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Aramathean Library of Wayhaven

Welcome to the Aramathean Library. Removal of books from the premises is strictly prohibited. You are welcome to browse to your heart's content.

From hints on where to start a quest, interesting background details that belong to existing areas and mobs, or other 3K related ramblings look no further than the Aramathean Library.

Located in Wayhaven, Fantasy.
To visit the library in person, from the fantasy portal: <portal, 7w, 3s, 2e, 2s>

Aramathean Library
Library of Minassian

You are in the famed library of Minassian, founded by a great man, Varant. A long time ago, Varant was a level 17 druid who had reached the end of his adventuring. Varant had only obtained the yellow rune, and did not believe he would be able to get any more, so he decided to become a scholar. Walking around and talking to people, Varant compiled a large library of books, which tell the story of this area. There are rows of books to your right and left, with the main desk here in front of you. The librarian stands behind the desk, filling the position that Varant should be holding, but can not fill because he ran off. If you wish to read some of the books, you should probably check the stacks.

This information was located inside the Library of Minassian, which is within the area of Casaria. Visit our Fantasy page for directions and more information about the area itself.

Last updated 14 July 2021.

Library of Minassian
Long ago the lands were much different than they stand today.
Lately some rumors have surfaced that have gotten the attention
of some of the most skilled adventurers around.... None have
returned.  It seems, or so the rumor goes, that long ago there
was a powerful clan of Vampires that ruled lands in the forested
areas of Fantasy.  Oddly, they suddenly vanished without a trace
never to be heard from again.  You have your doubts, especially
upon finding the magical lands of Ravenloft now stand on that
very location.  Who's to say with the ramblings going around
but if so many have vanished seeking the fabled clan perhaps
there just might be a reason.  Comparing at a few old maps you
realize, with a shudder, that this adventure would take you
through the heart of the northern forest of Ravenloft.

Aramathean Library
For some time it has been rumored that an odd creature
called the Alien, has been seen in the hills well north
of Wayhaven.  The Alien speaks no known tongue but can
sometimes convey strong sense impressions of horribly
weird places with wrongfully colored skies and many
large round objects floating in them.  Some say he is
completely harmless while others have their doubts.

Aramathean Library
A page from an explorer's journal:

I have found a strange tower deep in the valley northwest
of Wayhaven.  The bottom half of the tower has been stained
red from the berries of the sumac trees surrounding it. I
have decided to call this place the Alizarian Tower due to
its color.  The entrance was anything but typical, and I
found out why.

Inside, there were several beings I can only describe as
demons, inhabiting the halls.  They fought fiercely and I
wasn't able to stay long.  In my brief stay, I came to
realize that this tower once belonged to Necromancers.  I
can only presume that they no longer use it, for I saw no
signs of them inside.  As I was running out, I saw the
corpse of some poor chap who didn't make it out.
The rest of the page has been lost.

Aramathean Library
The flower of the amorblossom bush, which grows atop rocky hills
in certain deserts in the world.  Valued for its use in creating
perfumes, dyes, and love philters.

Aramathean Library
The Amulet of the Queen was bestowed, by the Fire Giant God, upon
the most beautiful Fire Giant in the land. The Amulet is said to
have magical properties which enhance the Queen's beauty so that
she may hold better sway over her subjects.

Aramathean Library
The Amyrna was a feared civilization.  Before their fall,
Almoni Ploni lead them over many kingdoms.  The legendary army
he commanded was unstoppable and left few survivors who stood
in their way.  Those few survivors shared accounts of their
swords shattering on the armour of Almoni's men.

Circumstances surrounding the end of Almoni Ploni's rule aren't
clear.  The Royal Guard reported he died and was buried in a
secret tomb.  However, unlike the rulers before him, he took none
of his possessions except for an ornamental hammer passed down
through his family line of armour crafters.  This left many of
the citizens under his rule questioning the Royal Guard.  Fearing
a tyrannical overthrow, the citizens revolted in what would
result in the fall of the Amyrna civilization.

The location of the tomb has yet to be discovered, however many
treasure hunters have narrowed its general location to Taslen
with clues from Amyrna artifacts.  Many of those who have ventured
into Taslen looking for the tomb have never returned.

Aramathean Library
Ancient Guardian Dragons:

One of the oldest dragons, these dragons are unique in that they
allow themselves to be placed in servitude to guard very unique
items. The strongest of these dragons are the ones who willingly
take on the role due to their belief that the item must remain
out of mortal hands. One of these dragons has made his lair deep
in the desert sands of Taslen.

He is quite friendly and likes to help others but is very strict
about his duties. He very rarely deals with mortals, as very few
of them have seen the object he guards, never mind understand what
it is or does.

Aramathean Library
Legend tells that Knivur's long history is not as pleasant as
most people believe. There are rumors of a time when the dwarves
uncharacteristically engaged in acts of cruelty which culminated
in barbaric gladitorial matches. This has never been proven and
the dwarves alive today either know nothing of it or refuse to
speak of it.

Aramathean Library
The powerful servants of an evil god, roaming in the deserted town of
Balooga Falls. It is said that their master has imbued them each with
a unique power and personality, drawing from his own strength. Their
unique ability makes them deadly foes, way beyond their
appearance. Anyone except the most seasoned of adventurers is well
advised to remain at a safe distance from any of the angeldemons!

Aramathean Library
The Mage Wars left a great many changes in their wake. Cities
fell, leaders died, armies were slaughtered or simply drifted
apart in the midst of the confusion and massive upheaval the
magical forces unleashed in the battles' violence. Amongst
those broken by the Mage Wars were the goblin horde. Once a
powerful army led by a proud king, their support of the defeated
Erthorpion left them in disarray. Their legions scattered
throughout the realm. They lived in the hills, they hid in the
swamps, they rebuilt cities underground, but they were left
weakened and disorganized by their defeat.

One group of goblin warriors fleeing from destruction at the
hands of the Light Mages set out across the southern ocean.
Unsure of their destination or future, they merely knew to linger
within reach of their victorious enemies was certain death.
Stories say they eventually landed on a mysterious island known
as Ao. Uncharted and rumored to be of a magical nature, this
island had been left uninhabited for centuries.

Little is known of what came of these goblins. Not a single member
of their tribe has been seen on the mainland since. However, as
trade begins to again flourish in Wayhaven and the corrupt Mayor
looks for new sources of revenue, the ferry service has begun
offering transport to this exotic isle. Few adventurers seem to
return from the trip and fewer still seem willing or able to
describe their experience, but for those with the courage or
stupidity to venture forth, the Mayor is only too happy to rid
them of the cost of admission.

Aramathean Library
You find many entries about the ancient figure Arcanarton.  Piecing
together many myths and legends, you decide that the following is
probably the most accurate ...

Arcanarton: An ancient mage from before the mage wars.  Placing legends
of his early exploits would make him about 10,000 years old.  Harnessing
long-forgotten magics that he has unique knowledge of, he was the first
to pierce the dimensional rifts.

This dimensional travel isn't well documented, the planes he visited
aren't recognizable as the primary terms of Fantasy, Chaos and Science.
From the vague descriptions, no doubt taken from his own notes, he was
the first to penetrate the bubble of Chaos.  At one time, he had opened
a permanent gateway to Atlanta.  These travels yielded many odd artifacts
from other realms, but any thief that tried to penetrate his tower has
never been seen from again.

At an age which surpasses any other known records, there's very little
known about him.  Obviously he's gained some sort of immortal status,
though whether by a gift of a god, or an undead status, the records are
unclear.  If he was an undead, his thirsts were never slacked by the
blood of humans; he was never one to terrorize the countryside surrounding
his tower in the hills.

During the mage wars, both sides left the mighty Arcanarton alone.
Nothing is known about whether either side approached him, although you
get the impression that this stand-off-ish mage would have refused them,
and they wouldn't have the power to say otherwise.  The few lesser demons
and knights that spilled into fantasy, fighting each other, were met at
his gates by his protective spells and guardians.  They weren't able to
penetrate his defenses.

Nothing has been written within the last hundred years.  What remains a
mystery is exactly how the early knowledge has been passed down through
the ages.  Perhaps a brave sage will attempt contact once again.

Aramathean Library
The Flower of Arya: The flower of Arya is thought to be deep within
the treacherous island of Tapan. It is fabled to be protected by a
deadly moat and by a giant known as The Protector. The flower is
pale pink and is identifiable by its strong wonderful scent.

Aramathean Library
A junior dark mage, specializing in the summoning of
other-planar creatures.  Perished under unknown circumstances,
assumed to be a botched summoning.  His residence was in the
western forests.

See also: dark mages, mage wars

Aramathean Library
Baatezu: Pit fiends, lords and lesser minions of the nine hells.
Baatezu come in a variety of forms depending on which level of hell
they originate from.  A good strategy for protecting oneself from them
is to ...

You look with dismay as you see that the remainder of the entry on
baatezu (i.e., the most useful part of the information) has been
ripped out of the catalogue!  Vandals!

Aramathean Library
After an exhaustive search you finally find something relevant.
Named after the raging river and famous for its fabulous waterfalls,
Balooga used to be a popular town in the northwest. Its location near
the dwarven kingdom of Mount Knivur, fabled Murus Faralain and the elven
realms of Perplexus ensured a steady trade and prosperity for the
town. Its informal center and one of the oldest bars in the realms is
Winter's Haven, right near the main entrance to the city. Longer ago
than most mortals today remember, an evil god slowly invaded the
prosperous town, its servants corrupting the citizens and steadily
taking control. It is now known as a haunted place, with only a single
church and one of the ancient guardians of the city offering
resistance to the power of the evil god. When they eventually fail,
the angeldemons will roam throughout the city.

See also: angeldemons

Aramathean Library

Throughout the history of the realm, there has always existed the
barbarian plains, upon which the barbarians have lived for as long as
history can record.  They have neither participated greatly, nor
excluded themselves totally from the history of the lands, but merely
existed.  They've fought alongside those in need, and of honour,
against the darker forces that have threatened the realm, but they do
not value glory or fame, and therefore have no great histories written
about their deeds or their great warriors.

It was thought that the plains had passed from memory until just
recently, when a wanderer discovered an old disused path wending its
way up into the western mountains.  Thus limited communications with
the barbarian people has been re-established, and not much has
changed on those plains as time has passed.

Aramathean Library
Barizu: An ancient demon that appeared during the Mage Wars.  It slew
several Wayhaven knights before it was contained by a powerful Light
Mage in a gem.  The mage carried that gem in an amulet, around his neck,
to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

Aramathean Library
Edroman and Orac finally decided to challenge the power of the Jesus gang and free the town. As a first step, the two brave knights went down into the dungeon and each got themselves the white rune. Now this was no easy task. They fought their way through Chimeras, Stone Giants, and finally the infamous Stygian Dragon. After returning from the dungeon with the runes upon their foreheads, the two challenged the Jesus Gang. In a legendary battle between Orac, Edroman, Jesus, Redman, Zombie, Muldog, Darkmage, and Devildog, the balance of power was shifted in the town of Casaria. The battle raged on for hours as Edroman and Orac were outnumbered, and it appeared as if the Jesus gang was going to win, until a strange thing happened. The white runes on the foreheads of Orac and Edroman began to glow, and within a few quick moments, the two knights were victorious, having defeated the Jesus Gang.

(prequel of this story can be found under Story of the Jesus Gang)

This information was located inside the Library of Minassian, which is within the area of Casaria. Visit our Fantasy page for directions and more information about the area itself.

Last updated 14 July 2021.

Library of Minassian
You look with dismay as you see that the entry on beholders has been
ripped out of the catalogue!  Vandals!

Aramathean Library
The Svirfneblin Gnomes flourished for many years in the dark twisting
tunnels of the Underdark by hiding their existence from the more
insidious races.  In recent times a group of Svirfneblin were
searching the tunnels for shiny gems and rocks when they encountered
a Drow raiding party.  After a brief fight, all of the undergnomes
fell in combat but were able to warn the other members of their
community via their telepathic link.  Fearing for their lives, the
remaining Svirfneblin people deemed it necessary to relocate from
their beloved home in the Underdark to a more peaceful location.
The location was found and the camp established.  With the founding
of Blingdenwood, the Svirfneblin Gnomes have renewed hope for a
peaceful, though somewhat excluded, existence.

Aramathean Library
In the realm of faeries, house elves and little people, there is a type of
being known as a boggart. While most house faeries (pixies, brownies, etc)
are helpful and pleasant to be around, boggarts are particularly mischievous
and detest humans. Some claim that boggarts are actually brownies turned
evil. The boggart looks much like a gnome but very dirty and messy looking.
Their clothing is wrinkled and unkempt and they are often covered in a
layer of dust. They are very unpleasant to be around. They are malicious
and bad tempered. Under normal circumstances boggarts will make themselves
at home in your house, and are particularly nasty to get rid of. In the
area around Wayhaven however, the boggarts tend to show up, cause trouble,
break things, steal things and disappear. Several children have disappeared
in the past, and their kidnapping has often been blamed on a boggart.
Unsubstantiated rumors claim that there is a community of them in some
valley west of the city. These claims usually come from the young children,
or crazy old wizards. Since the land west of the city is all flat plains
and several searches by highly respected elder members of the community have
all turned up nothing, most people dismiss the rumors, but yet they persist.

Aramathean Library
-=The Legend of Javelin, Books I-IV=-

Book I, The White Rune

There was once a prospering city on the southern shores of the known continent. On the first day of the 21st year of the reign of King Gotik, the King's daughter, Princess Shayla, was to be married to Skeeve, the general of the King's army.

On the day of the wedding ceremony, the goddess Samantha, Queen of the gods, appeared and revealed that Shayla was already pregnant. Not only that, she was pregnant with the son of not Skeeve, but Kovan, King of the gods, and husband of Samantha. Furious, Samantha cursed the town with a terrible earthquake. The earthquake was so massive it broke the town and all surrounding area away from the mainland. She then proclaimed that no one was to leave the island until they proved their worth by braving the ancient catacombs beneath the town, and coming back with proof of their bravery in the form of a white rune located in the deepest depths of the catacombs, and guarded by a bloodthirsty beast known as the Stygian Dragon.

Life went on in the now isolated town, and Princess Shayla gave birth to her son, Javelin. Skeeve and Shayla were married, but Skeeve detested Javelin, because he represented Shayla's unfaithfulness and Princess Shayla's attention was focused on him rather than Skeeve.

For 18 years, Skeeve tried to recover the white rune, and for 18 years he was unsuccessful. In the meantime, Javelin was growing up. Shayla was versed in the healing arts, and she tried to influence Javelin to join the priesthood, but he refused. He saw himself as one day becoming a powerful sorcerer, and so he studied as an apprentice to Diodotus, a great mage who once headed Gotik's court, but who was later exiled for refusing to assist Gotik in a war against one of the rival nations. Diodotus did not believe in war.

On his 18th birthday, Javelin, the untested novice mage decided to chance the catacombs. No one took Javelin seriously, it was common knowledge at the time that knights were the most powerful warriors. And if Skeeve, the greatest knight of the time, couldn't kill the Stygian Dragon, how could a lowly mage? But Javelin had faith, and ventured into the dank, dark caverns beneath the town.

Skeeve never talked of what he encountered in the catacombs, so Javelin didn't know what to expect. In his journey through the catacombs, Javelin encountered many foul beasts, including a giant cyclops, a minotaur, a fire breathing chimera, and a community of stone giants. But with the knowledge of Diodotus and his strong wits, Javelin managed to fight his way through the catacombs. Along the way he passed the long rotted corpses of what were some of the greatest knights of their time, Javelin was surprised he made it as far as he did.

Upon reaching the lowest levels of the Catacombs, Javelin heard a hideous screeching. It was the Stygian Dragon. Javelin turned the corner, and saw the most horrendous abomination man had ever set his eyes on. Sitting among mounds of rotted bones and remains of brave adventurers, was a jet black dragon. It measured a full 40' from head to tail, and it focused it's sight on the small mage. Javelin was overcome with terror, and froze as the dragon charged at him. Javelin's instincts then started to take control over him, and something unusual happened. Javelin focused a stare at the dragon, and uttered the word 'todukar.' A searing ball of flame discharged from Javelin's hand and blasted into the dragon. The fireball burned the dragon in an absolute inferno. The dragon gave out a final screech and then dropped to the ground lifeless.

Javelin didn't understand what had just transpired. He had never even heard of such a spell before that moment. Nevertheless, he moved forward, and the white rune was within his sight. But before reaching the rune, he was hit from behind. It was his step-father Skeeve, who was trailing him the whole time. Skeeve ran for the rune, when Javelin's instincts took ahold of him again. He called forth a magical bolt of lightning, and buried it into Skeeve. Skeeve screamed in pain, and then fell to the ground, dead. Javelin went to the magical rune, and burned it into his forehead. Upon doing so, Javelin realized who he was, who his father was, and his power. Upon gaining the white rune, Javelin made his way back up the catacombs. News of his success had already reached the town before he even arrived, via the local prophets.

Javelin was not a very popular figure in the community. Many blamed him for the curse Samantha had put on the town. Skeeve on the other hand was very popular. Where Diodotus failed to come through for King Gotik, Skeeve had not. He led Gotik's armies to victory on countless occasions.

Javelin's killing of Skeeve had angered the town greatly. Some of the younger folks were sympathetic to him, but the older generation felt a deep hatred for Javelin, and this was the final straw as they were concerned. As Javelin made his way out of the catacombs, he was greeted by an angry mob. Probably about 1/3 of the entire town ... carrying everything from torches to pitch forks, and ready for a hanging. Javelin, with the realization of who he was still fresh in his mind, waved his hands and created a magical barrier. He then spoke:

Javelin: You fools! Do you know who I am? Skeeve was just a mortal. You are all just mortals! I am the son of a god, and you dare question me?!

And in a fit of rage, he struck his fist to the ground, igniting a massive earthquake! He had not realized what he had done until it was too late, and in a matter of minutes, the dungeon opened up. Hordes of monsters poured out of the dungeon, attacking all of the town's inhabitants. The monsters overwhelmed the town, killing many, including princess Shayla.

