time, visit the man/birds in their titan sycamore, and seek Accipiter the mage/hawk, a wise and peaceful elder. Greet him, mention your quest, and he will surely guide you through the process of acquiring more knowledge about the world of the Powers.

You need not have solved the original Spire to solve this quest, though familiarity with it can only help.

Note that this is a mission of peace.

Seek mainly in the Realm of Fantasy

Thinking : (5/10)
Exploring : (7/10)
Fighting : (0/10)

Quest Point Value : 25
Designed for Levels: 5+
Created by : Pfunk and Wain
Once per Reboot : No


Quest Notes (last solved and updated: January 2021)

Extra Note: While not required, it is advised that you complete the Spire quest first. The layout, backstory, and one item will already be in your inventory from during that quest.

From Fantasy:
Step 1: Find Grus, the dying boy/crane and get the note to his father - <portal; 12n; leave; 6n; 8e; 11n; say father>
The boy/crane, struggling beyond words to remain alive, holds out a piece of paper and drops it on the ground beside his body.
The hybrid whispers something unintelligibly, eyes staring...
The boy/crane coughs up bile.

Step 2: <get note>
A small note, hastily written

This is a small piece of hide, with some words scribbled onto it in dark green ink.
It looks light.

<read note>

And so today I go into war, on my sixteenth birthday, as it is written in the journals of the Power, and as it has been told to me in stories by my father. My carpentry will have to wait until I return, as will my music. I fear that I have been ignoring the fact that I will simply not return. No one returns from the trees. Why we go back every year, and decimate our own numbers is a mystery I will never comprehend. This then, is the record of my last thoughts.

I miss you father.

Step 3: Locate his father, Grus the man/crane - <3s; 4w; 6s; 13w; give note to grus>
With trembling, clawed hands, Grus begins to read the note...

Almost without emotion, Grus begins to weep, in deep agony and grief.

His eyes closed in introspection and grief, Grus mourns.

Step 4: Upon receiving the note, Grus will begin weeping, allowing you to get by - <enter opening>
Grus, driven to distraction by his consumptive grief, does not notice as you silently pass through the opening, and into the titan sycamore.

Step 5: Once inside - <w; look at tome 3>

Step 6: Now read each of the 5 pages of the tome, which will trigger a response from Accipter - <read page 1; read page 2; read page 3; read page 4; read page 5>
Accipiter says: ...and here you are.

Step 7: <say sycamore>

Step 8: <say odyssey>

Step 9: <stretch wing>
You help the old hawk stretch his left wing.
Accipiter says: Ahh yes, that's it, much obliged...
Accipiter says: You are a good soul...I will indeed help you in your quest for knowledge. But before we embark upon this new learning, will you carry out just a small chore for me?

Step 10: <say chore>
Accipiter says: Ahh, good, good...you are most kind. There is a special forest south of the mainland, the Forest of Types. If only you'd be so kind as to retrieve for me a branch of the Moon Tree, and some Scoria Powder.

Accipiter continues: It is a trifling request almost... both are easily enough obtained. And I will ensure that the forest will aid you.

Accipiter says: I need both items for a broth I am cooking. When you return with them, we can both sit and enjoy the warm soup, and I'll tell you all you wish to know about the world of the creators.

Accipiter says: Oh, and concern yourself not with the crane who guards my home... he will pay you no heed.

Important Note: Make note of the two things he is asking for here: branch of the Moon Tree and Scoria Powder, as the items might vary. Keep note of them! (Also, please let us know so that we can add to this list.)

Requests that have been made thus far -
Option 1: branch of the Moon Tree, and some Scoria Powder
Option 2: branch of the Moon Tree, and some Argent Resin
Option 3: branch of the Moon Tree, and some Golden Resin
Option 4: branch of the Moon Tree, and some Russet Powder
Option 4: branch of the Moon Tree, and some Crystal Jelly

Step 11: Head to the Forest of Types via the Wayhaven docks, and get a branch of the Moon Tree and some Scoria Powder - <e; out; 4e, 9s, 4e, enter, 5e, 8s, e, pay forest of types> . . . wait for the Ferryman to deliver you

Step 12: Here you need to head to Cocodryllus, which can be found through some undergrowth. It is marked on the map, but the location may change. Just type 'crawl through undergrowth' in each room if the location is different -

Location 1: <2s; w; crawl through undergrowth; say moon tree>

Location 2: <2s; w; nw; crawl through undergrowth; say moon tree>
Cocodryllus's right eye flashes.

