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Screenshot of Medal for Ghostbusing (medals ghst)
Map of Browning Estate

<questlist 12>

12. The Browning Murders:

Years ago Master Browning believed that his lovely fiancee was being coerced by a hat salesman into having an affair. So to defend the honor of his bride-to-be, he challenged this suitor to a duel. Unfortunately, both men died. The ghost of Master Browning tells that his great love was so distraught that she threw herself from the roof of the mansion. Now her soul is forever stuck on this plane of existence, lamenting for her lost love. The ghost of Master Browning is hoping an adventurer can help her rest in peace.

Search in the Realms of Chaos and Newbieland

Thinking : (3/10)
Exploring : (5/10)
Fighting : (5/10)

Quest Point Value : 5
Designed for Levels: 30+ (HM), or 4 (newbie)
Created by : Urian
Once per Reboot : No


Quest Notes (last solved and updated: October 2020)

Inside Newbieland - Find the mirror for Browning Estate - From newbie bin <4s; u; n; ne; enter mirror 5> (mob class is 43-84)

Inside Chaos - <enter, 3e, 5s, out2, admire ring> (mob class is 43 - 17k)

NOTE: you cannot go out the way you came in, you must go through the entire area to leave. Additionally, kill any enemies that jump out at you as some of them may be holding the item you need.

Step 1: Once inside the area, <e; e; n; open doors; enter>

Step 2: <untie knot; get piece; pry panel doors open; elevator>

Step 3: <ne; play piano; get piece>

Step 4: <w; disturb webs> (there has been a piece here before, but not the next time)

Step 5: <u; e; turn third candle; get piece>

Step 6: <w; nw; search poinsettias; get piece>

Step 7: <w; open doors> a few times for extra xp

Step 8: <n; search clock; get piece>

Step 9: <w; break ball; get piece>

Step 10: <ne; kill dog; in; examine chimney; get piece>

Step 11: <out; w; stairs; nw; open box; get piece>

Step 12: <u; search shape; get piece; slide>

Step 13: <dig ground; get piece>

Step 14: <2e; assemble pieces; put picture in frame>

Step 15: <kill jacob>

Step 16: <e; out>

DONE! Extras: You should also earn the [ghst] medal. Medallion of Ghostbusting