Casaria was in peril at this point, being overrun by hordes of monsters, and it seemed as if nothing could stop them. However, a young knight by the name of Orac, meshed steel with the horrific monsters. Orac the mighty stood against the fury, and faced close to two hundred monsters, all ranging from Minotaurs to Hydras, Trolls to Chimeras, and in the end the brave knight emerged victorious.

The town was very angry with Javelin. Orac secretly challenged Javelin to a duel. That night they met. In a legendary battle of wit versus strength, Javelin and Orac dueled outside the town gates.

'DUMOTI' screamed Javelin as a maelstrom of fireballs impaled Orac. Orac struck Javelin with extreme fury and vengeance and anger, as he furiously tried to maintain power in the struggle. After many hours of fighting, Javelin screamed 'TODUKAR', which sent Orac reeling. Bleeding, and almost dead, Orac was left by Javelin to die. By this time it was close to 3 AM, and no one was around to help save Orac. He did however, manage to survive, and the next morning was healed by the priesthood.

All that Javelin had done drew the attention of Kovan, and an angered image of him appeared before Javelin:

Kovan: Javelin, you disappoint me dearly. You have unleashed the horrors of the dungeon upon these people. You have demonstrated to me that you are incapable of controlling your powers, and so, you must be punished.

Then, with a single thought, Kovan rendered Javelin a mere mortal again. And so, still devastated by the loss of his power and family, Javelin was now alone in the world. Powerless, without a home, he cried himself to sleep on a grassy field about a mile southwest of the town.

Continue the story with book 2, Samantha's Cathedral.

This information was located inside the Library of Minassian, which is within the area of Casaria. Visit our Fantasy page for directions and more information about the area itself.

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Library of Minassian
Book II, Samantha's Cathedral

Javelin awoke the next morning, and was still as confused and sad as the night before. His family was gone, he was without a home. He wandered the landscape and came across Samantha's Great Cathedral. A monumental shrine built in honor of the gods of Overlands. Legend has it that if you throw a coin into the great white fountain in the middle of the cathedral and pray, the gods will guide your path.

Javelin approached the fountain. The only coin he had was an ornamental coin Diodotus gave him for his birthday with the image of a sick behemoth engraved on the front. Javelin tossed the coin in the fountain and prayed. Nothing happened. He started to walk away, when a voice called out to him.


He turned around, and behind him was a red statue. There were white statues of all the gods throughout the cathedral, but he hadn't noticed this red one before. He approached the sentinel and it spoke.

"Javelin, this is Diodotus. I have much to tell you. Much of what you have experienced in the past days have been orchestrated by powers unknown to you. All the power you have been employing recently has been the work of an evil hag known as Sin'Jun. She made you believe it was you doing all that you were doing, but in fact it was her. It is true that you are the son of Kovan, but it was not he that appeared before you and disowned you. That was simply a facade created by Sin'Jun to trick you. There is not enough time to explain the big picture to you, but know that you are a threat to Sin'Jun and her Queen's evil conquest, and your true adventure is only beginning. I have been imprisoned by Sin'Jun deep underground in a cave inhabited by a race of savage warriors. Do not try to rescue me, you stand no chance against the savages or Sin'Jun without further training. Seek the Holy Grove to the southeast. There your mind will become more focused and your true power will begin to manifest itself. Remember Javelin, I am very proud of you, and will always believe in you."

And so, Javelin set off for the Holy Grove.

continue the story with book 3, The Coming of Javelin.

This information was located inside the Library of Minassian, which is within the area of Casaria. Visit our Fantasy page for directions and more information about the area itself.

Last updated 14 July 2021.

Library of Minassian
Book III, The Coming of Javelin

Javelin arrived at the Holy Grove and was greeted warmly by a female elven druid named Celestia Silvermoon. Javelin told Celestia all that happened and asked if she would take him on as an apprentice. She agreed, and gave Javelin a small room below the druid library to live in.

Over the next three weeks, Celestia began to teach Javelin the principles of philosophy, history, mathematics, science, and sorcery. Javelin picked up on the ideas and principles presented with inhuman, almost godlike speed. Celestia knew Javelin was not a mere mortal when she saw this. In three weeks, instead of Celestia teaching Javelin philosophy, it was in fact Javelin teaching Celestia; and all the druids for that matter, possibilities they had never even considered before! In this short time frame, Javelin had been transformed from an unconfident boy into the great Arch Magus he is today.

Upon seeing the light as he did, he decided that it was now time to go for Diodotus, and realize his true purpose. Before leaving, however, he had one more encounter. Celestia had another disciple, her nephew Arcadia. Arcadia had been studying under Celestia for more than six years, and in all that time didn't accomplish what Javelin did in only three weeks. Arcadia was insanely jealous of Javelin, and refused to believe Javelin was as good as he was. So the night Javelin left for Diodotus, Arcadia confronted him.

Arcadia: You may have fooled the other druids, but you don't fool me. I don't know what you wanted here, and quite frankly, I don't care. Come, let us fight, and see who's really the better of the two.

Javelin: Arcadia, please get out of my way. You don't understand the powers you're trying to meddle with. I have no wish to fight you.

Arcadia: Is the great Javelin scared? I will NOT let you leave with everyone believing how smart and how great you are. If you will not fight me, I will simply kill you with more ease than I would have otherwise.

Javelin: Step aside Arcadia, I'm a busy man.

And with that, Arcadia unsheathed his silver sword, and began to swing it toward Javelin. Before he could complete the motion; however, Javelin discharged a searing ball of flame at him. And in doing so, he totally incinerated Arcadia's right arm, reducing it to cinders. Arcadia fell to the ground, gasping in pain. Javelin looked to Arcadia, grumbled momentarily and said "I'm sorry."

continue the story with book 4, Sin'Jun Songsinger.

This information was located inside the Library of Minassian, which is within the area of Casaria. Visit our Fantasy page for directions and more information about the area itself.

Last updated 14 July 2021.

Library of Minassian
Book IV, Sin'Jun Songsinger

Javelin set off in pursuit of Diodotus, and came upon a forbidding cave in the western part of the island. He entered the cave and was immediately attacked by a brutal savage. Upon seeing the savage, Javelin put up a magical shell of protection. However, the savage's attacks were so fierce, the aura offered little protection. The savage jumped on Javelin and started hacking away like a madman! Javelin had highly underestimated his foe, and managed to cast a spell of sanctuary just in the nick of time.

After taking a moment to recover from the attack, Javelin took out an invisibility herb from his bag of reagents and turned himself invisible. He then left his sanctuary, back into the cave. The savage didn't notice him re-enter, and Javelin managed to sneak past the savage unseen. Javelin walked through the rest of the cave, sneaking past many guardians, and finally came upon an underground lake. There was a raft upon the shoreline, but he feared that boarding it and sailing out would catch the attention of the two savages in the vicinity. And so, Javelin walked behind the two savages, faded back into existence, and invoked one of the powerful abilities Celestia taught him at the Elundi temple. He focused his mind upon one of the savages, and using the psionic powers of the mind, was able to take control of the savage's undeveloped brain. He compelled the savage to attack the other one, and in a single swipe, the savage buried his hatchet in the other savage's forehead, killing him instantaneously.

Javelin did not sever his connection with the savage after forcing him to kill his friend. Instead he brought the savage onto the raft with him, and they sailed together onto the unknown lake.

After several hours of drifting aimlessly upon the lake, the raft somehow managed to find its way to a small island. The island was no more than twenty feet in diameter. A deathly mound of bones and skulls filled it. Upon the mound, an old hag, Sin'Jun Songsinger stood, mixing something in a black cauldron. Floating high above the island, was a prison cell and inside the cell stood Diodotus. Javelin docked the raft and approached Sin'Jun.

Sin'Jun: Yesss, he has comeaaerrh.

Javelin: What are you? What do you want?

Sin'Jun: I think the proper question is, what do you want? You have gone through a lot of trouble to come here. I think you know what I want Javelin. I want you, heh heh heh!

Sin'Jun then looked to the savage Javelin brought with him, and snapped her fingers. The savage disintegrated immediately.

Javelin: I am here to save Diodotus and put an end to your diabolical plot, whatever it may be.

Sin'Jun: Oh, what a noble cause mage. Would you like to know what my plan is?

Javelin: Yes.

Sin'Jun: Heh heh heh, I'll just let your friend Diodotus tell you after you kill me and rescue him. Hahahahaha! Hahahahaha!

Javelin chuckles and says: You're quite the character witch. Why are all the smart ones so evil? Well, except me of course.

Sin'Jun: Why don't you join us Javelin? Dump that old prune Diodotus and rule the world with us.

Javelin: I don't base my decisions on pathos Sin'Jun. Even if you are the only one close enough to be my intellectual equal, what you're doing is still wrong. Furthermore, even we are mere pawns at the mercy of the gods. Now tell me Sin'Jun Songsinger, what are you trying to accomplish.

Sin'Jun: Very well, you've heard of Pytheria, haven't you?

Javelin: No.

Sin'Jun: She lives in a palace high in the sky, atop a floating rock. She is evil, very evil. She and her lover Dimitrius wish to take over this puny land, and enslave its inhabitants.

Javelin: Indeed, and why do you help her?

Sin'Jun: Ahh, the all important question. Well you tell me Javelin, why not? What's wrong with what she's doing?

Javelin: Hmm, so you're saying there's nothing wrong with enslaving these people and putting them through misery?

Sin'Jun: Precisely.

Javelin: Interesting. Let's stop talking with these artificial terms. My human training still has its effects, heh heh. So what do you think the purpose of life is?

Sin'Jun: Err, yes... pleasure.

Javelin: Hmm, yes. But what of the gods? Are you not taking them into consideration?

Sin'Jun: You give the gods too much respect, Javelin. They are powerless to change pure logic. Even the immortals are limited in many ways.

And then Hermetian, God of Wisdom, appeared in a flash of light.

Hermetian: Oh is that so Sin'Jun?

Sin'Jun: Heh heh, well well well if it isn't Hermetian appearing out of nowhere, trying to show off his power. hahaha Get outta here you idiot.

Hermetian then flashed his eyes and everything changed.

Sin'Jun: What the... what was I thinking! 1 + 1 doesn't equal 2, it equals 3! And ... and ... yes the purpose of life is clearly work! It has to be! Oh all the books must be re-written, they're all wrong.

Hermetian: Ha ha ha, you amuse me Sin'Jun.

Hermetian's eyes then flashed again, and everything was back to normal.

Sin'Jun: Ack! What an odd occurence. Hmm, I'll have to rethink everything. Alright Javelin, I will discontinue my assistance to Pytheria for the time being. I shall rethink my philosophy and then reconsider my actions. I cannot promise I will come to a conclusion which is satisfactory to you. Now begone, I have much to think about.

So Sin'Jun released Diodotus, and both he and Javelin went off in search of this "Pytheria."

This information was located inside the Library of Minassian, which is within the area of Casaria. Visit our Fantasy page for directions and more information about the area itself.

Last updated 14 July 2021.

Library of Minassian
The Book of Alchemy

Table of Contents:

1) Introduction
2) Agents
3) Processes
4) The Evaporator and Burner
5) Potions and Brews
6) Miscellaneous
7) Warning <READ THIS>

To read a topic, type 'read <#>' where <#> is the number of the topic you wish to study.

<read 1>

Introduction, The art of Alchemy:

The making of magical potions deals with the processing of agents through an experimental apparatus. Type 'view' to see the set-up. The apparatus consists of 3 parts: the hoppers, the evaporator and the burner. The hoppers process the agents in one of 4 ways: grinding, chopping, liquifying and straight through. One run of the apparatus consists of setting the evaporator and burner to desired settings and processing an agent in one of the 4 ways. A complete potion consists of 3 complete runs.

<read 2>


Reagents are what you use to mix your potions.
Each reagent acts as a different affector for the potion.

Rosemary - a sprig found in forests
Ivory - a chip of bone
Lava - igneous rock, found often in caves
Shimmerweed - found in fields and forests
Bark - found in woods and forests
Bloodmoss - found anywhere plants are found
Mistletoe, Thyme, Marjoram - unknown
Pyrite, Talcum, Crystalrock - unknown
Oakwood, Dandelion, Redstalk - unknown
Goldleaf, Granite, Blackrock - unknown

Reagents can be found only in the realms.

<read 3>


The hoppers of the apparatus may be loaded one at a time with one reagent. The choice of which is completely up to you. The different processes: grind, chop, liquify and straight each affect the final product in different ways. Any combination may be used for the three runs, but the chosen combination and order WILL affect the final potion that remains after the third and final run.

To load a hopper type '<process> <reagent>' where <process> is one of the processes (grind, chop, etc.) and <reagent> is one of the reagents (ivory, lava, etc.).

<read 4>

The Evaporator and the Burner:

The effectiveness of the processing depends on the settings of the evaporator and burner. Each has a setting of 0-3 and can be set by the following two commands: 'evaporator <#>' and 'burner <#>' where <#> is the setting you desire.

After you choose a new setting for either the evaporator or the burner, you can see the new set-up by typing 'view'

The settings for each run WILL affect the final product and must be carefully adjusted each time.

<read 5>

Potions and Brews:

The final product results after 3 runs. Each run is performed by loading a hopper, setting the evaporator and burner for that run, and typing 'process'. After 3 runs, the final potion results. What potion results is completely dependent upon the runs through the apparatus.

Side-effects of the potions are:

Stability - the safeness of the potion to drink
Strength - the effectiveness of the potion
Life - some potions may expire in time

All side-effects result from the processes and the settings of the evaporator and the burner in each run.

<read 6>


The potions you produce through the apparatus are your own. What that means is that your research is your own. If you figure out a stable recipe for a potion, it is your own recipe. If you do decide to give a recipe to a fellow player, you may very well be giving them the recipe for a deadly poison. Play it safe, trust your own research and instincts when using the potions. The potions you create will work only for you.

Also, once you discover a recipe, that recipe will always work for you. New potions that you brew will definitely be identifiable from old ones.

To clean up the machine if you made a mistake, simply type 'scrub' to give it a good scrub-down.

<read 7>


Do not take this apparatus lightly, dangerous results can occur in the form of deadly, poisonous potions. Use your instincts when testing the brews and you will be fine. If you take or give recipes you run the risk of hurting yourself or other members.

Remember this above all else:


What that means is that if you use it, you accept the risks that come with it. You are by no means required to use the apparatus to be part of the mud, it is only a facet of the mud. But, with risk comes reward so decide for yourself before using it.


Alchemy Shop
Bukken: In the early years of Fantasy, when the Dark Mages
toyed with the ethereal flux, many strange and frightening
creatures appeared in the realm. With them came the Bukken,
also known as Diggers, who infested themselves into the
forests where they would attack and kill unsuspecting
travelers in their hundreds. With a gigantic network of
underground tunnels the Bukken spread all over Fantasy and
soon men and women everywhere were falling victim to the
savagery of the Diggers. Only remnants of travelers' camps
gave away the nature of the victim's deaths however, as the
Bukken would drag them down into the earth where they would
torture and eat them. Greatly perturbed by the spread of the
Bukken, the council of Light Mages gathered in the heart of
the great east forest and unleashed a torrent of fire into
the tunnels of the Bukken, destroying them all in that single
strike. It was said by residents of Wayhaven that the smell
of burning flesh hung over the city for days after. Since
that day there have been no reports of Bukken sightings and
all are presumed dead.

- Dr. Arcard, Chief Librarian of King Malric's Great Library.

Aramathean Library
Cernunnos: God of the wild hunt.  A huge being said to have the head
and horns of a forest stag.

Aramathean Library
Many rumors surround the forest region known as Chapel.
Some say it is haunted, others believe that savage beasts
roam upon its paths. Still others claim that Chapel has
served for years as a secret haven for the evil clan known
as Silent Knife. An abominable and mysterious name, Silent
Knife is said to be an order of thieves, brigands and
assassins alike.

Aramathean Library
This mighty keep in south-central Wayhaven is the only
structure that survived the great Mage Wars fully intact.
Yet it too was unable to protect the people of Wayhaven
from the fratricidal conflict between the kaos-engorged
Dark Mages for it fell to perfidy in the conflict between
Wayhaven's last king and the evil kaotic newcomer from
The Abyss called Count Strahd of Barovia.  Today it houses
only a fraction of the forces it held in its greatest days.

Aramathean Library
                    The Mages of Ca'tur Sirran

     Before the Mage Wars, within twin valleys encircled by mountains,
was land of peace and prosperity known as Ca'tur Sirran.  So physically
isolated was this enclave, that not even birds would traverse its lofty
borders.  Only tales from dwarven legend hinted at this marvelous land,
often misspoken as 'Contortia' by outsiders.

     It was not a perfect place, but there the forces of good had
conquered the denizens of evil, and those known as the Magi of Ca'tur
Sirran would have been known as Mages of Light, had there been Mages of
Darkness. But the peace was not to last, for strange magics began to
appear and the affects greatly troubled the habitants of this land.

     Under the guidance of the newly-formed Council of Sirran, the mages
fought hard to counter the changes in their land ... but the battle was
not to be won.  Eventually they realized that the only way to survive was
to find the source of the flux. It was then that they discovered the Dark
Mages that had corrupted their land.  Lacking the raw power needed to
confront the Dark Mages openly, and unwilling to contribute to the danger
by obtaining such power from the flux, these mages used their mastery of
illusion and mental discipline to infiltrate the ranks of the Dark Mages
and attack from within.

     It is said that some of the well-intentioned mages were corrupted
by the powers to which they were exposed, falling into their assumed
roles without hope of recovery.  Yet some continued on to help the Light
Mages in their struggle years later.  In tragic irony, both the mages
who gave in to the flux and the mages who held on to their true path
contributed to the struggles that evolved into the devastating Mage

     During the height of the Mage Wars, one of the blasts of energy
that careened through the earth found its mark at Ca'tur Sirran.  Due
to the years of struggle against the flux and the buildup of magics to
ward off its effects there, the valleys were not destroyed or laid
waste, but losses were still great.  Many changes for the worse occurred
in the eastern valley of Sirran, but the land and the people survived.
The western valley of Ca'tur was severely damaged.