Cocodryllus says: It be the Moon Tree ye seek? True, ye be close, as it lie just beyond this creek. But to visit our fair Mother, I'm afraid, is quite out of the question. You see, since with only one eye I cannot tell friend from foe, alas you may not pass.

Step 13: <say eye>
Cocodryllus growls: My eye was snatched by the wicked serpent, Anguis.

Step 14: <say anguis>
Cocodryllus says: Ah, we have a long history of enmity, he and I. He is but a wee snake, ye see...but he caught me unawares last night, and plucked my eye from my brainpan.

Cocodryllus says: He slithered off before I could lay chase. He is probably back in his rocky refuge by now.

Cocodryllus says: I wonder how he even made it to this isle. Perhaps he stowed away in some adventurer's boat.

Step 15: <say refuge>
Cocodryllus snarls: The piteous beast finds home in brief rock settlements, and prefers unbearably hot, dry conditions. Indeed, he is not a native of this island.

Cocodryllus snarls: The piteous beast finds home in brief rock settlements, and prefers unbearably hot, dry conditions. Indeed, he is not a native of this island.

Step 16: Also be sure to ask about the second item you are looking for -

Option 1 of 2nd ingredient: <say scoria powder>

Cocodryllus drones: I have heard of people extracting that from the magma tree. I pay little attention to such activities, however.

Option 2 of 2nd ingredient: <say argent resin>

Cocodryllus drones: I have heard of people extracting that from the silver tree. I pay little attention to such activities, however.

Option 3 of 2nd ingredient: <say golden resin>

Cocodryllus drones: I have heard of people extracting that from the amber tree. I pay little attention to such activities, however.

Option 4 of 2nd ingredient: <say russet powder>

Cocodryllus drones: I have heard of people extracting that from the iron tree. I pay little attention to such activities, however.

Option 5 of 2nd ingredient: <say crystal jelly>

Cocodryllus drones: I have heard of people extracting that from the mica tree. I pay little attention to such activities, however.

Step 17: Anguis can be found in the desert of fantasy, return to the board, and head west from Wayhaven. Directions back will be determined on where your undergrowth was -

Directions from Location 1: <2e; 2n; board ferry>

Directions from Location 2: <n; 2e; n; board ferry>

. . . wait for drop off at Wayhaven docks

Step 18: <w; 8n; 5w, leave, 8w, 3s> - this is the desert portal

Step 19: Now find 'A settlement of rocks' in the northern desert (location changes) -

Location 1: <5w; 3n; search settlement>

Location 2: <4w; n; search settlement>

Location 3: <from desert portal; w; s; search settlement>

Step 20: <say eye>
Anguis says: Indeed, I snared the croc's eye for a snack, I did! And I'll never give it back, even if you tried squeezing it out of me. Brash adventurer, leave me be!

Step 21: <strangle snake>
You lunge forward with great tenacity, and grasp Anguis about his neck and midriff!

You throttle the poor snake, as he hisses and squeals like a wounded child!

You give one last squeeze, and at last, the choking serpent coughs up his bounty, a giant eyeball!

Step 22: <get eye; get sand> - (you will need this sand later)

Step 23: Head back to the docks to return to the Forest of Types - <climb> (might have to climb a few times)

Step 24: Continue your return trip -

From Location 1: <3s; 5e; portal; portal; 7w; 8s; e; pay forest of types>

From Location 2: <s; 4e; portal; portal; 7w; 8s; e; pay forest of types>

From Location 3: <n; e; portal; portal; 7w; 8s; e; pay forest of types>

. . .wait to arrive

Step 25: Go back to the location that you originally found Cocodryllus at and give him the eye - <crawl through undergrowth; give eye to cocodryllus>
Cocodryllus takes the eye with his scaley hamfist...

The massive croc bears up towards you, crossing your gaze with his own...

Cocodryllus says: Well I'll be! You've gone and rescued my sight from the withered serpent himself! Praise be to you, fine, worthy adventurer...

Cocodryllus pops his eye back into place...

