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<questlist 38>

38. Ebonbane:

Destroy the dark weapon Ebonbane. Be warned crusader, for the weapon will not truly be destroyed through combat. You must destroy the spirit which binds it together. Seek deep into Ravenloft for the lair of the dark blade.

Search in the Realm of Fantasy

Thinking : (3/10)
Exploring : (4/10)
Fighting : (3/10)

Quest Point Value : 20
Designed for Levels: 29+
Created by : Tensor
Once per Reboot : No


Quest Notes (last solved and updated: November 2020)

AREA NAME: Ravenloft [Tensor]
Monster class range since inception: 39 - 494k

From Fantasy:
Step 1: <portal; 15e; leave; 4e; 2ne; n; 2ne; 3e; 2s; sw; w; nw; enter mist>. . . wait (you'll kill a nightmare of yourself)

Step 2: <get phylactery>

Step 3: <wear phylactery>

Step 4: <in; n; nw; n; ne; n; nw; n; ne; n; 10w; s; 4sw; 6w; nw; 2w; sw; 8w> - (The cloak room) and now you're in the Ebonbane area

Step 5: <n; e; search figurines; get key>

Step 6: <w; n; e; u; se; search stumps; get key>

Step 7: <nw; d; w; 2s; sw; 2nw; w; s; search pots; get key>

Step 8: <n; e; 2s; w; open door; s; open sarcophagus>

Step 9: <kill spirit> - Class: 19,123

Step 10: <get key>

Step 11: <n; 2e; ne; 2n; w; d; open door; w>. . . wait for the blade to kill Ebonbane itself, your work is all done

The keys you hold begin to waver and melt. . . .

They form into a shining white longsword!

A blinding light beams forth from the blade.

The holy blade attacks Ebonbane!
In a mighty explosion, Ebonbane and the holy blade are suddenly gone!

You have destroyed Ebonbane!


To get back to Fantasy (breaking directions up so that it might be easier to follow):
Step 1 of return trip: <e; u; e; 2s; 8e; ne; 2e>
Step 2 of return trip: <se; 6e; 4ne; n; 10e; s>
Step 3 of return trip: <sw; s; se; s; sw; s; se>
Step 4 of return trip: <s; enter mist; e; n; portal>