     During the chaos that ensued, the corrupt mages and their allies
took control of Ca'tur, while the eastern valley was secured and rebuilt
under the watch of the Council of Sirran, with aid from the greater
Council of Light Mages, of which the Council of Sirran held at least one
known member.

     Their desire is to reunite their land and bring about a new age of
prosperity.  Such a task will be difficult indeed.  After a bloody
defense of the eastern valley from a western invasion, the forces of
good and evil now stand at a face-off across the deep gorge connecting
the two valleys. The gorge was once properly named, but is now known
only as 'Lachrymal Ravine', as the creek that flows through it is said
and sung to have a taste of salt since the tears of the peace-loving
habitants flowed through the valleys.

Aramathean Library
The Crimson Edge Thieves, banded together to counter the resistance
against thievery, have begun to grow exponentially in numbers and
thus have also started looking for a decent hideout. Survivors tell
a variety of stories, but one thing is common among all. The Kellen
Mausoleum, which holds the remains of the wealthy and powerful
Kellen family and resides not far from Wayhaven, appears to be their
current place of operations.

Aramathean Library
Dark Guard -- Group of powerful Dark Mages during the Mage
Wars whose sole purpose was to protect Erthorpion. Said to
be some of the most powerful magic users of the time, inferior
only to Erthorpion himself, they were shrouded in mystery.
No one knows what happened to them after the death of their

Aramathean Library
Dark Mages: Centuries ago, powerful magic users began experimenting
in the dark arts; manipulating chaotic fluxes in the ethereal plane.
This art was difficult to control, and was shunned and banned by
the Council of Mages.  A faction was created, by mages who continued
to practice the arts.  This split eventually lead to the Mage Wars
which rocked the realm, creating portals and vortices to strange

Aramathean Library
  The Demoniac Triad:
  |  -- Three warlocks there be,                               |
  |     Up to no good you see,                                 |
  |     Their power not to be scorned,                         |
  |     Enter their circle and be warned,                      |
  |     They take no liking to trespassers like you,           |
  |     Much more important things to do,                      |
  |     The magic spell that they prepare today,               |
  |     Will release the lost soul, so the legend say,         |
  |     A vicious mage, a master of death,                     |
  |     A being who can steal even life's last breath,         |
  |     This world will be shaken, ripped and torn,            |
  |     When this beast is released, all will mourn,           |
  |     Stop them you must, before the final words they speak, |
  |     Else all is doomed, and Evil will be at its peak,      |
  |     One is blind, One is Deaf, One is mute,                |
  |     Take them not for granted, nor dispute,                |
  |     The power they wield is combined by three,             |
  |     Destroy them all is the key,                           |
  |     If one is left with the spell all cast,                |
  |     Consider this day to be your last.                     |

Aramathean Library
Der'Thalas -- This ancient elven kingdom was destroyed eons ago by
great fires.  Lost to the ravages of time and the woods of Ravenloft
(see - Ravenloft), it has only recently been rediscovered.  Few
have returned to tell stories of this once beautiful land.

Aramathean Library
The desert to the west of the great Fantasy city of
Wayhaven is of ancient date.  It is believed by some
scholars, to have been the result of some terrible
ancient war rivalling, perhaps, the excesses of the
Kaotic Mage Flux wars of still recent memory.  Arid,
with little sign of life, they are filled with ancient
ruins and desperate dreams of a time long gone from
this world.  Terrible creatures are said to wander
its arid expanse and the great heat, produced by no
clear source, has often been the cause of death and
delirium.  Kaotic forces were unleashed in this realm
of wrack and ruin and it has become a terrible place
indeed.  Watch your step and, should you have no
guide, map your way with care.

Aramathean Library
Deus is a master god of a far-away circle of existence.  His symbol
is a flying horse, or the Pegasus.  Long ago, during the war between
Ethorpion and Light Mages, one of his minions came to our circle of
existence, and his name was Scirien.

Aramathean Library
There are four major districts in Wayhaven.  The Garden
District in northwestern Wayhaven is a home to many lovely
parks and the mostly decaying mansions of the few
surviving trader dynasties that once commanded forces of
almost uncalculable power.  The Wharf District in south-
eastern Wayhaven is now a den of sin and iniquity as the
gamblers, whores, and drunkards took over the empty and
moribund wharehouses left behind by the decayed shipping
enterprises.  The Trade District, in north-central Wayhaven
has slowly begun to come to life again with its many gem
and fabric merchants but it too is still but a shadow of
what once was.  Finally, the newest District, in south-
central Wayhaven is the City District, home to the venal
and corrupt new administrator aristocracy.

Aramathean Library
Doro and Dolo:  Centuries ago, there lived two great dragon
brothers, Doro and Dolo.  As different as chalk and cheese,
the two brothers fought constantly, wreaking havoc across
the lands of fantasy.

Doro was the good brother, who strove to preserve life and
protect others.  He was rumored to possess the power of
the sun and came to be known as the ancient honorable dragon
of light.

Dolo was the shadow to Doro's light, he savored death in
all its forms and had the ability to shift his form.  He
came to be known as the ancient trimorphic dragon of

Eventually the brothers hatred for each other grew to the
point where the inevitable happened and they fought to
the death.

Tales of that day speak of fire raining from the sky, of
clouds of darkness rolling across the land.  The two
massive forms of the brothers battled in the air, until
both were mortally wounded.

Nobody knows what happened to their corpses, though there
are many rumours.

Aramathean Library
Doppleganger: A shapeshifting humanoid that usually makes its living
as a petty thief in human settlements. Their grayish skin often gives
away their true identity even when assuming a common human form.

Aramathean Library
An unexplored volcanic island south of the island of Tapan. It is
thought that the ancient Jeweled Dragons reside there.

Aramathean Library
Dragonne: A cross between a lion and a brass dragon, with its regal
lion's mane and small brass coloured wings (if a five foot wing-span
can be called small).

Aramathean Library
Dragons are winged animals which typically have huge scaly bodies,
enormous claws, and sharp teeth. They are usually extremely powerful.
There are many different types of dragons.

Aramathean Library
Dream Demon:

Legends tell of an evil force that can steal into a person's
psyche and destroy them while they sleep. No one knows where
this monstrosity may be found, but all who have encountered
it and lived (and they are few) tremble at its very name.

Aramathean Library

Legends tell of a body of Wayhaven citizenry that chose to
strike out on their own and form a new city. Rumour has it
that they ended up in the swamps to the south of Wayhaven,
although even the wisest of sages have been unable to
decide why they should choose to do so.

Aramathean Library
Some unsettling rumors about drow elves in the western forest have
started spreading. At first we thought it was just a mistake, but
after several people claimed to have seen the drow elves (always
the same male and female lovers judging from their descriptions),
we decided to send someone to investigate. Unfortunately, we have
lost contact with our scout and we must presume that he is dead. We
will need to investigate this disturbing rumor further when time

--Scribe extraordinaire, Alehandro

Aramathean Library
East Forest: Perhaps less is known of the East Forest than any other
region of Fantasy, as a result of the strange results of the Mage Wars.
Unlike the Icelands and the great West Forest, the forest to the east
of Wayhaven in Fantasy appeared *BEFORE* the Mage Wars.

A strange mist began to appear in the center of the great forest just
south of the road to the great port city of Lemuria.  No living
creature ever came back from its dank embrace, however many creatures,
misshapen and horrible, did leave it.  And they were impossible to kill
by normal means.

It was only later, during the Mage Wars, that the great Archon of
Wayhaven did create a magical phylactery, which gave his forces entry
to the Mists of Ravenloft.  There did he make war with the evil Strahd,
who is not of this plane, or so the philosophers and scholars would
say.  But then, what do they know?

Some of the residents of the eastern forest most clearly affected by
the mists were elves, who as a result of its effect became nocturnal
and favoured underground domiciles, forgoing their normal affection to
life above ground and more or less peaceful co-existence with the
lesser races.

The eastern forest also has been revealed to be a central site of the
ancient druids; a recently discovered tor has attracted the attention
of groups of dark clerics who refuse to reveal their interest in the

Beware traveller ..  beware.

Aramathean Library
Eastern Peninsula, Battle of the -- One of the last great
battles of the Mage Wars, the Battle of the Eastern peninsula
came about as a direct result of the fight between Erthorpion
and Strahd. After a direct assault by the Demon Strahd on
the city of Wayhaven, the Dark Mage Erthorpion let go a
tremendous flux of Kayos that decimated much of the Eastern
peninsula, including the port city of Lemuria (see - Lemuria).

The Council of Light Mages, monitoring Erthorpion's actions,
assigned five of their most powerful mages to protect the
peoples of Lemuria from the horror. Combining their magics
at a moment when the Dark Mage's powers were drained, they
wove a spell that would hopefully keep the great port city
intact and safe under the waters, and protect it from greater
harm in the Wars.

Sensing an attack on their master, the Dark Guard (see -
Dark Guard) attempted to banish (see - Spells: Banishment)
these five Light Mages. The spell they used was uncovered
soon after the end of the Mage Wars (see - Light Mage

It is often said that this banishment was key in the defeat
of Erthorpion. He was weakened from his battles with Strahd
and the destruction of the Eastern Peninsula and the Dark
Guard were weak from the banishment spell. This left the
Dark Mages seriously handicapped to fight off the advances
of the combined Light Mages and the armies from the north.

Aramathean Library
An isle found far off the mainland, it is said to be the home of
a powerful light mage. The voyage overseas to this island has
deterred sailors for many years, but the zeppelins in Xaxis may
be able to take you to this magical destination via the skies.

Aramathean Library
Erthorpion:  The most powerful Dark Mage in the history of the realm,
he managed (for a short time), to fend off the hungry demons of
Chaos, and the powerful combined forces of the Light Mages.
He was betrayed by a comrade; the Captain of the City Guard, and
leapt to his death from the south east tower of the Citadel to his
death in Dragonspire Bay.

Aramathean Library
Peasants who make their living in and around the forest west of Wayhaven,
claim to have been set upon by mischievous fae.
Investigations reveal no evidence of this. As such, it has been concluded
that the peasants have been eating too many mushrooms.
Let the record state the matter is considered closed by order of the
Wayhaven City Guard.

Aramathean Library
Unsubstantiated reports of faerie sightings have continued,
this time from travellers exploring the woods of eastern Fantasy.
Rumor has it that the lost faerie princess has returned from
hiding.  Finding her may prove difficult, particularly as it is
said that she will welcome only the pure of heart into the
sanctity of her kingdom.

Aramathean Library
To the northeast of this great city, a small encampment of fire
giants can be found. These large beasts are rumored to have come
in answer to a call from the Dark Mages of old. Many wonder why
it took these giants centuries to answer this summoning. Perhaps
if they had come sooner, the outcome of the Kaotic Mage Flux wars
would have been different.

Aramathean Library
The Forest of Types is the name given to a tropical, forested island
south of the mainland.  The origin of the name is uncertain.
Accounts of the Forest of Types are few.  Sailors' tales of animated
trees and magical barriers have been reported from several sources,
most notably Aquelian's "Collected Myths and Tales of the Southern

It appears that the current stories relating to the island are of
recent mythology, as ancient charts and tales of that region mention
no such enchantments.

Aramathean Library
Gamal Islands: A small archipelago of islands far south of Wayhaven.
Limited trade with Wayhaven includes mainly spices and silks.  The
culture isn't well known, but there appear to be secret societies and
ancient dangers.  Whispered rumours indicate that the area may be
populated by deadly warrior-assassins.

Aramathean Library
There is a cave in the east mountains of the realm that has been
hidden from prying eyes for many generations. I have found that
a long-lost tribe of Garou have founded their den there.

Who, or what, are Garou you may ask? Well, let me tell you a tale,
great traveler. The Garou are a tribe of werewolves that fight to
preserve Shizara, also known as the goddess of nature, by destroying
all that is corrupt and evil. They existed during the Mage Wars
- actually they've always existed. As the Chaotic forces rampaged
through the lands during the great Mage Wars, the Garou tried to
keep them at bay. However, the overwhelming evil horde was too
much for the tribe, and none but a few survived. They had to go
into hiding for generations. Many thought them extinct, forever
lost to this realm. It seems they retreated to this cave to keep
their history alive and rebuild their strength.

But to maintain its secrecy, they used a very powerful form of energy
to keep it from the eyes of anyone who was not Garou. In recent
wanderings through the mountains east of Wayhaven, I happened upon the
cave and found the means to enter it.

I felt a great surge of energy go through me as I wandered through all
the rooms within the cavern. I met an ancient creature known as Shirokane,
the Guardian. I inquired as to what became of their race, how they came to
be hidden in their cavern refuge, away from the nature they treasured.
All that she replied is contained in this tale.

She finished by saying, "The Garou are rebuilding our ranks, swelling
our numbers. We will once again fight corruption. Shizara must be
preserved by any means possible." I promised Shirokane to spread her
message and am thus writing this entry.

                                                Nomlo Leafwind

Aramathean Library
Gizjadz was an apprentice mage, who leaned to the dark arts. He was known to
cause plenty of mischief and was a minor irritation to the people of Wayhaven
in the years leading up to the mage wars.  He had a particular liking for
boggarts and other evil creatures. It is not known what ultimately happened
to him.

Aramathean Library
For many years, gnolls have been unheard of in the realm.
The last reported instance of gnoll invasions was over a
century before the Mage wars, when large numbers of the foul,
canine-like humanoids rallied under the banner of the high gnoll
chieftain of the Bloody Paw Clan, Grrux.

A king among gnolls, he united many warbands and clans
under one ruler.  It was said that he had the favor of the
gnoll's dark god, a Tanar'ri lord named Yeenoghu.  Wielding
a three-headed flail, said to be the weapon of the mighty
Tanar'ri lord himself, Grrux led an army of gnolls, aided
by undead that were commanded by the dark shamanic priests
of Yeenoghu.

The dark tidal wave of gnolls and undead spread from the hills
north of Wayhaven, overrunning many of the keeps in northern
fantasy. Nothing and no-one seemed capable of stopping them, until
Lady Kaitlin, a minor noble and follower of the Red Knight, goddess
of tactics and warfare, and her Company of the Red Falcon, took it
upon themselves to unite all the peoples north of Wayhaven into an
army capable of meeting the onslaught.

The two armies clashed, and the death toll rose.  For days, each
army attempted time and time again to break the formation of the
other.  Supplies on both sides ran low.  Finally, as a last ditch
effort, Lady Kaitlin and her band, the war wizard Zaor, Lord Tain
Skyrider (a half-elven griffin rider), and Sir Eruk Antonian (high
priest of the Red Knight), led a charge of their elite troops
straight into the heart of the dark army.  Slaying countless gnolls
and their undead shock troops, they finally came to the heart of the
army.  Here, the companions did battle with the High Priests of
Yeenoghu, who summoned mighty tanar'ri to drive off the band. But
Kaitlin, armed with a holy relic of the Red Knight, a glassteel
shield, capable of turning magic and attacks against the attacker
fought on, inspiring her companions.

The timely healings of Eruk and the protective enchantments of
Zaor began to sway the battle to the side of the humans. After hours,
the gnoll chieftain himself came forth to do battle.  Calling out
a growling challenge, he met Kaitlin with his three-headed flail
swinging.  Blow after blow, Kaitlin deflected with her mighty shield.
The two fought on into twilight, the battle lit only by their items
of power.  Finally, one of the heads of Grrux's flail shattered against
Kaitlin's shield.  Momentarily stunned by the magical backlash, Kaitlin
struck a mortal blow with her sword, piercing the gnoll chieftain's

With the death of Grrux, morale failed among the gnolls.
The war band scattered to all points of the compass, relentlessly
pursued by humans and elves seeking vengeance for their dead kin.
For a time after the war, gnoll hunting was a sport enjoyed by
many nobles of the land.  Then, after years of fewer and fewer
gnolls being found, it is believed that they were dying out into
extinction.  History supports that belief today, as there have
been no confirmed gnoll sightings in several centuries.

Kaitlin and her band retired to their keep, disbanding the army,
and not attempting to seize the land for themselves.  Content that
they were able to defeat the horde, and not being impressed by the
trappings that come with rulership over men, they secluded themselves
from the world, remaining in their keep, only recruiting a handful
of warriors to serve as a garrison.  After a time, even the location
of the keep faded from the minds of the survivors of the war.

Legend has it that the Red Knight gave the band a vision that there
would be another great uprising of gnolls in the future, and that
the war wizard, Zaor, laid mighty enchantments on the keep, making
it invisible, and placing all those within into magical stasis, to
be awakened only when this new threat rises in the world.  Is this
legend true? Are the gnolls truly destroyed, or do they hide somewhere,
in a dark corner of the realm, even now plotting their return in force?
Only time may tell.

Aramathean Library
Gorgimera: With the hindquarters of a gorgon, forequarters of a lion,
and the body and wings of a dragon, the gorgimera has the heads of all
three.  Related to the chimera, this monster can attack with an
unbelievable arsenal of destruction.  Like a gorgon, it has a
petrification breath weapon.

Aramathean Library
Gorgon: A fierce bull-like beast.  It is aggressive by nature and is
coated with black metallic scales.  The gorgon's breath is a noxious
vapour that can turn one to stone.  The gorgon is surprisingly agile
despite its enormous size.

Aramathean Library
|                                                                      |
| Aramathean Library                                                   |
| ==================                                                   |
| Non-Fiction : Applied Mythology                                      |_
|                               ______________________________________ / )__
|                              |                                      ///   |
| Overdue Book Notification:   |  Dr Dask has now had these for sever(_/    |
|  Legends of the Pre-MageWar F|  months with no sign of returning them.    |
|  Historie of thee Grene Lionn|                                            |
|                              |  He was recently seen disembarking at the  |
| All documents are required to|  old docks, shouting wildly about gold.    |
| two weeks. Any borrowed items|  Please contact for immediate payment of   |
| incurring a fine of 5gp per d|  fines and return of all research material |
|                              |  H.L.                                      |
|                              |____________________________________________|
|                                                       Head Librarian |

Aramathean Library
  Green Lion Expedition:
  Dr Kildar Dask, Wayhaven University.

  Day 1:

  Having exhausted all library based research options with virtually no
  concrete information surrounding the green lion legend (with the
  exception of the monk Oltair's original vellum 'historie') I have
  decided to take it upon myself to mount an expedition to seek the truth
  of the matter first hand.