Cocodryllus says: E'en before I cast my truest gaze upon thee, by thy acts alone I know thy character to be true indeed. This I need not sight to see. You are welcome here.

Step 26: Now you may pass into the next room and find the Moon Tree. In this quest attempt, the room is to the south, but this might change based on where your undergrowth is located (and the direction is invisible). Try south, southwest etc. to enter the room with the Moon Tree - <say branch; get branch>

Step 27: This next part will likely vary based on the second item you have been sent to retrieve. There are many types of trees on the island, so exit the undergrowth and find your tree based on what Cocodryllus told you in step 16.

Directions to each tree from Ferry:
Vulca Tree - <2s>
Mica Tree - <s; 3w>
Magma Tree - <s; 3w; sw>
Iron Tree - <s; 2w; 2n>
Amber Tree - <s; 2w; 3n; e>
Silver Tree - <s; 2w; 4n; w>
Water Tree - <s; 2w; 3n; 2w; sw; nw; n>
Kenyu Tree - <s; 2w; 3n; 2w; sw; nw; n; ne>

Step 28: Once you've found your tree - <say branch; get branch; break branch>. This should get you your second item, which will be dropped to the ground after you break the branch. Make sure you <get dust> or <get resin>, get whatever it is that dropped.

Step 29: Now make your way back to the ferry to return to Accipiter and give him the items - <board ferry> . . .wait for return

Step 30: Give the item that you picked up off the ground from step 28 to Accipiter - <w; 8n; 5w; leave; 5w; 9n; 3w; enter opening; w; give ____ to accipiter>

Step 31: Make sure you give him the moon branch here, not the broken branch - <give branch of moon to accipiter>
Accipiter says: Wonderful, wonderful, now I have both the branch and the scoria powder, this is all I need to complete my anticipated broth, now let's...err, um...oh, bother! I've just realized that I have another small problem to solve before I can finish cooking my broth...are you willing, yet again, to aid me?

Step 32: <say yes>
Accipiter says: The special stoking I use for my kettle can only be extinguished with orange sand, and I've run through my supply already it seems! Would you be so frightfully helpful as to fetch me some?

Accipiter says: I'm sure you've come across some in your recent travels... when you return I will finish my broth and you and I, friend, we will sip our soup and speak of grander things, eh?

Step 33: This was the sand you picked up earlier after strangling the snake. - <give sand to accipiter>
Accipiter says: Ahh, yes, it was kind of you to aid me yet again. I feel that I have taken advantage of your generosity...

Accipiter says: Well, I'll be...you've managed to help me yet again, young explorer! Now, I can get to cooking up this soup for us, and helping you find out more about our Powers. *Squawk* say, would you help out an old bird and scratch my neck? I think I have a moisture rash but I can't seem to reach that part of my neck...I would consider it a warm favor...

Step 34: <scratch neck>
You lean over and gently scratch the bird on its neck...

Accipiter says: Well, I must say, you have been too kind to this aging featherbag. I'm almost embarrassed!

Accipiter says: Well, nevertheless leave me be, for now at least. I will cook the broth presently, but as it is a sacred family recipe, I am somewhat picky and finicky about folks watching as I prepare it.

Accipiter says: Simply come back a short while later, and mention the broth, and I'll let you know how things are brewing! But mind your patience -- disturb me thrice before the broth is ready, and I'll serve none at all! Now be off, kind Pinnacle breed!

You feel a sudden dizziness and your surroundings change!

Step 35: Here you are returned to the room east of Accipiter. Wait about 5-6 minutes and go back in - <w; say broth>
Note: attempting to go back in at 3 minutes is not a sufficient amount of time for him.

Accipiter says: Ahh, criminy, you startled me, foolhardy adventurer! I'm not done with the broth yet, check back a little bit later. Mind your patience! You feel a sudden dizziness and your surroundings change!

After 5-6 minutes:

Accipiter gives you a wry look.
Accipiter speaks sternly: Yes, the broth is ready, <insert your name here>. But it is only you who shall partake.

Accipiter hands you a short white staff.

Accipiter says: This is the broth I have prepared, though as you can see, it is no broth. Rather, it is a powerful artifact which will grant you audience with our Power.

