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<questlist 24>

24. Rampart:

The fallen god, Rampart, has lost his way and begs forgiveness from the only one who can grant it to him. His plight requires you to venture into his psyche and rescue that which was lost to him long ago. To begin the quest, seek out his final rest and pay homage. You are not allowed to pursue this quest unless you are absolutely alone.

Search in the Realm of Fantasy

Thinking : (5/10)
Exploring : (5/10)
Fighting : (0/10)
Quest Point Value : 10
Designed for Levels: 5+
Once per Reboot : No


Quest Notes (last solved and updated: November 2020)

From Fantasy:
Step 1: <15e; leave; 15e; 2s; 2e>
Step 2: <sinkhole> (will bring you to a new room with no exits)
Step 3: <pray> (brings you to a new room with 'away' and 'accept challenge' as exits)
Step 4: <accept challenge> (brings you to a new room with 'fail_to_understand' as exit)
Step 5: <compassion>
Step 6: <heart>
Step 7: <mind>
Step 8: <forgiveness>

(original quest notes indicate to type <understanding> as the next command after forgiveness; this did not work for me, so I skipped to the next step)

Step 9: <love>
Step 10: <out> (brings you back to the icelands)
Step 11: find your way back to the sinkhole; <give soulgem to figure>
You hand the Soulgem over to the dark figure.

The room trembles beneath you.

A blinding light illuminates the tomb!

The ancient figure slowly stands up.

With great care, the creature looks at the soulgem.

Rampart speaks: Can it be? Can it be her?

A bright light appears next to him, forming into a humanoid figure.

Sophia appears next to the fallen god.

Rampart falls to his knees in front of the immortal woman.

Sophia gently caresses his fallen form and beckons him to rise.

Rampart speaks: My dear, dear heart, please forgive me.

Sophia speaks: There is nothing to forgive my dear, but we need time.

Sophia speaks: By the actions of this hero, we are together again.

Sophia gathers Rampart in her arms and there is a bright light!

You faintly hear the immortals speaking to one another about time, about compassion and about forgiveness.

Before the light disappears completely, a small book shimmers into existence upon the floor of the tomb and the skeletal figure, now only a physical husk, sits back in the throne.


To get back to Fantasy: <leave; 2w; 2n; 15w; enter; 15w>


Items from this quest:

A piece of crystalrock

A small piece of transparent crystal. The sunlight refracts through it, casting a multitude of rainbows around you.

A diary

<read diary>

 I was a fool, and this is my story.

 My own heart is the focus of this tale I weave for you now. It is a tale of heartache, of souls lost and of small hope. It begins for you now. . .

 My reign was one of power. More often than not, force of will was used over that of compassion and feeling. My mind ruled my heart, and that was the tragedy. I was an immortal, a god of sorts, worshipped for my actions, and feared for my power. There were many mortals that lived and died, but one caught my eye, one brought joy to this heart of stone. That person, she was a thing of beauty. She spoke with conviction tempered with kindness, and she touched my soul.

 I took special attention of her. I followed her and guided her at times. Other mortals died away, but she worked hard and time looked favorably upon her. She rose and eventually joined me in the ranks of the immortals, joy was mine to behold.

 Joy it was, until my mind took control. It was my foolish pride that was my soul's downfall, and I know that now. It was loathing self-pity that brought us apart, and I shed tears when I think of it now.

 Enough of my mind brought my thoughts to reality. A materialization of my mind erected a metal skeleton of a tower. Sharp girders and cold steel formed the entity. Unknowing that I had formed it myself, she took strides to remove the monstrosity. I sensed some force affecting something I hadn't felt for a long time and clenched. I did not know what to do. My thoughts grew strong and she was caught in the furtherment of the metal. Her body was pierced many times by the cold metal. Enough to bring her to the brink of death, enough for me to finally notice what had actually occurred.

 I raced like lightning to the structure, appalled at what my thoughts had constructed. I scanned for her form and saw it, lifeless, skewered upon a jutting frame. My immortal blood boiled at my failure and I ripped the metal apart to be by her side within the structure. I reached her and began to carefully remove her body from the entrapment when she said weakly, but sternly to me "Do not ever touch me or help me ever again." No weapon made by man or god could have cleaved my soul more than those words did. I fought the tears and gathered her form regardless of the consequences.

 I laid her still body upon the ground and located her wounds. Calling upon my powers, I healed her form and waited for the sign of life. I would wait an eternity though, for she only looked up at me and smiled, then she faded away. Her wounds were shut and her body healed, but her heart was arms that day.

 My anger was furious and horrible. Swiftly I screamed until the entire lands trembled at the sound. Darkness I brought to the mortals. Creatures of black death swept through their ranks. Countless lives were lost in the carnage, but I did not care, for my most treasured reason for existing in this fabled land was gone, and it was by my own actions. I could not forgive myself and thus, locked my body away in this tomb. Silent and alone, I would live with my secret and hope that someone would have the perfect balance of heart and mind, enough that I did not, and free my own soul from the bitter web that I did weave.