  The main issue I forsee is to identify the city of origin mentioned
  within Oltair's account of the journey, although the scant details seem
  to point towards Murus Faralain, or perhaps the ruins of Lemuria.
  Either way, once the starting point is established, it should simply be
  a question of retracing the journey to find the final resting place of
  the treasure.

  You turn to page 2 of the notebook.

  Day 5:

  The University Bursar has demonstrated yet again his utter closed
  mindedness to new research, and has thwarted every attempt to gain
  funding for a full expedition. No matter, I will carry on regardless,
  they can come crawling to me when I return triumphant with the lion's

  You turn to page 3 of the notebook.

  Day 36:

  A month in, and still no sign. The hill I was told about in Murus
  Faralain was remarkably close to the description, but it faced entirely
  the wrong direction for the sun to have set on the correct side. I am
  currently making my way to the last resting place of the ruins of
  Lemuria, hopefully there is enough left to point me in the right
  direction. I wish I could have afforded more than one horse, an
  unfortunate encounter with Murus Faralain's jaguars have left me
  travelling by foot.

  You turn to page 4 of the notebook.

  Day 62:

  Lemuria's last war-ravaged stones have offered up no clues. If there
  was a peak of the sun within the city, it has long since been lost. I
  have, however, received word of another possibility within the
  wilderness to the west, so there is yet hope of finding the start!

  You turn to page 5 of the notebook.

  Day 97:

  Success! I was more than a little dubious of the first two landmarks
  leading from the peak, but I have just found what MUST be the 'tayle of
  the dragonne'. I am on the right track at long last!

  You turn to page 6 of the notebook.

  Day 108:

  After yesterday's altercation with an orc hunting party, I have decided
  to rest here a short way from the lion rock itself. The entrance to the
  cave was easy to find, hopefully a solid branch will let me shift the
  rocks sufficiently to get in, but with orcs still in the vicinity I
  don't want to make more noise than I have to.

  It is SO frustrating, the end is so close now that I can almost taste
  the gold, but Oltair's vivid descriptions of the deathless shade have
  always made me a little nervous, so it is probably best to be cautious.
  Nothing could possibly have survived trapped within a spell sealed
  vault for this many centuries, I'm probably worrying over nothing.
  Either way, tomorrow I will find out.

  You turn to page 7 of the notebook.

  Day 109:

  The initial survey of the cave has begun well. Although there is no sign
  of the 'bespell'd portal', an unfortunate stumble deep within the cavern
  has led to a quite startling discovery. I have found the last resting
  place of one of the four brothers! Near a thousand years have passed
  and he looks like he could have laid his head down yesterday. The
  runed artifact will need further examination, but from what I could
  translate it appears to be some kind of crude dowsing rod to assist
  within the tomb.

  You turn to page 8 of the notebook.

  You flip through the rest of the notebook and it appears to be filled
  with measurements and notations in some kind of shorthand. It is
  presumably of value to whoever wrote it but to you it is entirely

  You are at the end of the notebook.

a leather-bound notebook (closed) - A small notebook bound with a dusty brown leather cover. The official crest of Wayhaven University is embossed into the leather on the front.
The book is closed.
Use "help notebook" to see usage.
It looks light.

You carefully study a leather-bound notebook (closed).
This item is cheap.

You carefully study a leather-bound notebook (closed).
This item has no legend.

This notebook was found within The Green Lion area. Once inside, travel <sw, d, nw, n, nw, w, search rockfall>.

Last updated 14 July 2021.

A leather-bound notebook
Griffon: A large avian carnivore with features resembling a lion and an
eagle combined.  Griffons have a noted penchant for horse-flesh, and
occassionally hunt in groups.  The plumage of the griffon was used by
elfish mages and naturalists in the preparation of life preserving and
flight magic.  Information regarding such ancient magery was lost with
the down-fall of Murus Faralain 600 years ago.

Aramathean Library
Grindur: A small town in the northern hills, established by the
dwarven Stonemasons' Guild from Knivur.  A major source of stone,
Grindur is growing as a result of the numerous and lucrative
building contracts supplied there.

Aramathean Library
Rot Grub: A two inch long maggot like creature that burrows into flesh
and secretes a mild poison that deadens the sensitivity around the
afflicted area.  Fire destroys them but it must be applied to the
afflicted area to be effective.

Aramathean Library
@@@@=====Legend of the Grue=======@@@@

Long ago, in times almost forgotten, the Elf King Tavon
found his kingdom at risk due to a particularly nasty
plaque of insects that ravaged their crops and threatened
to leave his people starving if something was not done
to curb the infestation.

Desperate for a solution, Tavon sent runners to all four
corners of the realm in search of an answer to their
dilemma. The elven runners searched high and low for
anything that would turn back the insects or at least
curb their enormous appetite.

Months passed and the insects flourished. Crops were
dwindling quickly, little more than roots and stubs
remaining on miles of farmlands throughout the kingdom.

Finally, when Tavon was almost at wit's end, one of his
runners, bloodied, bruised and exhausted, stumbled into
the throne room. The runner carried with him a large
wooden crate, splintered and emanating hideous growling
noises along with a horrendous stench, nevertheless

The King flew from his throne, hurrying to the runner's
side in concern and excitement.

"Welcome home runner! It has been long since you've left
our fair kingdom in search of salvation and we worried
you were lost to us. What is it you've brought back from
afar and will it ease our plight?"

The runner, a youngish elf by the name of Inkin, bravely
saluted his King as he attempted to catch his breath.

"I am well, honored King. I apologize for the delay in
my return. I ran for weeks, searching every land I found
on the western side of the realm. I ran across ogres
and demons, goblin tribes and troll camps. I crossed
battle field and farmlands, scorching deserts and misty
mountains. Nowhere did I find an answer to our plight
until I came upon the great Western Ocean."

Here Inkin paused as he bent over, catching his breath
and wheezing at the effort.

"I was injured from my battles with the various creatures
that had tried to slow my travels. I was delirious from
lack of proper nutrition and loss of blood, but here
at the shore of the Ocean I found hope. I had come upon
the port town known as Durmdin. Here kindly fishermen
and sailors offered me respite from my travails, a bed
to rest upon, food and drink to strengthen my body and
news that replenished my spirit. They knew of a land
across the Ocean that harbored a creature capable of
ending our plight. A creature that could hunt and devour
insects by the thousands. A creature of such hunting
prowess that no insect horde could survive them."

Inkin again bent over, holding onto his knees as he
gasped for breath. Eyes watering from the strain on
his hammering heart, Inkin went on with his tale.

"It seems this creature had an unusual characteristic
that made it ideal for our needs as I had explained them.
The creature was known as a "grue" due to its gruesome
nature. It dwelled in caves, never bothering to go
outside of its underground home, hence never becoming
a nuisance for any land dwellers. What brought it to the
minds of these helpful seafolk was its horrific stench.

These grue were so odorous that insects were powerless
to their charms. Insects would come in droves to the
caves of these grue, attracted to the smell and becoming
easy prey for the grues' large appetites and quick

Smiling despite his exhaustion, Inkin continued.

"I made my plans with the sailors and we set sail the
very next morn for this strange foreign land. We sailed
for days, the sea calm for most of the journey, the
wind fair and at our backs more often than not. We
arrived at this land, a land not even named by the seafolk
it was visited so infrequently, and dropped anchor in
a small bay along the eastern shore. We made our camp
just inside the sandy beach in a small grove of palms
and made arrangements to start our hunt for the grue
come sunrise."

"With the sun rising over the ocean, our camp awoke and
set out inland, in search of the grue caves and their
inhabitants. We travelled through the jungle, slashing
brambles and vines, tramping through the vegetation,
intent on capturing our prey when we caught our first
scent of the grue. Like dead cattle rotten and molding
under a sun warmed marsh, the odor hit us with its
utter putrescence. Gagging, staggering forward, we
found the mouth of the cave and prepared to delve inside."

A glazed look came over the eyes of Inkin as he retold
this part of his tale. His tiredness and recollection
of the experience almost too much for him. He continued
on, almost toneless now, reciting the tale while lost
in the memory.

"Deep under the earth, covered in filth, slime oozing
from the walls, puddling on the floor, we found what
we were seeking. The grue was relatively small, no more
than a foot and a half tall, maybe two feet in length.
It was furry, but covered in the same filth emanating
from every other surface down here. It stared at us
with beedy eyes of flint, whiskers twitching as it
waited for us to move in aggression or retreat in fear.
We gathered around it, holding our cloaks to our faces,
attempted to block out some of the stench from clogging
our noses and mouths."

"As one, the eight of us jumped to capture it, trying
to grab hold of its slime slickened fur and cram it
into the crate you see in my possession now. It fought
like a snowbeast facing the flames, hissing, growling,
biting and scratching everyone in reach. The wounds it
inflicted burned like acid as the slime on its claws
and teeth reached our bloodstreams and infected our
bodies with its disease and filth. The battle was over
quickly, no more than a minute or two, yet when we had
secured the grue within the crate, two of our company
were down with broken limbs, another three were bleeding
from substantial wounds and none of us were left

"We made our way back through the jungle and to the
shore that evening. Limping our way along, we reached
our camp before sundown and packed up, rowing back out
to the ship in the bay. The grue was enraged with its
current predicament, slamming its body against the inside
of the crate, howling in frustration and scratching at
the walls until its paws bled. We managed to get it
aboard our vessel and set sail immediately for Durmdin."

"The voyage back was not quite as easy, storms blowing
in from the north and slowing us from reaching home. It
took three days longer than our trip west, but we reached
Durmdin safely, crate intact. After saying my goodbyes
and assuring the people of Durmdin that they now had
our gratitude and service should it ever be needed, I
set forth for our fair kingdom."

Inkin paused once again to catch his breath. His eyes
clearing a bit as the memory faded, he stood tall and
proud before his king.

"Here in this crate is the fruit of these labors. While
hideous to behold and horrendous in its stench, this
grue will solve our infestation and bring peace and
prosperity back to our kingdom!"

With that, Inkin sat the crate down before him and bowed
deeply to his king.

Tavon smiled warmly at his loyal subject, thrilled with
the mission's success and eager to deploy this new
weapon against his insectoid enemies.

"Arise Inkin! The Kingdom and your King thank you for
your hard work and dedication! We shall take this grue
out to the plains and set him about his new task!"
With that, the King, his guard and servants along with
Inkin, swept out of the throne room. Carrying the
crate, the company marched out into the surrounding
plains and set about finding an ideal cave for their
new insect killer. Finding a suitable hole in the
southern plains of their kingdom, the King's guard,
careful to lower his visor and set his shield between
the cage and as much of his body as possible, opened
the crate and released the grue.

Like a ball from a cannon, the grue shot out of the
crate and bolted straight into the hole. A cheer went
up from the small company and the crowd that had gathered
around the event as the word had spread of Inkin's
discovery and return.

As expected, the insect population dropped quickly. Less
and less of the little pests were seen flying in the
fields during the day or buzzing about the fires at
night. Crops became plentiful again and the kingdom
once more lived in prosperity and happiness.

Inkin's fame for his exploits became stories told
around campfires for generations in the elven kingdom
and Tavon's reign was remembered for its good fortune
and strong leadership. The friendship between the elves
and the people of Durmdin continued until the Mage Wars
brought about the retreat of the elves to Serinth and
the disappearance of Durmdin from any known map. No one
really knows what became of the seaside town. And what
became of the grue? It survives to this day, tucked away
within its underground caves.

Some explorers even seek out this little creature, eager
to see the "Savior of the Elves". If you follow their
course, be sure to bring plenty of smelling salts, a
fresh set of garments and most importantly, a good sword.

After all, the insects are gone and the grue is still

Aramathean Library
The Hall of Kings was only recently excavated, having been buried
beneath the rubble of the Mage Wars for nearly two centuries. It
contains the remains of the last members of the realm's royal family
and can be found near Wayhaven's citadel.

Aramathean Library
In the days of King Castor, a town by the name of Harfain existed off
to the west of Wayhaven. Just as the town was gaining in wealth and
notoriety, it vanished without a trace. Expeditions to discover the
town's fate have turned up little more than some strange occurances
in the mountains where the town once existed including the sighting
of a strange ghostly apparition high in a cave in a range northwest
of Wayhaven.

Aramathean Library
Hellcat: Normally an associate and familiar to the creatures of hell,
it typically appears as a wraith-like being resembling an eight foot
long domestic black cat with eyes and fangs of crimson.  Hellcats are
notoriously quick, and require live humans for sustenance.

Aramathean Library
See hitown

Aramathean Library
This society was founded by the former Dark Mage known as Ywerthin. A long time ago the Dark Mages of the world learned to use and manipulate the powers of Kayos. As they continued to use (and abuse) the Kayos powers odd things came to be in the world. Creatures of unknown origin began to walk the land. About this time Ywerthin recognized the need to restrain the use of the Kayotic powers.

He tried to spread his word, tried to get the Dark Mages to leave the Kayos forces in the hands of the few that could truly control it. The Dark Mages were greedy, they would have none of his reason. Those that were weak in the controlling of the Kayos continued to channel its powers, and the world continued to degrade. Ywerthin decided that he would break apart from the Dark Mages. He foresaw the downfall of the Dark Mages, and believed that he could rise to conquer the world when the Dark Mages fell.

He gathered others that thought the way he did, and they set off to find a place where they could wait undisturbed for their time to arise. Ywerthin decided that the best place to hide out would be in one of the new mountain ranges that had arisen in the land. He and his band of fellow mages began to bend and shape the mountain to their will.

Using their magic they built a hidden cavern within the mountains. They placed traps to prevent those who would stumble upon their lair from living to tell about it. They imbued the entire cavern with a magical light. They used their magic to do everything, even to clean the floors. While Ywerthin and his band of followers worked diligently to create their new home within the mountains the Dark Mages continued to abuse the Kayos forces.

More strange events began to happen. Towns sunk and the land was transformed. Rifts to other realms, such as Hell opened up. The Hell rift fascinated Ywerthin. He devoted his free time to studying and learning about the Hell realm. He believe that by controlling the forces and beings that inhabited the realm, it would better enable him to conquer the world. He was right.

He found, and was able to control, the lesser demons that inhabited the Hell realm. Ywerthin shared his findings with his band of followers. Others began to delve into the demonic arts along with Ywerthin. Soon all were convinced that the path to conquering the realm was to control the demons. The Kayos magic was all but forgotten.

The mages formed a community in which the sole purpose for existence was to learn to control the demons and emerge from hiding to rule the world. Most were able to control the raw forces that ran through Hell and the lesser demons that would inhabit the realm. But, the true power of the realm lies in the ability to control the Greater Demons.

Ywerthin was able to do so, but only with the greatest effort and concentration. The ceremony of calling a greater demon was incredibly simple, but the mental energy required to restrain one was immeasurable. He feared that there would be those who were greedy for power and would destroy all that he has worked for through summoning the greater demons and not being able to control them.

He kept this power from the others for quite some time. Others began to learn of the greater demons and he could no longer restrain the information. Upon divulging the information to the community he put in place a single rule. He forbid all to summon the greater demons until such time when they were absolutely needed.

To this day a greater demon has not been summoned within the confines of the community. They will be used to conquer the realm when enough people have become powerful enough to control them. In the mean time, we bide our time, and practice wielding Hell's power.

You've come to the end of the book and so you close it.

This information was located inside the Mountain Library, which is within the area of Demon Summoners (far northwest room of the cavern). Visit our Fantasy page for directions and more information about the area itself.

Last updated 10 August 2021.

Mountain Library
Once the center of learning and religion of the known realms,
Hightowns' universities and temples have fallen on hard times.
Worshippers and students are few and the professors and priests
are a motley lot these days.  Only the great Library and the
enigmatic tower of Zalastra seem to have survived the great
wars relatively intact.  Crime has risen in the area as students
moonlight as footpads and the priests steal the corpses strewn
about the streets.  Be careful in this area of southeastern
Wayhaven but know that many mysteries are waiting for the
careful adventurer.

Aramathean Library
Hobbits are a small race which have large noses and hairy feet.  They have
a good strength and are by no means lacking in intelligence or wisdom.
They are omnivorous and will eat most anything, and will wash it down with
a good wine.  They are a careless breed, but they know how to protect
themselves when the need arises with the most heroic and fearless deeds.
Sneaky and stealthy with their 'tender feet' they manage to pass the
most unpassable walls, and vanquish their enemies.  Uncertain are their
origins, and their most noticeable characteristics are their high
reproductive rate and their relative vulnerability to diseases.

The Hobbit is also is also well known as a charming conversationalist and
for its amazing friendliness and hospitality.  Hobbits with lesser
inclinations frequently use their silver-tongues and quick fingers to
help themselves to goods and information.

Average Height: 1.35 metres
Average Weight: 40Kg
Longevity: 150 years

Aramathean Library
It is said that where now the land is covered with dense ice, snow,
glaciers and tundra, there once was a land known as Niroth where
many happy peoples lived in rich kingdoms that did trade with the
cities of Lemuria, Wayhaven, and Murus Faralain before its ruin.
The destruction of the mage wars caused great sheets of ice to come
down from the northern mountain ranges.  The advancing glaciers left
but scant traces of Niroth and its former glory.  Frozen dragons,
giants, and wizards are rumoured to have been found (often with
horrific results.)

Beware traveller ..  beware.

Aramathean Library
The object of worship of a new cult.  Called a god by
his worshippers, the worshippers of other deities have been
unable to confirm or deny this claim.  The center of worship
for this cult is a large black pyramid in the icelands, which
was apparently raised overnight by unknown forces.  The word
'inyxx' also refers to the substance of which the pyramid is
made, which resembles unmelting black ice.  Some of the
followers of the cult have items made of this substance,
which is very hard and durable.