Accipiter says: You have proven your worth to me through your unwavering willingness to help me with my troubles. You have proven your patience by leaving me be as long as I so desired. And you have made an old bird very happy, as I had long since resolved that no such benevolent soul existed in the realms in these, these dark days when guilds send their members out on crass missions of slaughter...

Accipiter says: The Odyssey of the Powers is a tale of a nature, seemingly nonsensical to most mortals. It is impossible to understand for those not directly involved. But I leave it to the discretion of our Power to grant you the knowledge you seek. Take and use the artifact -- it will warm to your soul before long, and take you to our Power.

Thus is my task completed. I have nothing left to tell you. The rest is up to you, <insert your name here>! 'Ere this be the last time we meet, farewell, farewell proud <insert your name here>, I hope you learn much that is hidden.
You feel a sudden dizziness and your surroundings change!

Step 36: You now have a staff, 'Artifact for Another World (quarterstaff)', in your inventory. Head to CoT - <out; 4e; 9s; 4e; enter; 12e; portal; 3e; 2s; 2e; n>

Step 37: <look at staff; trace pattern> . . . wait for all the text to finish
As you trace the pattern on the staff, bright sparks of white light dance around in your wake. Surges of energy course through your body; almost more than you can bear!

You almost give up in agony, when suddenly, you finish.

The staff is definitely warmer, but there doesn't seem to have been any apocalyptic, or even interesting, results.

You look around, half in disappointment, half in anticipation.

The quarterstaff warms to your grasp.
The quarterstaff warms to your grasp.
The quarterstaff warms to your grasp.
The quarterstaff warms to your grasp.
The quarterstaff warms to your grasp.
The quarterstaff warms to your grasp.

The staff abruptly turns cold!

The hoary, freezing sensation becomes almost unbearable -- it feels more blistering than the breath of a red dragon, yet you are unable to loosen your grip!

The artifact suddenly bursts into flame, an icy white conflagration which envelops your hand, and soon your entire arm!

The silver blaze consumes your shoulder, your torso...unable even to think, you watch with awe and dread as your entire body is soon indistinguishable from the flame itself!

A deafening clap of energy resounds forth from within your body!

Another burst of searing sound, as though a barrier were being razed!

Three more blasts of deafening proportions, in quick succession!

You can see nothing around you except a light beyond that of the sun!

...then, silence...the deepest depths of silence, a state beyond peace...

...at the center of your vision, barely outlined by a soft aura of white light, you see a shape...you cannot discern whether the image exists in space before you, or in your very mind...

As you gaze at the figure, you find yourself thinking the following words:

'I must move to the center of my world...'

'...once there, I must look up, towards the sky...'

'...at that time, I will begin to understand.'

The image fades, and as the light surrounding it dies down, you sense that the moment has ended...

The artifact, once burned into your hand, has disappeared.

Sight returns to your eyes, darkness becomes light again.

Step 38: It will tell you when you can see again, now - <look up>

Note that if you have some followers, like a dog or golem, you'll be spammed with "There was a problem when your follower tried to follow you. Oops." during this step.
You turn your gaze skyward, and fix your eyes upon the world above...

...the multicolored sky appears as it always does, but gradually...

...shapes in the sky begin to become apparent to you...the pompous clouds gently round their edges and project sinews of mist in the vague suggestion of...faces!

...and these faces, these half-realities that seem to exist partly in your very mind, begin to assume the countenances of men...

...shifting your gaze about, you notice that the entire sky, the limitless expanse a horizon around, is alive with these faces, expressions of the very essence of peace...

...a slim, blue face floats in front of a wide, indigo face, both smiling upon you as though you were an honored visitor to their reality...

...seemingly swimming in the molasses of the infinite space, these benevolent profiles collectively close their eyes towards you, and you feel a slight shiver budding from inside your heart...

...you glance down in a momentary response towards the subtle pain in your chest -- it is both a pain of envy and of bliss...

...as you quickly raise your eyes back up to the skies, still cowering slightly over your heart, you see that the faces have gone, slipped back into the hilts and scabbards of the clouds and constellations...

...you are left with the vague knowledge that there exists a dimension of life far above this one, where thoughts pass as though silent lightning through the clouds, and where a bliss may be found amongst the brash spirits of the wind and rain.