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41. Waldo

Where's Waldo? The elusive Waldo is always so hard to find, if anyone could find him, it would be a mini-miracle of sorts. And as such, anyone willing to take up the challenge will be justly rewarded by him. Can you find Waldo?

Search in the Realm of Chaos

Thinking : (5/10)
Exploring : (4/10)
Fighting : (0/10)

Quest Point Value : 20
Designed for Levels: 5+
Created by : Aserena
Once per Reboot : No


Quest Notes (last solved and updated: January 2021)

IMPORTANT QUEST SUMMARY: This quest is different for every player, but this should give you good enough suggestions to solve it. The object is to find a slip of paper anywhere in the house, the paper has the vault code on it. Once inside the vault, you search around for a clue as to where Waldo is. Once you find where he is, you mention his favorite movie, then shake his hand, and that's it.

EXPLORER'S NOTE: Once you're done with the quest, Waldo will not let you back in. So try to find all the rooms before you leave (and let me know if I missed any in the map).

AREA NAME: Waldo's House [Aserena]
Monster class range since inception: 373 to 786

From Chaos:
Step 1: Go to Entrance to Waldo's - <enter; 4w; 2e>

Step 2: Locate the piece of paper. Below are known locations from the Entrance to Waldo's -

Location 1 - <2w; search tube; 2e>

Location 2 - <search yard>

Location 3 - <search mat; search under mat>

Location 4 - <w; s; search crack; n; e>

Location 5 - <w; s; nw; search wallpaper; se; n; e>

Location 6 - <w; s; nw; trace footprints; search wallpaper; out; n; e>

Location 7 - <w; n; do something; d; pull plug; climb stairs; search yard; se>

Location 8 - <2w; spin around; search letter; climb down>
Tiny slip of paper

A rather small piece of paper with some writing on it.
Perhaps you should read it.
A well of mirth begins to build inside you.

<read paper>

All you can make out are some random digits: hC6%!7*V

Step 3: Once you've found the paper, you need to find the clue that's through the hidden exit in the closet - <s; nw; trace footprints> and you'll be transported to a 'Strange Room'
You get this weird feeling that you're walking around and around and around and then you pass out. When you finally come to, you find yourself in a different room.

Step 4: Refer back to the random digits listed on the piece of paper, you'll need to type them out exactly as they are (it is case-sensitive too) - <type insert your random digits here> and you'll be transported 'In a vault'

Step 5: Original qinfo states to search every item for a clue on where Waldo is hidden but it's usually on the bill - <search bill; examine plate>

<search bill> It has a small metal plate hammered onto one corner of it.

Clue 1 - <examine plate> It says: 'If it's Waldo you seek then you must look for a Fish Scale'. Odd eh?

Clue 2 - <examine plate> It says: 'If it's Waldo you seek then you must look for a Fish Eye'. Odd eh?

Clue 3 - (please send us your clue if it's different)

Step 6: Examine a picture on your way back to the Livingroom - <out; enter hole; d; pull plug; climb stairs; examine picture> (The movie changes, so take note of what it is. And please email what movie you found if it's not on the list.)

Movie 1 - A huge picture which is a rendition of a scene from 'Dune.' He must have liked that movie.

Movie 2 - A huge picture which is a rendition of a scene from 'Boondock Saints.' He must have liked that movie.

Movie 3 - A huge picture which is a rendition of a scene from 'Rising Sun.' He must have liked that movie.

Movie 4 - (please tell us what is listed for your movie)

Step 7: <se; w> - Now you're in the Livingroom

Step 8: Find Waldo. Below are known locations of where he's been found, from the Livingroom -

Location 1 - (for clue #1 & movie #1) <2w; d; search fish scale; say dune; shake waldo's hand>

Location 2 - (for clue #2 & movie #2) <3w; search fish eye; say boondock saints; shake waldo's hand

3rd Option - follow the directions for Location 1 or 2 but if your movie is different, make sure you say the name of THAT movie (refer to Step #6 for what movies have been found so far).

Original qinfo locations where Waldo was found, directions from Livingroom (if these work for you, please let us know) -
Location 2 - <n; do something; d; pull plug; enter crack
Location 3 - enter flower pot
Location 4 - n; do something; d; pull plug; climb stairs; enter arrangement
You have solved the quest!

Now climb on out that window and get outa here!


Get back to Chaos: <climb out window; e; 2w; 3e; vortex>