Aramathean Library
As you look through the many scrolls concerning old legends and lore
you come across an old brittle scroll. It's dusty and torn in places
but the words it entails are crystal clear.                    .---.
                                                              /  .  \
                                                             |\_/|   |
                                                             |   |  /|
  .------.         .-----------------------------------------------' |
 /  .-.   \      ./                                                  |
|  /   \   \     |                                                   |
| |\_.  |  |.    |                                                   |
|\|  | /|   \  ./                                                    |
| `---' |    | |                                                     |
|       |    !/                                                      |
|       |    !It has been passed down as mere myth, a simple         |
|       |    !tale that was used to frighten children at night.      |
|       |     The idea that the lord of the underworld cast out      |
|       |     one of his own is preposterous. This Ioth-Tah, as      |
|       |     he is known through legends, is rumored to bide        |
|       |     his time until he can gather enough souls to retake    |
|       |     his position by his master's side.                     |
|       |                                                            |
|       |     I, Gritier the fourth will undertake a journey to      |
|       |     try to shed some light in this matter. According       |
|       |     to the legend he is supposedly residing somewhere      |
|       |     in the northwestern regions of the realm.              |
|       |     It is known that he prefers an area filled with        |
|       |     death and decay. There are plenty of those around.     |
|       |     However, Murus Faralain comes to mind. I will start    |
|       |     my search in that vicinity and see w|at I can          |
|       |     uncover.                           /                   |
|       |       \       /                       |                    |
|       |         .---.                        /                     |
|       |    '-.  |   |  .-'         !    Grit|er the fourth.        |
|       |      ___|   |___           !        |\_                    |
|       | -=  [           ]  =-  �.  /\   !   |  \                   |
|       |     `---.   .---'       \\/  }  .  /�   ---�               |
|       |  __||__ |   | __||__     \    \/ \/        \__             |
|       |  '-..-' |   | '-..-'     |     !              \|   _       |
|       |    ||   |   |   ||       \                     \  |        |
|       |    ||_.-|   |-,_||        |                     \/         |
|       |  .-"`   `"`'`   `"-.     /                      |          |
|       | '                   '. _/                       \          |
|       |                       /                          \        /
|       |----------------------�                            �------'
\       |
 \     /

Aramathean Library
Haven, Isle of -- Island of legend, it is said to be the
ancient throne of a noble family of another land. Stories
told by madmen recovered from the great eastern sea by ships
bound for Taslen say that a portal opens up in the sea that
swallows ships whole and transports them to Haven.

Aramathean Library
Ixitxachitl: An intelligent, aquatic being that resembles a small manta
ray with a barbed tail.  The ixitxachitl is an evil carnivore that has
no natural predators.  They adopt a variety of social orders, and some
forms may be vampiric (rare).

Aramathean Library
The Jeweled Dragons are a particularly intelligent and powerful
class of dragons who tend to think of themselves as superior to
most anything, and in many ways they are. For many many years it
was thought that the Jeweled Dragons were destroyed in the ancient
mage wars until a sighting was made some moons ago. The latest
theory is that they actually retreated to the ends of the world,
disgusted with the wars of the human forms. Very rare sightings
of the awesome beings can be made on the island of Tapan with
luck. It is thought that they are actually residing on an
unexplored island south of Tapan, now known as Dragon Isle.

Aramathean Library
Jigokudani or 'Hells Valley' was created during the flux, which shook the
land with such violence as to open up a great fissure beneath the
mountains.  The springs there have become a popular destination for
serious mountaineers, such as the notable and bizarre 'Jesse Honey', who
was the first to discover this sanctuary in the mountains.  Only serious
adventurers approach the task of getting there, as the mountains are
treacherous and as the weather and snow are always changing, new paths
must be made.  Also, for this reason, maps are not drawn, however most
speak of it as lying far to the north, amidst a great glacier. Reports
speak of the creatures that live there as 'ape like' and 'red faced'
beings that do little more than bathe all day in the steamy waters there.

Aramathean Library
Kalaena's Fountain: While making my way through the western
forest I happened upon a small garden containing a fountain,
the likes of which I had not seen ever before. Everything
seemed to be as though it were of the divinity, and as I laid
around the area, wishing never to have to leave its warmth and
beauty, a spirit appeared in my presence. Her form was beautiful,
as the garden around her, and she seemed to motion towards me
almost out of despair, yet surely anything so angelic must have
been simply requesting I do not disturb her beautiful surroundings.
I respected her intentions and sadly left the garden, returning
to my journeys. That is all I have to tell of my experience.

- Nomlo Leafwind

Aramathean Library
You spend a while searching through the library, but you are only
able to find one item that mentions the name, Karticos, It reads:

  "During the Great Mage Wars, Karticos was an apprentice to
   Kazur, Arch-Mage of the Pearl Trident. During the Great
   Wars, there was a raid on the Tower of the Pearl Trident.
   All of those who studied there were destroyed, and their
   bodies laid to rest. All except for that of Karticos,
   Apprentice-Mage of the Pearl Trident. His body was never
   found. It was assumed that his body was completely destroyed
   during the raid, for there was much powerful magic and
   deadly force used by both sides that day, and the Captain
   was assured by his men that none had been allowed to escape.
   However, there were rumors that Karticos had managed to
   escape into the tundra lands north of Wayhaven, but they were
   quickly discounted for just that, rumors."

Aramathean Library
Kazhir was originally a lieutenant to one of the primary dark
mages, but all records of him seem to stop around the time
of the attempted banishment of the light mages.

Numerous theories surround his supposed disappearance, but only
a few stand out as plausible.

One suggests that he was erroneously involved in a spell-related
sacrifice and that was the end of it.  Others rationalize his
disappearance as a simple casualty of the Mage Wars.  Given his
cutting wisdom and innate power, these are not likely explanations.
The most promising and likely theory is this:

Caught in the backlash from a botched banishment spell, he himself
was physically displaced out of our realm into some sort of chaotic
void or other dark realm.  Realistically, the most likely result of
this would be his eventual death.  If he could ever escape such a
fate, he would more than likely have suffered severe loss of his
magical ability, as well as a corruption of his basic memory and
personality.  Clearly, he is no longer a threat to the realm,
regardless of his fate.

Recently, a few travelers from the wilderness have reported
encounters with a wild hermit who claims to bear the name of
Kazhir, but seems to have no recollection of any events prior
to the last several years.  This man does not appear to possess
any amount of magical ability at all, and he comes across as
good-natured and benevolent.  If this is in fact the Kazhir of
legend, he has apparently either changed his ways or lost all
memory of who he really is.

Aramathean Library
Kierlanai, Kingdom of - Ancient kingdom in the northern
lands, destroyed during the Mage Wars.

Aramathean Library
Kierlanai, Mountain of - Ancient mountain under which the
Kingdom of Kierlanai was founded.

Aramathean Library
Kourlyn:  The Goddess Kourlyn is the Mistress of the Seas and of
Storms.  At her command are these forces, and at her goodwill do
travellers on the waters prosper.  The city built a temple in her
honour many years ago to ensure the success of their port and
trade.  It is Kourlyn as well, who the farmers depend upon to
bring rain in times of drought.  Kourlyn is a graceful and benign
goddess.  She favours those who follow her most and is intolerant
of those who would do her domain harm.  Her temple is located near
the docks in the southwest quarter of Wayhaven, and is the only
known temple which has been built in the city.

Aramathean Library
Lord of death-magics and servant of the Netherrealms from the time
of the Mage Wars.  Before the final battle he vanished and is
assumed dead... but what is death to a Master of the dead?

Aramathean Library
You open the tattered journal.

Morning, First Day Here!
I could barely sleep last night! I really wanted to get
started right away, but I guess Sir Vago is right. I'll
have to be well rested to understand his lessons. It's going
to be so great when I really start to learn magick. I wish
Mom could see me now. I hope that somehow the sages are right
and she can. Well, just in case, I love you Mom!  I'll give
it my best!
You turn the page to page 2.

Afternoon, Day Six
I've been meaning to write more but I've been so busy. Sir
Vago has us carving these weird statues. I guess parts of
statues would be more accurate. I don't mind, but a couple
of the other guys keep slacking off. Oh well, if they don't
know what a great chance to learn this is, they'll just miss
out. Not me!
You turn the page to page 3.

Afternoon, Day Ten
Wow, I feel great! I don't know if it's just being excited
about the lessons (learning some real magick!) or what. Maybe
it's something in the food, ha-ha! Well, I'd write more but
I've got some cleaning to do.
You turn the page to page 4.

Morning, Day Fourteen
There's something about this place, something magical that's
just filling me with energy. If I didn't miss Dad and Sam
and Kathy I don't think I'd ever want to leave. Maybe it's
because we're in this special, hidden astral nook or whatever.
If so, I really hope Sir Vago teaches us how to use that spell.
I bet it's really really hard though. Seems like everything
here is that way, though. I'm trying real hard, but sometimes
I don't get it. Like today, I got stumped on the second stanza
for lightning magicks. I know that one! I remember learning
it but I just can't seem to spit it out.
I've got to do better for Sir Vago!
You turn the page to page 5.

nitetiem, days lots
my head no so guod now. things go reel reel fast, peeple ar
lots noize! room is goud. room is small noyze. room is safe.
where dad? where sammy? little sis no here two. probably my
not member sis two goud. miss dad. plant goud tho. stay with
plant, plant goud. plant stronk!!!
You are at the end of the book.

A tattered journal (closed) -
This old and tattered book appears to be the journal of one 'Kyle Lushan'. It is almost ready to fall apart; most of the pages are faded or smeared with ink. There are a few entries you can still make out.
The book is closed.
Use "help book" to see usage.
It looks light.

You carefully study A tattered journal (closed).
This item is practically worthless!

You carefully study A tattered journal (closed).
This item has no legend.

This notebook was found within Vago's Stronghold area. Once inside, travel <e, ne, e, kill kyle>.

Last updated 17 August 2021.

A tattered journal
Lake Pebich: A spring-fed fresh water lake created by the mage Varya.
It has no visible inflows, and has two outflows; southwest through
Wayhaven and northeast to the great eastern sea.

Aramathean Library
Hundreds of years ago, the thriving town of Arcannia was filled
with the hustle and bustle of its wealthy economy.  Sitting
amidst a major trade route, Arcannia used to be one of the main
stops travellers would make from Wayhaven as they made their
way north.  The town of Arcannia was founded by many followers
of the Goddess Ayliare many years before.  Korondir the Paladin
was one such follower who dedicated his life to Ayliare and the
pursuit of righteousness.  Young, and unafraid, it was not
uncommon to see Korondir at the forefront of any altercation
where evil reared its head.

But all was not right with Arcannia.  The God Kalas had
set his sights on Arcannia, and plotted to destroy it.  Using
the help of a dark vampiress whose name had been forgotten long
ago, she began turning regular folks who were travelling to
Arcannia and many of Arcannia's citizens into vampires.  The
plan was to make an army of vampires and ravage the city.

It did not take long before Ayliare realized this treachery,
however, and she charged her faithful servant Korondir to
find and destroy the vampiress and her army.  Korondir took
a few of his best men to accompany him.  They traveled for
three years looking for the vampiress.  They finally tracked
her down in a small ancient unused cemetery named Larem.

For three days, Korondir and his paladins did battle with
the unnamed vampiress and her army of vampires.  As the third
day drew to a close, Korondir found himself alone battling
the last of the vampires in the cemetery.  He entered the
ancient mausoleum and searched underground for the vampiress.
As he slew the last of the vampires underneath the cemetery,
he came upon an evil altar dedicated to the God Kalas.

Korondir approached cautiously and began to chant incantations
to remove the evil curse of the altar.  Before he could finish
his incantations however, the vampiress had leapt out from
somewhere behind him and bit him in the neck.

Her work done, the vampiress ran out of the underground tunnels
and out of the mausoleum to the cemetery.  She threw herself to
the ground and praised Kalas for the power to turn the once
righteous paladin.  As she honored the dark God, Ayliare
began to weep.  Clouds formed, and rain fell in large drops all
over the cemetery.

Before the vampiress could react, the purity of Ayliare's tears
had turned the vampiress into stone and hallowed the ground
in and around the cemetery so that no evil thing would be
allowed to haunt the grounds.

It's been hundreds of years since Arcannia was destroyed
during the Mage Wars, and Larem has been quiet ever since.
Recently however, there have been vampire sightings near
the western forest road and even though the cemetery
has been forgotten once again, some say Korondir still
lives, and he has a new purpose.

Aramathean Library
Light Mage Banishment - Key part of the Battle of the Eastern
peninsula (see - Eastern Peninsula, Battle of the), the
spell used to banish the five Light Mages was found soon
after the death of Erthorpion and the fall of the Dark Mages.

It reads:
     By the powers of Kayos, the strength of our minds
     May you be taken forever by the power that binds
     By the bones of a god of a distant land
     May Haven be your prison, til victory is at hand

Historians, sages, and hermetic scholars have studied the words
for decades and have come to the determination that it means
the following:

     1. They invoke the powers of the Kayos that they fought
        to control, and the controlling force of their combined
        mental strengths. A banishment spell must be cast in
        a group as it is a very difficult one, which often
        can lead to insanity if tried by too few.
     2. They invoke a power to keep the Light Mages held
        or bound, so that they cannot escape from wherever they
        are banished to.
     3. This line has caused a great deal of debate. The most
        popular interpretation is that they wished to invoke
        not only the powers of their own lands and the Kayos,
        but the powers of ancient gods, another source of
        infinite power in the universe.
     4. Debate on this line primarily surrounds the word
        "Haven". Consensus is that the spell originally
        should have read "Heaven".
        One view is that "e" faded over time. These scholars
        believe that it was in reference to the impending
        death and destruction of (in the eyes of the Dark
        Mages) the Council of Light Mages, and that the
        banished Mages would be sent to somewhere that they
        would have to watch the Wars be lost by their side
        (thus the reference to victory).
        An alternative view is that the original scribe forgot
        the "e" and thus botched the spell.

Aramathean Library
Light Mages: The established force of order which battled the faction
of Dark Mages which began to experiment with Chaotic magics.

Aramathean Library
Little is known about Lijak, most of the lore of old has been
lost in fire or age. He was known to have served Strahd in the
wars as a mortal necromancer. Rumors state that he was reborn
as a undead servant of Strahd late in the wars, and later
trapped in his own lair by a group of mages.

Aramathean Library
The Longshadow Orcs currently reside in the desolate plains of fantasy.
A small camp is what remains of their successful battle at the base
of a mountain that contained many riches and valuables underneath its
tall peaks. The tale of the famous battle between the Longshadow Orcs
and the Noldor Elves is still spoke of today.

More on this epic battle can be obtained if one was to travel to the
camp and talk with the orc leader. Do not offend the remaining
Longshadow Orcs and you may be provided with a glimpse to the past and
learn more about what took place many aeons ago.

Aramathean Library
 The Lost Soul:
  In ancient elven legends, there lived an elven mage who was
 thought to be Death's right hand.  So much power did he wield,
 it was rumored he could snuff the life out of anything...
  Only by the betrayal of his young apprentice was this menace
 stopped. Locked inside a magically produced purgatory will
 he forever be cast.
  Many millenia have passed, and the memory of this arch-mage
 lies only within the history books...
  Recently however, a brotherhood known only as the Demoniac
 Triad, have unlocked an ancient magic and have learned to
 harness it.  Through these newly discovered arcane delvings,
 they will unlock the door and unleash the Lost Soul upon the

Aramathean Library
Love. n.  1. a (1): strong affection for another arising out of kinship
or personal ties <maternal ~ for a child> (2): attraction based on
sexual desire: affection and tenderness felt by lovers (3): affection
based on admiration, benevolence, or common interests  b: an assurance
of love  2: warm attachment, enthusiasm, or devotion  3. a: the object
of attachment, emotion, or admiration  b: a beloved person: DARLING -
often used as a term of endearment  4. a: unselfish loyal and benevolent
concern for the good of another  5. a god or personification of love
6. an amorous episode: LOVE AFFAIR.

Love. v. (loved; loving)  1. to hold dear: CHERISH  2. a: to feel a
lover's passion, devotion, or tenderness for  b. (1): CARESS (2) to
fondle amorously  3. to like or desire actively: take pleasure in
4. to thrive in  5. to feel affection or experience desire
WHAT TO DO IF YOU ARE IN LOVE: Try lots of attention, gifts, etc.
If that does not seem to help, try writing poetry, hiring musicians,
and the like.  IF ALL ELSE FAILS: use a love philter on your love.
This works every time.  N.B.: Make sure that you are the first person
he or she sees after imbibing the philter.  For a recipe for concocting
this potion, consult standard alchemical manuals, or an alchemist
of good repute.

Aramathean Library
Once a mighty thriving community of solid working folk, the
collapse of trade since the fall of the northern kingdoms and
the disappearance of the eastern continent has brought this
area in northeastern Wayhaven to its knees.  While a few shops
continue to linger on, the onslaught of unlettered, poor, and
desperate refugees has turned this once stalwart area into a
warren of streets where life is nasty, brutish, and short.

Aramathean Library
Mage Wars: The ancient war between an established order of Light
Mages and the chaos wielding Dark Mages.  This war created gateways
into other realms, and demonic creatures poured in at the service
of the Dark Mages.

The final battle took place on the plains north of Wayhaven, under
the rule of King Malric.  Knights and Light Mages battled the
Dark Mages and their twisted creatures of Chaos.  The final cataclysm
came as Dark Mage Erthorpion gained control of the Citadel Keep, and
tried (but failed) to make a stand against the Chaotic Demon Strahd.
Strahd's bolts of lightning devastated the city, and a good number of
the population.  Erthorpion's counter-attack leveled much of the
realm, including the entire port city of Lemuria.  Weakened, Strahd
withdrew and encircled his realm with a protective mist, that
magic could not penetrate.

As the realm reeled with the force of these magics, the Light Mages
seized their opportunity and wrestled control back from Erthorpion.
The aftermath of the Mage Wars wasn't understood for years.  Creatures
continued to pour in through dimensional rifts.  Balooga was lost
to demons.  The rich life of Tapan was rendered uninhabitable for
years by massive tidal waves that had struck, and the once powerful
Northern Kingdoms were a pale shadow of what they once were.

Aramathean Library
Manticore: A rare monster with a lion-like body, humanish head, bat-
wings and a tail tipped with spikes.  The manticore is reknowned for
its appetite for human flesh.  Hunted by elfish mages in times long
past for sport, and for their tail spikes, which were used in the
formulation of magics related to piercing attacks such as magic
missiles and the like.  Information regarding such ancient spells is
not catalogued here, however it is likely that such formulations may be
found in the library archives.

