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<questlist 19>

19. Gameshow:

Enter the World of Games, the land of Fabulous and Exciting Prizes just waiting to be won! Try your hand at the various games of chance, knowledge, and skill! Can you walk away with the Grand Gameshow Prize?

Search in the Realm of Chaos

Thinking : (4/10)
Exploring : (3/10)
Fighting : (3/10)

Quest Point Value : 10
Designed for Levels: 8+
Created by : Kohl
Once per Reboot : No


Quest Notes (last solved and updated: November 2020)

AREA NAME: Game Show [Kohl]
AREA RATING -> Like taking Candy from a Baby
Monster class range since inception: 43 to 3,787

From center of Chaos:
Step 1: <2e;6n>
Step 2: <kill contestant> (class 80)
Step 3: <join line> (brings you to a new room with no exits)
Step 4: <bid 450> (brings you to a new room with east and west exits)
  (original quest notes indicate that if 450 is the wrong amount, do it again and bid what the last number was)
Step 5: <e>
Step 6: <kill holly> (class 92)
Step 7: <get tags>
Step 8: <place blue tag on box> <place green tag on can> <place red tag on package>
  (this should open up a room to the east)
Step 9: <2e>
Step 10: <kill contestant> (class 339)
Step 11: <kill bob> (class 1,367)
Step 12: <spin wheel> (this will bring you back to the entrance of the World of Games)


Additional old quest info: Not sure if the quest changes each reset, but here is the additional information
  (not verified)
Step 13 add-on: family fued, <answer wood>
Step 14 add-on: <answer chicken noodle>
Step 15 add-on: <kill richard>
Step 16 add-on: <push board>
Step 17 add-on: <kill contestant>
Step 18 add-on: <answer skunk>
Step 19 add-on: <laundry>
Step 20 add-on: <feet>
Step 21 add-on: <perfume>
Step 22 add-on: <sewer>
Step 23 add-on: <garbage>

To get back to center of Chaos:

Items received from this area:
The Grand Gameshow Prize
It's the grand prize you won for solving the gameshow. Actually it's no more than a shiny gold toothpick, but hey, you might be able to use it for something.
This weapon is in excellent condition.
This weapon is class 5 (edged).
This weapon gains benefits from your dagger weapon skill.
It looks light.
A Long, Thin Microphone
This microphone could kill someone. It is long and thin and you think it might be a phallic symbol.
This weapon is in excellent condition.
This weapon is class 10 (blunt).
It doesn't look too heavy.