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<questlist 14>

14. Twelve Princesses:

Twelve Princesses sneak out of the castle every night to go dancing. Their father, the king, is offering a rich reward for those who can find where it is they go and prove it to him.

Search in the Realm of Chaos

Thinking : (5/10)
Exploring : (5/10)
Fighting : (1/10)

Quest Point Value : 8
Designed for Levels: 5+
Created by : Lauranna
Once per Reboot : No


Quest Notes (last solved and updated: August 2021)

AREA NAME: The Book Nook [Nanook]
Monster class range since inception: 61,828 to 66,256

AREA NAME: Twelve Princesses [Lauranna]

From Chaos:
Step 1: <enter; 4w; e; s; w; s; 3e; enter; nw; recline>

Step 2: . . .wait

Step 3: <say twelve princesses>

Step 4: <say proclamation>

Step 5: <say discover>

Step 6: When you have the cloak, <wear cloak>

Step 7: <road>

Step 8: <say quest>

Step 9: <say discover>

Step 10: <say yes>

Step 11: Once you have the Gemstone, <w; lay bed>

Step 12: When you are offered the wine, <pour wine>, . . .wait

Step 13: <n; search bed 4; knock on bedpost>, . . .wait

Step 14: <d>, . . .wait

Step 15: <2w; board>, . . .wait

Step 16: <leave>

Step 17: < examine resting couple; look at goblet> - At this point, when you look at the goblet, it will give you a verb on how to get the goblet from the princess;

She has already emptied it of its contents. Perhaps it would make a good bit of evidence. Grasp it from her hand.

Step 18: Use the verb given to you in the description. Example: <grasp goblet> (Other options have been <seize goblet> or <grab goblet>.)
Step 19: <board>, . . .wait

Step 20: <leave; break a twig> (Similar to step 18, other options have been <prune the twig> or <grab twig>.)

Step 21: <e; break a twig> (remember to use your personalized quest syntax if 'break a twig' is not working for you)

Step 22: <e; break a twig> (remember to use your personalized quest syntax if 'break a twig' is not working for you)

Step 23: <2u; s; e; remove cloak; give goblet to king>

Step 24: <give twig to king>

Step 25: <give twig to king>

Step 26: <give twig to king>


To get back to Chaos:
<out; leave; se; 3w; n; e; n; 2e; 2w; 3e>

Gear received from this area:
Golden Crown

A simple golden circlet with a leafy vine engraved around its circumference.
The helmet is in perfect condition.
1 edged 1 blunt

It looks light.
Cloak of Invisibility

A plain brown cloak with magic runes on the front.
The other is in perfect condition.
2 ice

It looks light.