Aramathean Library
Marsh Goblins:
The Marsh Goblins were once a tribe under the rule of the Goblin King. They
lived in relative harmony with the other Goblins for many years. Then one
fateful year, a member of their tribe became severely ill. In turn, many
of his fellow tribe members contracted the unknown disease from him. The
healers could do nothing for the sickness. Many members of the tribe died
within a very short period of time. Fearing that this unknown disease would
be passed on to members of the other tribes, the Goblin King quarantined
the tribe, and decreed that they were to have contact with no-one outside
of their tribe. This made many of the Goblins very distraught, for they
depended on trade with the other tribes for their survival. After several
weeks of isolation, the entire tribe became very desperate. Many feared
starving to death before the sickness killed them. The leader of the tribe
had to make some very difficult decisions that would decide whether or not
his people would continue to even exist. The leader of the tribe knew of
Zalasta's search for the ancient amulet which was sacred to the Goblins.

Out of desperation, the leader of the tribe wrote Zalasta a letter, stating
that they would help him to discover the location of the amulet if he would
provide them with the basic necessities needed for day to day living and
survival. Zalasta quickly agreed and began to send supplies to the goblins.
Over the next several weeks, the healers of the tribe studied long and hard
to discover a cure for the sickness. Then one day, a young healer decided
to search through the scrolls of the ancient healers for some clues. He
eventually came upon a scroll which spoke of a disease called "The Plague".

It also spoke of how the healers of that time were able to treat the
dread disease. He immediately took it to the head healer of the tribe to
show to him what he had discovered. They immediately began working on
modifications of the treatment to suit their purposes, and within a period
of a week, the entire tribe appeared to have been cured. What they did not
and could not have known is that the 'cure' did not actually cure them of
the plague, it merely caused it to go dorment in their system. The leader
of the tribe contacted the Goblin King at once to announce that his tribe
was no longer in danger, and that it would be safe for them to return
and rejoin the Goblin community. The King was very skeptical of this, for
he had seen firsthand what the plague could do, as he lost his only son
to it. Therefore, the King decreed that they should stay in isolation for
a period of one month, and if they were all still alive and no other signs
of the sickness showed, then they could return to the others. The leader of
the tribe accepted this, certain that his people were cured. For the next
month, they continued to assist Zalasta in his search for the amulet, and
he continued to send them their much needed supplies. After their month
had passed, none of the Goblins had perished, and they were accepted back
into the Goblin community, though many were still very distrustful. The
leader of the tribe then sent word to Zalasta that they no longer needed
his assistance and that they would not continue to help him to find the
ancient amulet sacred to the Goblins. This enraged Zalasta immensely. He
warned the leader of the tribe, that if they did not continue to help
him, then he would reveal to the Goblin King their treachery. The leader
of the tribe knew that Zalasta was not making an idle threat. So, they
continued to search for clues to the location of the amulet. One night,
one of the Goblins from the tribe was sneaking around another tribe's
village. A guard on patrol discovered him, and immediately questioned his
presence. The Goblin became afraid and decided to make a run for it. The
guard gave chase and caught the young Goblin with little effort. The youth
became very afraid and began attempting to free himself from the large
guard's grip. The guard, in turn, attempted to restrain the youth. The
young Goblin began fighting, and in desperation, bit the guard on the leg.

Howling in pain, the guard let go of the youth, which allowed him to
escape into the night. The guard recognized him as a member of the tribe
that had contracted that horrible sickness. Within 12 hours, the guard
began to show signs of the dreaded sickness, and many others within his
tribe became sick.(Note: It appears that though the sickness was dorment
within the Goblins who were treated, when there is an exchange of bodily
fluids, then those who have never been treated get the plague and can
pass it on to others merely by coming in contact with them.) The King
of the Goblins was informed immediately. Fearful of mass death and mass
rioting, the King sent all those who showed signs of the sickness off
to die in seclusion, and immediately banished the tribe that, in his mind,
brought this sickness upon his people as a revenge for isolating them the
first time. Almost immediately, the entire tribe was chased from their
village, and banished from the Kingdom, without explanation, forever.

The tribe made its way into the eastern region of the land, and settled
in the swamp, where they could effectively hide from their brethern.
The leader of the tribe again contacted Zalasta and asked for his
assistance. Zalasta refused. He told the leader of the tribe that since
they had been banished, they would no longer be of use to him. Convinced
that Zalasta had, for some reason, betrayed them to the Goblin King over
the matter of the ancient amulet, the leader of the tribe swore revenge
upon Zalasta and those who had banished them. The next several weeks
were very difficult for the Goblins. The game in the swamp and nearby
forest was not very plentiful. Most of it had been run off by the
increasing number of travelers between Wayhaven and surrounding areas.

Then one day, a party of Goblins was out hunting in the woods for food, when
they came upon a heavily armed group of humans. The humans, thinking they
were being attacked by a Goblin raiding party, attacked the Goblins.
The Goblins won the fight, and discovered the humans carried with them, a
vast amount of treasure. Over the next couple of weeks, scouts were posted
to keep an eye out for other travelers. They soon discovered that many
rich merchants and mercenaries made their way through their new homeland.

The leader decided to set up permanant scouting posts to keep an eye
out for an easy haul. The scouts were instructed to setup in strategic
locations and to ambush, along with a Goblin Warrior, any who travelled
through their region. Over the years, the Goblins were able to perfect
this tactic, and began to make a decent living from it. After a successful
kill, a Goblin Runner appears out of nowhere and takes the booty, corpse
and all, back to the homeland of the Goblins, for safekeeping. Those
who wish to recover their lost goods need only seek out the homeland of
the Goblins and find their stash(and probably find the goods of others
as well).

Author's note:
Many long and dangerous hours were spent researching the story of the Marsh
Goblins. I lost many of my own acolytes to the Goblins and their Plague
(which I have named the Goblin Plague). A warning to all who read this:
the Goblin Plague is deadly, dangerous, and HIGHLY contagious. If you
get it, IMMEDIATELY seek a priest or a healer to help cure you of the
dread disease.

Cazil Rougal

Aramathean Library
Menhir: A huge stone block, typically constructed of granite, basalt
or limestone.  Sometimes inscribed with runes.

Aramathean Library
The Mermaid is a truly magical creature, having the body of a young
human female, and the long slender tail of a fish. Mermaids are
immortal, living through the ages according to an unknown plan. Rumor
has it that a Mermaid has taken residence near Wayhaven. Perhaps there
is little value in such gossip, since the sightings in Zahar Bay
have, for the most part, been by drunken sailors too long at sea.

Aramathean Library
You do not want to go there unless you have skulduggery in
mind.  Said to be the center of organized crime in the city
of Wayhaven, few good folk ever enter and those that do are
rarely if ever seen again.  If your head isn't hard, then
don't even bother entering or you'll be one more person
whose friends will shake their heads and mutter about over
their insipid beer down at the pub.

Aramathean Library
A thin leather bound notebook (closed) - An old leather bound notebook with a metal hasp on it. On the spine, burnt into the leather are the letters UUULU, presumably some sort of library code.
The book has 12 page(s) (i, ii, iii, iv, v, vi, vii, viii, ix, x, xi, xii).
The book is closed.
Use "help book" to see usage.
It looks light.

You carefully study A thin leather bound notebook (closed).
This item is practically worthless!

You carefully study A thin leather bound notebook (closed).
This item has no legend.

<open book>
The spine creaks as you open the notebook ..

<read book>
On the page you see the beautiful flowing script of ages past. You don't recognize much, but the large name in the center of the page is clear:


This must be some sort of history book about the family Miritar!

You turn a crackling vellum page ..
The second page is not much clearer than the first. More of that flowing elfish script, and a picture of one of the nastiest looking elves you have ever seen. He is all tricked out in some sort of ritualistic shamanistic voodoo drag, and he is clearly old.. very old..

You turn a crackling vellum page ..
The third page, like the others is all in elfish script (of which you know none). There is a nice drawing of the family home though - a clean black tower surrounded by flowering gardens and trees on an opulent site.

You turn a crackling vellum page ..
The fourth page is filled with more of that elfish script, but somehow this page looks more like a mages work book than the others. In the middle is a schematic of a large tower, drawn in cylinders. Each cylinder has a dimension value expressed in some units you don't understand, and some of them have arrows showing some sort of twisting movement. Like everything else in the book you have seen so far, you have no idea what any of it means.

You turn a crackling vellum page ..
This page looks like some sort of herbal or apothecary reference. Pictures of unusual plants and strange mineral symbols, with mathematical or some sort of logic operators combined with what look like astrological notation. Whoever wrote this was one odd duck. Given the book's location in Azra's library, you begin to wonder what all this means. Could it be that you hold in your hand a recipe for immortality? Do you really want to know the secrets of a lich?

You turn a crackling vellum page ..
The book gets weirder and weirder. This page looks more like a sketch book. Odd pictures of dragon heads coming out of some dark lake or something. Several of them look like they have some sort of cartoon death rays that they are shooting back and forth to each other!

You turn a crackling vellum page ..
The ancient sketch book theme continues. Here we see a small painting of the tower, with two elves and two dragons, all holding hands and dancing in what looks to be a wild bacchanalian revelry around the tower under a full moon! Off to one side is an elderly elf mage (at least thats what all the mage-type trappings would lead one to believe), with his hands glowing and held up over his head. He is clearly conducting some sort of rite.

You turn a crackling vellum page ..
Anatomical pictures of hands and fingers? Odd.

You turn a crackling vellum page ..

Written in a bold flowing elfish hand in the middle of the page is ueybljgyy. More bafflement.

You turn a crackling vellum page ..
What appears to be a recipe, with measures for ingredients you cannot begin to comprehend. A small drawing in the bottom corner of the page shows nothing but a knuckle bone sitting in some sort of crystallized container.

You turn a crackling vellum page ..
This page of the book is the most incomprehensible of all. It's been shaded meticulously black, all black, except for the outline of a skeleton lying broken on a pile of bones, down at the bottom margin of the page.

You turn a crackling vellum page ..
The last page of the book bears a hand-written note and a signature. The note is in the more comprehensible common-tongue. It reads:

On this day, the Seventh of the Cycle, Season of the Swan, Year of the Abundant Green Toad, and under a new moon, I did complete the instructions set out for me herein by my friend and fellow mage Miritar. Despite severe misgivings, I have followed the methodology, and prepared and placed his remains for their journey through time. May the gods forgive my part in this terrible business.

The page is signed Azra.

You are at the end of the book.

Azra's Tunnel

A dark underground tunnel (s,w)
You're in the east end of a long room, the west end of the room extends beyond the range of your light. Several large bookshelves grace the walls, and are strangely untouched by the deterioration of time. There's a small ledge in the south wall, with a dusty pile of rags set atop it.

There are two obvious exits: south, west

<search bookshelves>
<search books>
<search book>
<take book>

Located in Azra's Tunnel, Murus Faralain, Fantasy.
To visit the bookshelf in person, from the fantasy portal: <portal, 12n, leave, 10n, 9w, s, w, nw, e, ne, n, ne, crash barrier>

Azra's Tunnel
Mountains:  The realm is dotted with unnamed mountain ranges; a few small
peaks at the center of the Great Eastern Forest, mountains surrounding
the northern dwarven home in Mount Knivur, and the so called "Demonspawn"
mountain range on the west coast.

The Demonspawn range was coined recently, giving warning to those who'd
stumble upon it that the source of evil which descended hundreds of years
ago on Murus Faralain and Balooga, may have had its roots in these hills.

Aramathean Library
Murus Faralain: Lost in time, and cloaked beneath a Myril shield, the
fabled city of the elves was over-run by an orcish invasion over 600
years ago.  Said to be a dangerous place to explore, it once was a
major cultural centre and a home for the peaceful cooperation of all
the races.

Aramathean Library
Naiads are mostly peaceful water spirits which are attached to a
particular river.  They are always female, and always beautiful.  Many
stories tell of their underwater homes, to which they sometimes drag
male sailors to their watery grave.  Their shawls are said to be imbued
with some of the owner's power; some legends say the naiad will die
if her shawl is ripped or burned, while others say that the shawl
has even more powers.

Aramathean Library
See natives of <place>.

Aramathean Library
The Natives of Tapan: The natives of this island are known to
worship three creatures depending on the season. These creatures
are: 1> the sea serpent, ruler of the waters
     2> the dragon, queen of the air
     3> the lion, king of the land
The natives call these creatures zeilik, levtar, and rao

Aramathean Library
  | So you want to summon     | your dark arts in(note:   |||||
  | the undead huh? Think you | the typical peasantry and |||||
  | have what it takes to be  | nobles may not care for   |||||
  | a necromancer? This book  | what you are up to so it  |||||
  | will show you the easy    | is advised to find some   |||||
  | steps to quickly be on    | place secret like a tomb, |||||
  | your way to corpses,      | crypt, or dungeon). Once  |||||
  | ghouls and lichdome. The  | you have found the place  |||||
  | First step is to find a   | you will enjoy calling    |||||
  | suitable lair to practice | home for the next         |||||
  |            -I-            |            -II-           |||||

  || thousand years, confirmed | steps in becoming a lich  ||||
  || that nobody ever goes     | through the art of        ||||
  || there, and have decorated | necromancy is preparing   ||||
  || it in a manner that suits | your mind for long        ||||
  || your tastes you are ready | periods of inactivity.    ||||
  || to move on to step 2.     | Yes the burning and       ||||
  ||                           | pillaging is quite        ||||
  ||         Step 2            | exciting, but it is       ||||
  || Finding Your Inner Ghoul. | usually followed with     ||||
  || One of the most important | long periods of hiding    ||||
  ||          -III-            |           -IV-            ||||

  ||| in a dark hole to avoid   | anything. If you start    |||
  ||| those pesky ner-do-well   | down any deep trains of   |||
  ||| paladins who will no      | thought too often, once   |||
  ||| doubt seek you out after  | you become undead, you    |||
  ||| a fun night on the town.  | will soon find yourself   |||
  ||| A good way to adjust to   | without anything left to  |||
  ||| these conditions is to    | ponder around year two    |||
  ||| spend many days in        | hundred of your undead    |||
  ||| complete darkness while   | life.                     |||
  ||| trying not to think of    |                           |||
  |||          -V-              |           -VI-            |||

  ||||        Step 3             | your altar should be a    ||
  ||||     Gaining Favor         | expression of your own    ||
  |||| Before you can be even    | insidiousness. Once you   ||
  |||| smallest glint in some    | have prepared the altar,  ||
  |||| dark god's eye, you have  | practice some small       ||
  |||| to do something that will | sacrifices first to get   ||
  |||| catch their attention.    | accustom to the blood.    ||
  |||| The easiest thing you can | Start with a squirrel or  ||
  |||| do is perform a sacrifice | rodent. Once you get      ||
  |||| on an altar. Be creative, | comfortable move up to    ||
  ||||          -VII-            |           -VIII-          ||

  ||||| larger animals. At some   | prominent. Beggars,       |
  ||||| point you will have to    | prisoners, even a servant |
  ||||| make your first human     | will work. Make sure you  |
  ||||| kill. This might be hard  | have a proper ceremonial  |
  ||||| on two fronts. First your | dagger handy. Any old     |
  ||||| victim will be capable    | blade won't do.           |
  ||||| of significant resistance |                           |
  ||||| (sleeping potion helps    |                           |
  ||||| with this). Second look   |  -----The book rambles    |
  ||||| for a target who isn't    |       on and on.          |
  |||||          -IX-             |           -X-             |

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3Kraft Castle
All you can find on that subject is some quote from a member of the town.
'If it hadn't been for Orac, we would have been doomed!'

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Library of Minassian
     Over 600 years ago, the Orcs were an extremely powerful force in the
western region of the realm. There were none that did not fear attack from
them. Many considered the Orcs to be mindless brutes, attacking villages and
towns randomly, but there was a method to their madness. Their military was
extremely organized and quite deadly. By making what appeared to be random
attacks, they struck much fear in all who lived in that region of the realm.

     Approximately 600 years ago, the Orcs, along with the help of several
demons, made their most daring attack yet, and sacked Murus Faralain. They
practically leveled the city. For a period after the sacking of Murus Faralain,
the Orcs wreaked havoc over the entire western region of the realm. After
seeing the aftermath of the attack on Murus Faralain and the devastation that
the Orcs brought to the western region of the realm after sacking such a
mighty city, enough fear was placed in the citizens of the realm that they
banded together and rose up against the Orcs.


SEE ALSO:  Orc Slayer

Aramathean Library
Osten Ard is a land about which little is known.  That little
comes from an inhabitant of that land, Geloe, who regularly
corresponds with several local inhabitants.  Little is known
about this Geloe, and even less about her land, which she has
never gone into great detail about.

As far as the scholars of the library can determine, Osten Ard
is only reachable through the unstable portals that appear in
fantasy.  Geloe sends her correspondance through on birds, and
her correspondants return the message the same way.

Aramathean Library
Otyugh: Commonly lives in dung heaps, the otyugh has a huge bloated
body covered in a rock-like skin that is brownish gray in colour.  They
stand on three thick legs that allows them to pivot quickly but make
its movements somewhat slow.  It has a huge mouth with very sharp
teeth, and tentacles to grapple its prey.

Aramathean Library
Owlbear: Often prized for their claws and thick furs, owlbears are most
likely the crossbred creation of a demented sorceror.  Owlbears are
vicious, ravenous, aggressive and evil tempered at all times.    A cross
between and owl and a bear, they are covered with a thick coat of feathers
and fur, brown-black to yellow-brown in color.  These foul beasts are
said to lair in the depths of tangled forests, oftentimes living in
caves or hollow stumps.

Aramathean Library
A Pegasus is a flying horse.  Usually, the Pegasus has a white colour.
Its majestic wings span many men.  Pegasi fly under the protection
of Deus, a greater God.  Pegasi are highly magical creatures.

Aramathean Library
The Philosopher's Stone is an Alchemical device, used to
transmute base substances to gold.  The last verified report
of an actual working Philosopher's Stone was before the Mage
Wars, although it is speculated that some of the modern
Alchemists may have discovered its secrets again.

