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<questlist 33>

33. Boomer Rampage

Goro Okada is one of many citizens within Mega-Tokyo who are fed up with the Boomer Crisis. He's decided to take matters into his own hands and leads a rampage against all the Boomers within Mega-Tokyo. Find Goro and see what you can do to help him in his quest.

Search in the Realm of Science

Thinking : (2/10)
Exploring : (5/10)
Fighting : (suicide)

Quest Point Value : 15
Designed for Levels: 45+
Created by : Mischief
Once per Reboot : No


Quest Notes (last solved and updated: January 2021)

AREA NAME: Mega-Tokyo [Mischief]
Monster class range since inception: 17k - 69k

From Science:
Step 1: <enter; u; 2w;> . . . wait for train

Step 2: <enter>

The train comes to a halt at the Mega-Tokyo station. The train doors open.

Step 3: <leave; 2s; u>
Step 4: Go to Goro's tent - <8w; enter tent>
Step 5: <say boomer>
Goro says: This boomer thing has gone too far. Damn Genom and their corporate greediness! The boomers are putting people out of work all over town. Yoshiko's got mere kids working at near slave labor building them. I hate those blasted things, and will rid the city of them soon. The problem is, my bones don't work as well as they used to, if I could only get a little help.

Step 6: <say help>
Goro says: You want to help? That would surely be great. The first thing I need is the cyber implant chip from the boomer I infected within Yoshiko. See, just before they let me go, I set a virus in one of their cleaning droids to counteract the Genom spyware they are all equipped with. I bet it's going nuts by now.

Step 7: Go to Yoshiko Military Supply - <out; 9e; 3n; enter building; s; e; n; push button> (this will teleport you to a new area)

Step 8: <e; kill boomer>
  (aggro) 90k : Malfunctioning Boomer

Step 9: <get implant>

Step 10: Return implant to Goro - <w; push button> . . . wait (and continue with the next step)

Step 11: <s; w; n; out; 3s; 9w; enter tent; give implant to goro> . . . wait for dialogue
Goro says: Ahh, yes. This is the little beauty. I bet the Boomer you found it on was none too happy. Not that the damn machines have feelings anyway!

Goro takes out a small black scanner.

Goro slides the implant into the scanner.

Goro says: Ok, here's the deal. Take this scanner. To eliminate the boomers, I'll need to download the programming off all of them. Eliminate every domestic boomer in the city. I have no beef with those military ones, and I wouldn't suggest messing with those anyway. But the domestic boomers are destroying the city, taking jobs, etc.

Goro gives a deep sigh.

Goro says: Anyway, once you eliminate the boomer, scan the remains with this device, and it will download the programming. Once done, return the scanner to me, and your quest will be complete.

Goro says: Good luck, and remember, domestic only. No need to hit up the military ones.

Step 12: Now your goal is to kill 21 boomers and scan their corpses so MAKE SURE YOU TURN OFF YOUR CORPSE ACTIONS/TRIGGERS. Areas are marked in red on the map, with the number of boomers in that location. Below are the directions on how to get to each location for each type of boomer, starting from Goro.

Step 13: Kill and scan the boomer at the Train Station (directions from Goro) - <out; 8e; n; kill boomer>
  70k : Welcome Boomer

Step 14: <scan corpse>

Step 15: Kill and scan the boomers in the Saber Sushi Bar (directions from Train Station) - <s; e; 6n; 2w; s; kill boomer>
  70k : Boomer Maitre D'

Step 16: <scan corpse>

Step 17: While still in the sushi bar, find the roaming Boomer Waitress - <kill boomer>
  70k : Boomer Waitress

Step 18: <scan corpse>

Step 19: While still in the sushi bar, find the Busboy - <kill boomer>
  70k : Boomer Busboy

Step 20: <scan corpse>

Step 21: While still in the sushi bar, find the Chef (center area, accessed by visible exit 'door' on either end) - <kill boomer>
  70k : Boomer Chef

Step 22: <scan corpse>

Step 23: Kill and scan the boomers in the Fire Station (directions from Chef) - <e; n; nw; n; out; 7w; s; kill boomer>
  70k : Fire Boomer

Step 24: <scan corpse>

Step 25: <e; kill boomer>
  70k : Cleaning Boomer

Step 26: <scan corpse>

Step 27: <w; u; s; kill boomer>
  70k : Cooking Boomer

Step 28: <scan corpse>

Step 29: Kill the boomer at Genom (directions from Cooking Boomer) <n; d; leave; w; enter genom; kill boomer>
  70k : Genom Welcome Boomer

Step 30: <scan corpse>

Step 31: Go to the Karaoki Bar and find the roaming waitress (directions from Genom) - <out; 6s; 8e; n; kill boomer>
  70k : Boomer Waitress

Step 32: <scan corpse>

Step 33: Go to the Yoshiko Military Supply (directions from inside Karaoke Bar) - <s; 2e; 3n; enter building; kill boomer>
  70k : Welcome Boomer

Step 34: <scan corpse>

Step 35: <n; e; kill boomer> - there are two Dock Worker Boomer's, but only one counts
  70k : Dock Worker Boomer

Step 36: <scan corpse>

Note: There are military boomers through the teleport, but they also do not count.

Step 37: Go to the Docks (directions from Dock Worker Boomer) - <w; s; out; 3s; 10w; s; enter shack; press green button; out; 2s; kill boomer>
  70k : Dockside Boomer

Step 38: <scan corpse>

Step 39: Go to the Skyscraper (this building contains multiple floors and boomers occupy several of them) (directions to Skyscraper from southside of docks) - <9n; 9e; enter building; w; push button> . . . wait <elevator; say mayfair; exit; e; kill boomer>
  70k : Boomer Receptionist

Step 40: <scan corpse>

Step 41: <e; s; sw; s; kill boomer>
  70k : Boomer Word Processor

Step 42: <scan corpse>

Step 43: <n; w; s; kill boomer>
  70k : Boomer Travel Clerk

Step 44: <scan corpse>

Step 45: <n; nw; 2n; ne; e; n; kill boomer>
  70k : Boomer Mail Clerk

Step 46: <scan corpse>

Step 47: Go to City Hall (it's still inside the Skyscraper, just a different floor) - <s; w; sw; s; e; elevator; say city hall> . . . wait, and on this next step, enter the door quickly after you press the button - <exit; 3w; push button; door; kill boomer>
  70k : Boomer Assistant

Step 48: <scan corpse>

Step 49: Find the Boomer Housekeeper, she roams around here
  70k : Boomer Housekeeper

Step 50: <scan corpse>

Step 51: Collect the security key - (you'll need to return to elevator) (directions from the Mayor) <exit; 3e; elevator; say lobby> . . . wait <exit; w; enter door; get key; out; 2e; exit>

Step 52: Head to the Yakuza House - (this is in a hidden alley, you will need the key collected above to enter) - <e; 4s; 5w; open door; door>
  32k : Ninja Guard
  30k : Ninja Guard
  34k : Ninja Guard
  33k : Ninja Guard

Step 53: <w; n; kill boomer>
  70k : Yakuza Chef Boomer

Step 54: <scan corpse>

Step 55: <s; e; n; kill boomer>
  70k : Boomer Maid

Step 56: <scan corpse>

Step 57: Now the scanner is done, return to Goro's Tent - <s; out; 5e; 2s; 9w; enter tent; give scanner to goro>

Step 58: Turn your corpse actions/triggers back on now.


Get back to Science: <out; 8e; 3n> . . . wait for train <enter> . . . wait for "The train comes to a halt at the Houston station. The train doors open. <leave; 2e; d; out>