Aramathean Library
Precious Stone :

  Precious Stone was once a perfectly crafted sword, made from the finest
  dwarven steel. Its pommel holds a ruby of truly wonderous size, the source
  of its enchantment. It is rumored that Precious Stone has the ability to
  sense the weakness of an enemy, and exploit it. It can detect if a foe is
  poorly protected in some way, and shift its blade to match this weakness.
  For example, when used to attack Ice demons, the blade will shift into a
  large blade of pure fire, enhancing its damage.

  Precious Stone was damaged long ago, and now its blade is bent at almost
  right angles to the hilt. For some reason this does not seem to have
  reduced its power at all, as it is still a formidable weapon. It has not
  been seen for several years, but it is rumored that the Silver Egg band,
  with their new base in wayhaven, have heard of it. Askar, the leader of
  the Silver Egg would be the best one to talk to about it.

Aramathean Library
A jewel in prism form which radiates all colours. It is believed to
have extreme magical powers left from the ancient mage war days.
As far back as historical tales go, it has always belonged to the
Jeweled Dragons until recently when some unknown human form managed
to steal it and hide it from the Dragons. The Jeweled Dragons have
mystical connections with the strange jewel and they can sense
its presence from great distances, unless it is magically hidden.

Aramathean Library
Ralintaro is the name of one of the most powerful and one
of the most evil mages to have been vanquished in the Mage Wars.
Ralintaro made his home in an obsidian tower that is rumoured
to have been in existence for thousands of years in the lower
rifts of the abyss before Ralintaro pulled it into this plane
of existence.

The ancient legends claim that Ralintaro had made numerous pacts
with the dread ones of the lower planes.  Some legends say that
the terrible creatures with which he made these pacts did so out
of fear of Ralintaro's power, while others claim that these pacts
were the source of his powers.  Whatever the truth may be, there
can be no doubt that he was one of the strongest.  History tells
us that in the final campaign against Ralintaro, fourteen
archmages joined forces with the infantry of five princes to create
the greatest offensive massing of force in all of the Mage Wars.

The infantry lay siege to Ralintaro's tower for two months before
they could breach the wall and allow the mages to enter.  Thousands
of men lost their lives as Ralintaro threw balls of lightning
into their midst from the high window of the tower.

While the final history of Ralintaro is actually uncertain,
the fact is that neither he nor Martinius, the leader of the
gray mages, were seen again after the breaching of the wall.
As the wall was sundered, someone (it is not clear whether
it was Ralintaro or the gray mages) propelled the entire
tower and its surrounding demesne into the swirling fury of
Chaos.  Since the tower has never reappeared, it was either
destroyed or now stands in limbo between this realm and the
realm of Chaos.

There have been occasional travellers claiming to have
glimpsed an obsidian tower with broken walls and a surrounding
wall, but no one has ever been able to verify these stories.

Aramathean Library
Rauthgar: The God Rauthgar is the Master of all Beasts.  All
beasts are at his command and are protected by him.
Recently, followers of Rauthgar, those who uphold his
principles and follow his teachings, have built a temple
within Wayhaven.  The temple is located in the southwestern
district of the city, and though small, has been constructed
with care and detail to honor Rauthgar.

Rauthgar can be a savage god, unleashing his vengeance upon
those who would seek to unjustly harm the beasts under his
protection.  However, the beast in him understands the need
to kill, to feed, to lust.

It is rumoured by the citizens of the city that recently
a great discovery has been made by the followers of
Rauthgar, one which they hope will bring them great
rewards from Rauthgar himself.

Aramathean Library
Ravenloft -- Realm of the Chaotic Demon Lord Strahd, Ravenloft has
been encircled by strange mists since the closing of the Mage Wars.
As some strange machinations of Strahd's or born of the mists
themselves, Ravenloft is populated by creatures from beyond the
grave whose sole purpose is to take life from all they encounter.
At the heart of Ravenloft lies the town of Barovia, home to many
people who live their lives in fear of what happens beyond the
town limits.  Beyond those limits are several palatial mansions,
and various mysteries.

Deep within the mists, it is said that one can find the ancient
elven kingdom of Der'Thalas (see - Der'Thalas)

Aramathean Library
Company of the Red Falcon

About two hundred years before the Mage wars, when fantasy
was still nothing more than a small collection of petty
baronies and lordships, there lived a woman named Lady Kaitlin
Bloodhawk.  She was a minor lady whose lands encompassed a few
thousand acres to the north of Wayhaven.  A worshipper of the
Red Knight, goddess of tactical combat, Kaitlin was a seasoned
adventurer, and self-made lady.

She formed the Company of the Red Falcon from among her friends
and adventuring companions.  These included Zaor, a war wizard,
Eruk, the High Priest of the Red Knight, and Lord Tain Skyrider,
half-elf and griffin rider.  These four attracted many like-minded
souls from amongst their respective populations.

During the great gnoll invasion, the Company rose to prominence by
organizing the army that was finally able to stop the gnolls just
over twenty leagues from Wayhaven.  The original four were responsible
for driving through the gnoll front lines, and laying waste to
the gnoll high priests, who commanded the undead shock troops of the
army.  In a fight that lasted hours, Lady Kaitlin herself bested the
gnoll chieftain, Grrux, to turn the tide of the war.

After this, the Company settled back into relative obscurity,
withdrawing from the world.  After a time, people's memories faded,
and the band was all but forgotten, the only proof of their existence
written down in accounts of the Gnoll war.  Some say they left for
another plane of existence, while other legends state that if the
land is ever pressed upon by gnolls, the Company will once more ride
to do battle.

Aramathean Library
Rimalkin:  You find a brief, eye-witness account of a traveller's
           brief encounter with some Rimalkin.

    It was just a normal day to begin with, I was walking along close
to the main road, when I spotted a hole of sorts.  Being the inquisitive
type, I took a peek, and was startled to see some rat-like 'things', about
the size of a large dog.  They had beady, red eyes, which stared at me from
out of the darkness.  They looked kinda hungry, and had large teeth and claws.
That was enough for me, I took off and haven't returned since!

Aramathean Library
Not a great deal is known of the Kingdom of Rohm Giddor.  More reclusive
than the well-known dwarves of Mount Knivur, the dwarves of Rohm Giddor
are an ancient and proud lot.  There is some evidence that a former King
of Rohm Giddor was on the fabled Council of Sirran, and that his heir
may yet be taking part in their post-war struggle.

Aramathean Library
Ryogi-Pei was a relatively small empire during the Mage Wars that
was made famous for its skilled assassins, some of whom had mystical
abilities... not on the level of a mage, but enough so that they were
able to augment their assassin's skills. Some even gained enough skill
to threaten the lives of powerful mages.

Because of the empire's small size, they were afraid to form an
alliance with either side of the Mage Wars, intending to provide aid
to both sides and come out on top with the winner.  With this in mind
they hired out their assassins to the highest bidder, claiming
neutrality while profiting from the conflict. Eventually, mages on
both sides became so fearful of the Ryogi-Pei assassins that both
sides turned upon the empire, nearly wiping out the entire population.

The survivors quietly rebuilt their empire, and until recently the
continent had no visitors.  Because of their history with the mainland,
Ryogi-Pei has always embraced an isolationist culture, performing no
trade or political ties with the mainland.  Until recently, travelers
unfortunate enough to land on the continent were immediately executed.

Aramathean Library
Scirien was a minor god in another world, but one
day he had seen all he could of his world, and desired
to explore other worlds.  He prayed for many days to
Deus, the lord of his world, pleading with him for
permission.  The greater god, who rather liked Scirien,
granted his pleas and gave him a gift:  a white winged
Pegasus, that could fly between worlds at will.  The
greater god asked only one thing in return: that Scirien
would spread his fame in other galaxies by building
large circles of stone.  So Scirien left his realm, and
came to Fantasy during the time of the battle between
Ethorpion and Strahd.  After building a stone circle at
his place of arrival, Scirien traveled southwards, only
to walk straight into a disastrous battle between the
forces of Ethorpion's Kayos and Strahd's Evil.  Ancient
scribes say Scirien almost died, but managed to escape
with very little of his physical and mental capacities
left.  But what has become of him is unknown.

Aramathean Library
Scrag: A semi-intelligent salt-water crustacean, scrags are rarely ever
seen out of their marine habitat.  They normally attempt to drown their
victims, usually choosing to grasp a limb of something swimming by in
their lobster-like claws and then pinning their victims into nooks and
crannies on the ocean floor to give them time to decompose to a nice
soft meal.

Aramathean Library
Legends tell of an ancient city called Seahaven, lost for so long no
one is sure it ever existed. What are now nothing but rumors tell of
untold marvels and tremendous magical powers, the like of which are no
longer present in this realm. Stories of tremendous devastation and
destruction in the mage wars make it likely that if it ever existed,
Seahaven has long since been reduced to dust.

Aramathean Library
Shrieker: A normally quiet, mindless ambulatory fungi.  When it detects
light it will scream like hell, not because it is afraid but in order
to attract other monsters to help it create more food (using you for
example as a sort of basic starter kit).

Aramathean Library
Band of the Silver Egg :
  The band of adventurers known as the Silver Egg have roamed over most of
  Fantasy for many years. They have completed many quests together, and
  have recently retired from their travels and settled down in the city
  of Wayhaven, having built a manor house in the rich north west area. The
  band is lead by Askar, a priest of War. Other members of the party were
  Miranda, a powerful sorceress, Kilanor the dwarven warrior, Kylithia the
  elven ranger and Padrin the half elven rogue. The Silver Egg band was
  tracking down stories of the sword 'Precious Stone' (q.v) when they decided
  to retire.

Aramathean Library
Spells: Banishment -- A difficult spell to master, only to
be cast by a group of powerful mages, a banishment spell
must be cast using very precise and well thought out wording,
else the casters risk an outcome very different from that
which they intend.

Aramathean Library
        There are various accounts of what has been described as a "spire",
existing somewhere in the tundra, towards the icier, northern regions.
This spire has been said to be a destination for men and women, and very
often entire families, who have been seen to have left their homes and
their belongings to set out on pilgrimage for this spire.

        Rumors, though sparse, seem to indicate that the spire might
act as a monastery of sorts, a retreat for those religiously affected.
Other words of mouth include the spire being an insidious trap which
lures unsuspecting human families to their doom.  Two fairly comprehensive
rounds of questioning were conducted in the past 65 years, one specific
to Wayhaven, the other covering all families living in the southern
regions.  Questioners noted suspicion on the part of several individuals,
though most subjects were believably unaware of anything regarding this

        The noted Wayhaven explorer/cartographer Bashmet was said to have
gained entrance into this spire while on a mission to rechart the
southern icelands after a considerable glacial shift, over 320 years ago.
In his journals, however, the only mention of the spire is as follows:
   "...regarding the spire, whose towering graces I consider myself
   infinitely fortunate to have explored, I can only say that I
   will always respect its inhabitants, and their wishes.  And
   as I bow to these people and their leader, I will say no more..."

Aramathean Library
A fragment of a scroll reads:
.....and the Orb began to shake violently.  The chaotic energies were
nearly too much for us.  The other two were nearly consumed.  I was
the only one to remain standing against the forces.  A tear in reality
had already formed. Beasts and demons poised to pour forth from the
chaotic plane beyond.  With supreme effort, for the Orb drained much
spirit energy to power it, the tear was sealed once more.  However,
much chaos energy escaped.  I do not particularly care what it may do
to the surrounding forest, but only if the Orb may tap that energy,
however unlikely. Tomorrow we will begin our second phase to safely
destroy the Orb.  We will start with . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . the dark mists inside, they steal my mind. . . . . . . . .
. . . . the other two are gone, but where?. . . . . . . . . . . . . .
A castle! A great vortex of energy, endlessly swirling in the sky. . .
. . . . . .my last attempt. . . . . . . . . . . .

Aramathean Library
Story of Diodotus

Diodotus was born and raised in Casaria. For a long time, and until most recently, the inhabitants of this realm all believed that the strongest and the best fighters were warriors or knights. Very few adventurers became Druids, and even less became Mages. However, Diodotus knew differently.

When he was but a young child, Diodotus saw his parents slain by troops commanded by Duke Hagarly, a sworn enemy to the Gotik family. The Gotik family long since ruled these lands.

Diodotus was raised in the Gotik family, orphaned by Hagarly's troops. Most of Gotik's troops were trained knights, and thus Gotik wanted Diodotus to follow this path as well. However, when he turned fourteen, Diodotus left the court and journeyed off towards the castle of Hagarly, out for revenge.

Diodotus was a weak, untested novice mage at the time; but his heart was strong and proud. Upon the way to the castle, Diodotus walked by the great ocean and noticed a strange rock. There were encrypted words carved into stone on this rock, words that only he could understand. These words spoke of true inner-power, mental discipline, and ultimately something called the Karta. Karta is what makes the current day Silver-Order mages so powerful, for only they know how to control it. Anyway, after reading these words Diodotus was a changed man. He returned to Gotik's court and realized that revenge was not the way. He realized that killing Hagarly would not suffice, that only by learning the true power of something called the Runestaff would he be able to truly fulfill his destiny.

At this time few had ever heard of the runestaff, even fewer knew what it could do. Some say the Runestaff is the most powerful item known to man, and only those with a pure heart and disciplind mind could truly control the staff, or rather, have the staff control them properly.

Diodotus spent his young years as a scholar, studying his powers and working on ways to perfect them, until one day when he was asked by Gotik to head his court. This was a proud day for Diodotus, as it was a rare honor to even be in his court, none the less head it. However, this was a position easily served by Diodotus, and he did his job well.

For many years, Diodotus led Gotik's court as a faithful servant, until one day when Gotik wanted to wage war against Hagarly, and Diodotus refused to join. Even though Diodotus detested Hagarly more than anyone, he believed that war was not the way.

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Library of Minassian
Edroman was born an immortal. Son of King Kovan and Queen Samantha, he was born strong and proud. For a long time, Edroman did not know of his immortal past, because he was raised by two mortals in the town of Jolandia. Soon after his 20th birthday, Edroman journeyed to the town of Casaria, in search of the white rune he had heard so much about. Upon reaching the town, Edroman was attacked by the Jesus gang, and almost immediately driven out. Discouraged, Edroman wandered over to a strange tower, where he met a strange man. This man revealed himself to Edroman as Javelin, Son of Kovan, and brother. Edroman learned of his great inner strength, and with this new knowledge went back to town and met up with Orac, a great knight. The two journeyed down into the depths of the dungeon and retrieved the white rune, which enveloped them in magical power. Edroman was now a force to be reckoned with. Together, the two men challenged the Jesus gang and wrenched the power of the town away. Soon after, Edroman journeyed back to his home town Jolandia. No one has heard from him since.

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Library of Minassian
After Javelin got the white rune, many people followed. However, the first of these people was a group who called themselves the 'Jesus Gang'. The reason simply was that their leader went by the name of Jesus. Now for many years, the Jesus gang pretty much controlled the town. They forbode anyone from leaving the town, or from going into the dungeon and getting the white rune. They proclaimed that if anyone was seen with the white rune upon their forehead they would be killed on sight. For a long time the denizens of Casaria lived in fear of the powerful Jesus gang, until one day when Edroman and Orac decided to challenge them.

(continuation of this story can be found under Battle between Jesus gang, Orac and Edroman)

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Library of Minassian
The only references you find to Mesosaur are ones calling him a 'young druid', or a 'wiseman', and one of them mentions that he now spends most of his days studying the Silver-Order mage tower. A last reference mentions how he and Robobop are long time friends.

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Library of Minassian
Orac was born near the town of Casaria, and grew up there. Son to a druid by the name of Fastfoot, and a priest by the name of Mandeli. Orac grew up strong, and at a very young age decided to become a knight. Studying under a great knight by the name of Druss, Orac learned how to fight honorably. Orac is known for two things. After Javelin first discovered the white rune, the town was over run with monsters, and Orac cleared the town of them. Secondly, with the help of Edroman, Orac defeated the Jesus gang and gave control of the town back to the people. A few days after Orac cleared the town and corrected Javelin's mistake, Orac and Javelin clashed in a legendary duel. Javelin beat the piss out of Orac, and almost killed him. With Orac's last few breaths, he found his way to the Elundi monk temple where they nurtured him, and taught him to be a mystic knight. Now Orac is rumored to appear in the town arena from time to time to challenge players.

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Library of Minassian
Story of Robobop

Robobop was born in a small cottage in a remote valley of Mount Silvermoon, and was raised by a family that put much faith in healing. Robobop was born into the Jorad order of the faith, and studied since birth his teachings, hoping to one day become a high priest. Robobop spent many of his younger days as a cleric fighting Stone Giants with his long time friend and druid Mesosaur. Many years after Javelin discovered the white rune and went away, Robobop decided to buy out most of the shops in the town to make as much profit as he could. The only shopkeeper who wouldn't sell was Marduk, a sorceror. Now Robobop resides in the town of Casaria as the 'equipment shop' shopkeeper.

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Library of Minassian
Story of the Runestaff

The runestaff is that which controls power and harnesses it. Only those true in heart and pure in mind can use it, all others will die. The origin of the runestaff is unknown. Its earliest documented sighting was many many years ago, at the Elundi temple. Many believe that the Elundi created this item, however wisemen know that no mortal could have forged this magnificent item. Just recently, about 60 years ago Diodotus found the staff, and began to study it. For many years he kept the staff a secret until one day when he left his Silver-Order mages and used it to destroy Hagarly, an evil king who had his parents killed. After killing Hagarly's son no one knows what Diodotus did with the staff, or where Diodotus himself is. They both disappeared, as their last known sighting is somewhere near castle Hagarly.

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Library of Minassian
Story of the Silver-Order Mage Tower

Many years after Javelin and Diodotus' travels together, they built a school called The Silver Order of Mages. Diodotus, Javelin and a couple of other great mages of the era teach the most promising and motivated young mages their ideas on sorcery and Karta. Mages from all over the lands flock to the tower to learn the ways of Karta, and how to be a sorceror. For a long time Diodotus led these mages, teaching them the ways of the Arch. After Diodotus left the Silver Order to pursue other goals, Javelin took control of the school. The mages have been led ever since by Javelin, the Arch-Magus.

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Library of Minassian
Story of Varant Minassian

Varant Minassian grew up in the large city of Alexandria near the flagstone corridors, and was born into a wealthy family. After many years of fighting in the dungeons below Casaria, and fighting in the swamp, Varant was a level 17 druid, who had reached the end of his adventuring. Varant had only got the yellow rune, and did not believe he would be able to get any more, so he decided to become a scholar. Walking around and talking to people, Varant compiled a large library of books which tell the story of this area.

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Library of Minassian
Strahd: An immensely powerful creature from another realm, rumour
has it that he has survived the centuries since his involvement in
the Mage Wars.  Strahd's magical duel with Erthorpion devastated
much of the realm.  Forced to withdraw, he erected a magical barrier
around his realm.  Even still, of those that enter the mists of
Ravenloft, only a few return.

Aramathean Library
Instructions for the Starship Battle Simulator:

You may get more information on any of the following topics by typing 'read <#>' where <#> is the number preceeding your reading choice.

1) intro
2) pregame
3) battle
4) attitude
5) shields
6) phasers
7) photons
8) endgame
9) misc


The Starship Battle Simulator is divided into three phases: pregame, battle, and endgame.

pregame) The game is wagered upon, the competitors enter their respective holodecks and when ready, one of them types 'start'

battle) The phase in which the competitors attack one another until either a player's ship is destroyed or a player surrenders

endgame) Once a winner has been declared, the purse is awarded to that player and the holodecks are reconfigured for the next simulation


Pregame is done in this room and consists of wagering amounts of gold coins on the outcome of a battle simulation. To wager an amount on the game, type 'wager <amount>' where <amount> is the number of coins you wish to wager. Once the minimum wager has been reached, the game begins with each player entering the holodecks. Once in command, either captain may start the game by typing 'start'. The game then moves into battle mode. Once the game is over and a winner has been declared, the player so declared will get the full amount of the wagered purse and the holodecks are readied for another simulation.


Battle is considered the time from the moment a captain types 'start' to the time either a ship is destroyed or one of the competetitors has surrendered. The bulk of the game is in this phase. To learn all the different aspects of this phase, read 4,5,6 & 7 in this book and also read 'attitude.chart' 'shields.chart' and 'phasers.chart' to get the feel of your position in the battle simulation.

ATTITUDE: command-> 'attitude <#>'

Attitude refers to the position of your ship relative to the enemy. To see the possible attitude positions your ship can accomodate, typing 'read attitude.chart' will give you the numbers. Basically, there are 11 positions. 0,1,2,3,4,5 & 6 are rotational positions which mean about the center of mass of the starship. positions 612,23,543, & 65 are planar attitudes which mean the ship moves in that direction with no rotation. Think of it like this: With an attitude of 2, your ship is pointing to the upper right (when looking from behind your ship), this position is upper-starboard. In this position, the upper-starboard section (2) of your ship is in good defensive position from an enemy phaser lock. Section 3 is a little more protected than 4, whereas 5 is wide open for attack. Moving your ship into this attitude provides a cleaner lock onto enemy position 2 though, so it's a trade-off throughout the battle. You want to match your lock as close as you can to your attitude while at the same time keeping track of enemy locks onto your exposed areas.


             UPPER               CODE     ACTUAL POSITION
   _________________________     ------------------------
   |  \       BOW       /  |      0       bow
   |   \               /   |      1       upper bow
   |    \      1      /    |      2       upper starboard
   |     \___________/     |S     3       lower starboard
   |  6  / YOUR SHIP \  2  |T     4       lower bow
  P|     \___________/     |A     5       lower port
  O|___/\     \ /     /\___|R     6       upper port
  R|   \/     |0|     \/   |B    612      upper
  T|    \-----/ \-----/    |O    23       starboard
   |  5  -------------  3  |A    543      lower
   |       /       \       |R    65       port
   |      /    4    \      |D
   |     /           \     |     command: attitude 
   |    /     BOW     \    |        where  = code
             LOWER               YOUR SHIP, LOOKING FROM THE REAR

SHIELDS: command-> 'shields <x>'

Shields are the main deterrent in receiving damage from enemy fire. Typing 'read shields.chart' will show you the possible values for <x>. <x> can also be 'up' or 'down' which will raise/lower your shields. The different configurations of your shields determine which areas of your ship will be the most protected. For example, if you configured your shields to the 's' (starboard) position, the right side of your ship will be well protected, but the center and left sides will be left protected, but to a weaker degree. You basically want your shields to match the enemy lock upon you. Remember also, that enemy photon damage is concentrated on position '0' so if you see the enemy charging photons, switch to a shield configuration that'll protect your bow (0), unless you want to take heavy damage. Also, for obvious reasons, remember to raise your shields before you enter battle.


             UPPER               CODE     TERMINOLOGY    COVERAGE
   _________________________     --------------------------------
   |  \       BOW       /  |      b       bow              **00
   |   \               /   |      s       starboard        00@@
   |    \*************/    |      p       port             ##00
   |   # \___________/ @   |S     sb      starboard-bow   00**@@
   |  #  / YOUR SHIP \  @  |T     pb      port-bow        ##**00
  P| #   \___________/   @ |A     flanks                  ##00@@
  O| # /\     \ /     /\ @ |R     full                   ##**00@@
  R| # \/     |0|     \/ @ |B
  T| #  \-----/ \-----/  @ |O     command: shields 
   |  #  -------------  @  |A        where  = code
   |   #   /       \   @   |R
   |    # /*********\ @    |D
   |     /           \     |      YOUR SHIP
   |    /     BOW     \    |      LOOKING FROM THE REAR

PHASERS: commands -> 'lock <#>' and 'fire'

Phasers are your main offensive weapons. There are only a few things to remember when using them:

1) before they can be fired (by typing 'fire') they must be locked onto an enemy position 'type read phasers.chart'

2) once locked, the phasers are armed and ready

3) phaser damage is reduced by three things: your attitude, the enemy's attitude, and the enemy's shields. If your attitude is far from the lock on your enemy, damage will be reduced. Likewise, if the enemy's attitude matches your lock, damage will also be reduced. Enemy shields will reduce damage according to your lock and which shield configuration the enemy currently has established


             UPPER               CODE     ACTUAL POSITION
   _________________________     ------------------------
   |  \       BOW       /  |      0       bow
   |   \               /   |      1       upper
   |    \      1      /    |      2       upper starboard
   |     \___________/     |S     3       lower starboard
   |  6  /   ENEMY   \  2  |T     4       lower
  P|     \___________/     |A     5       lower port
  O|___/\     \ /     /\___|R     6       upper port
  R|   \/     |0|     \/   |B
  T|    \-----/ \-----/    |O     command: lock 
   |  5  -------------  3  |A        where  = code
   |       /       \       |R
   |      /    4    \      |D
   |     /           \     |      ENEMY'S SHIP
   |    /     BOW     \    |      LOOKING FROM THE FRONT

PHOTONS: command -> 'photon'

Your arsenal of weapons also includes photon torpedos. Their use is simple. Type 'photon' to begin the firing sequence. This only takes a few seconds. Once fully charged, the torpedo is fired toward enemy position '0' with appropriate damage reduced according to your attitude, the enemy's attitude, and the enemy's shield configuration.

Holodeck instructions:

Minimum wager per simulation is 200 coins. Once the holodeck is ready to enter, choose who will take command of which ship. The player who enters holodeck1 will become player 1 and take command of the Enterprise. The second player then enters holodeck2 and becomes player 2 in command of the Kuhl Manar. Once inside the holodecks, look at the panel near the captain's chair and you will be given a list of commands for your ship.

Other players may enter your holodeck with you to help command the vessel. They are given full command as well, but the first player to enter will become the true 'player.'

Wages may be any amount you wish, above 200 coins. When ready, wager a few coins and have fun! Any problems, report using the room commands or mail to Tensor.

This information was located inside the Holodeck of the USS Enterprise (TNG), which is located in Science. Visit our Science page for directions and more information about the area itself.

Last updated 18 July 2021.

Instruction Manual
Tabaxi: A graceful feline humanoid usually with a brownish red coat
with roseate spots, razor sharp retractable claws and luminous eyes
that support night hunting activity.  They have a keen sense of smell
and alarming speed.

Aramathean Library
The Island of Tapan: The island of Tapan is a jungle island. The
many dangers have kept it uninhabited except for the natives.
The island is famous because it is thought to hold the legendary
healing flower of Arya though no one knows for sure, except
perhaps the natives.

Aramathean Library
Tarmatin:  A member of King Malric's Honour Guard during the time
of the Mage Wars, he was recruited into an Elite Faction which fought
demons, summoned by the Dark Mages.  Sir Tarmatin fell in combat,
though his final blow killed the hideous demon which managed to slay him.
His tomb lies north of the City of Wayhaven.

Aramathean Library
Taslen, Island of -- Vast desert island accessible by boat from the
eastern coast.  The climate is harsh all year.  It is mainly populated
with animals such as jackals who are said to travel in large packs,
devils, and a few pockets where humans have managed to survive.
Travellers have returned claiming wild stories of being swept up by
large dust storms and sinking through holes in the surface.

Aramathean Library
After a fire engulfed a section of the eastern forest, the entrance
to an ancient temple was discovered.  A team of explorers were sent
to map and catalog the contents of the temple.  Unfortunately many of
them never returned.

Based on the reports from the few survivors, it appears this temple
belongs to the Goddess of subversion, Alythra.  The temple has already
been reoccupied by cultists attempting to restore the temple to its
former glory.  It is whispered that their real goal is to uncover the
scrolls and incantations necessary to summon Alythra back into this

Aramathean Library
  Thurand is a scholar from Wayhaven, and a mage of some power.  He
  carries with him an amulet that he holds most dear, as he can use
  it to focus his own magical energy.  He has written many books,
  mostly about his study of the Mage Wars, and the Mages of Light
  who fought in them.  Recently he was seen heading into North-West
  Fantasy to search for the legendary Tower of the Moon (q.v)

Aramathean Library
Excerpt from the journals of Nomlo Leafwind:

Tookwich, the place of my birth, the home I left behind
to seek my adventures out in the world. I haven't seen
that quiet little town in decades now, though I doubt
much has changed. A secret place, not visited often by

Long ago we hobbits were a more social lot. I'm not
saying we were adventurers like the elves or explorers
like the dwarves, but you'd see us on the roads from
time to time. Not anymore.

The rampaging orcs saw to that. Filthy creatures.
Destroyed our homes, killed our kin. After the Mage
Wars concluded we slowly disappeared from the common
knowledge of most folk.

We helped grow the forest thick and wild around our
town to hide it from sight. We stopped our travels,
keeping to ourselves and shutting out the evil that
grows daily throughout the realm.

I agreed with this position for the sake of our
families, for the sake of our history. I knew we
weren't the warring sort. Don't get me wrong, we had
our share of glory over the centuries, but all in all
we were a peaceful honest folk. Not meant for the
villainy and bloodthirst that runs rampant today.

My town lives on I'm sure. Safe and secure in its
hidden portion of the northern forests. I had to leave
myself. Always a bit different I'm afraid. A different
blood runs through my veins. Some say I'm a half breed,
although my mother never admitted as much. Whatever
the reason, I needed to move on. To explore the lands
regardless of the danger. Someday I'll return home.
I was born there, figure I ought to be buried there
as well.

Aramathean Library
Tor: A steep-sided flat-topped hill.

Aramathean Library
  The Tower of the Moon is a legendary place, rumored to exist
  somewhere in the forest covered mountains of North-West Fantasy.
  Said to be the resting place for one of the most powerful
  Moon-Mages of the old times, Thurand (q.v) has been searching
  for this place for years.

Aramathean Library
Troglodyte: A race of carniverous reptilian humanoids, dwelling
typically in caverns, caves and crevices of mountainous regions.
Typically scaled, approximately 6 feet tall and variably coloured.
Various parts of their anatomy were used by elfish mages and shamans in
the preparation of magics related to the preservation and enhancement
of life.  Information regarding such ancient magery was lost with the
down-fall of Murus Faralain 600 years ago.

Aramathean Library
Outside the walls of our beloved city, one of the primary denizens of
the hills is the dreaded troll.  Trolls are a repulsive species
identifiable by their wart-infested bodies and pockmarked skin.  The
average troll possesses little to no intelligence.  Their primary concern
is to feed on the flesh of humans.  Beware, as their insatiable hunger is
merely the beginning of the nightmare they represent.

A troll can regenerate horribly fast.  An edged weapon will hinder your
battle against these foes more than help.  If a limb is removed from
the body of a troll, then it will regenerate as an entirely new troll!!
Blunt weapons merely annoy this mindless monstrosity.  If you truly
wish to harm this fiend, you must wield acid or fire against it.
If a weapon of this type is not readily available, then carry a
torch on your person.  As soon as the troll falls, burn its remains.
This is the only way to defeat a troll.

Aramathean Library
Troll Hunter: Having lost his wife and only son to roving trolls,
there is a peasant who has decided to dedicate his life to ridding
the world of this menacing race. With the help of his trusted
companion Megan, this man has become one of the best troll hunters
in the land.

Aramathean Library
     @@@@=====Legend of the Unicorn=====@@@@

Long ago the unicorn roamed the forests in herds,
running like the wind across fields of green amidst
the towering trees, the babbling brooks and the tranquil
lakes of the realm. Stunningly beautiful to behold,
the brilliantly white animals galloped without care,
manes flowing, muscles pumping, voices whinnying across
the miles. Few ever got close enough to touch these
magnificent creatures, they were notoriously shy and
skittish, yet they could frequently be seen in the
distance, a glistening flash of white on the horizon.

Legend told of the unicorn as being a creature from the
dawn of time. A creature of magic, a creature of utter
purity and innocence. No dark force could bend the
unicorn's will, no harm would a unicorn do to anything
of light and goodness. The unicorn was upheld as a
symbol of the light, a sign of peace and prosperity, a
beacon of hope for all citizens of the realm.

As time moved on and darkness found its way into the
lands, the unicorn became more scarce. The stories
remained, the odd traveler claimed sight of the creatures
in far corners of the realm, but their cries were no
longer heard in the distance and their beauty was now
stories around the campfire, not glimpses from the
corner of the eye.

No one knows what became of the unicorn. Some say they
left the realm out of sorrow for its descent into
darkness and corruption. Some say Straud and his evil
minions hunted down and destroyed the creatures during
the days of the Mage Wars. And still some claim the
creatures still exist, hidden away from prying eyes,
safe from those that would do them harm, waiting for
the day that goodness returns to the realm and they can
once again roam carefree across the plains.

Only time will tell whether the unicorn will again be
seen in the land. Perhaps history will find the truth
of their disappearance, but for now, in our time, they
remain the stuff of legend, the hope and dreams of a
better place and better times.

Aramathean Library
After an exhaustive search you finally find something relevant.
Greetings fellow wayfarers, travellers and seekers of adventure!
Some may have already noticed the rather battered looking little
stronghold outside of this fair city. I would like to offer my
warning against trespassing there with a faint heart or weak stomach.
It is the lair of a wretched old sorcerer by the name of Vago. Until
not long ago, he had secreted the whole place (along with me and his
other innocent captives) away in an astral pocket. I am now told that
in fact this happened several thousand years ago, by your reckoning.
Fortunately for me, it felt like much less to those within! Even a
month is more time than a humble bard should have to spend in such
depraved company. In any event, at the time of my escape from the
place Vago was engaged in a sorcerous duel with a powerful
dragon/human/fae woman with whom I am somewhat acquainted (just how
that lineage came to be is perhaps the one story I was never able
to get out of her). I expect at this point that Vago is quite
thoroughly dead (or perhaps worse, she holds a terrible grudge and
is rather jealous over me). I leave now for the distant northlands,
for I must see what became of my home, if only to laugh over some
now ancient gravestones and perhaps toss fruit at a monument or two.
Fair days to all, particularly any of you who are my descendants (and I expect those are many).
        -Rahal Blake, Balladeer

Aramathean Library
Vampires are an ancient, nearly invulnerable race.  Myth and
legend say that with some vampires, only a stake through
the heart will kill it.  It also says that most vampires
cannot stand light, and they cannot eat or drink anything
but blood.

Aramathean Library
Varya: An ancient mage with massive powers over the land and waters,
she summoned a massive spring from the parched earth to provide relief
from a drought that had plagued a city.  The spring came forth with such
power, that it created what is now known as Lake Pebich.

Aramathean Library
Vindaes -- Legendary founder of Wayhaven's torture tower (see --
Vindaes, Tower of), it is said that his spirit still haunts the
tower, personally training all who would follow in his footsteps
as Torture Master of Wayhaven.

Aramathean Library
Vindaes, Tower of -- Wayhaven's infamous tower of torture has stood
next to the citadel as far back as anyone can remember. Used only
in special cases, prisoners may be taken from the citadel dungeons
to the tower where he or she may be questioned for weeks. If the
person is to then be executed, he or she is marched through the
Bazaar, down Riverford, and to the executioner's arena where the
beheading occurs.

It hosted thousands of guests during the Mage Wars, including many
Light Mages. It is said that it managed to survive the assaults on
Wayhaven by Strahd due to the magical energy the Mages' blood left
on the stones.

Aramathean Library
Volt: A curious but bad-tempered and dangerous creature that hunts by
sensing the electrical impulses of its prey.  They appear as a nearly
spherical bundle of bristly gray hair, with two bulbous eyes on top of
a slightly flattened body and a spiked prehensile tail.  Volts have a
mouth like an eel (with teeth to match).

Aramathean Library
Warmonger:  Sword of souls.  It is rumored that the sword would
actually 'steal' the remaining life force from its fallen victims
and become even more powerful.

In an ancient time gone by Hugh Drake, powerful knight of the Drake
family conquered many lands with Warmonger.  Hugh became the fiercest
warrior in the land.  Hugh was once a good man, but his soul slowly
became dark and corrupt.  In the end he was feared and hated by many.
It was rumored that Hugh spent his last days in a drunken stupor
wandering around the lands of Serinth.  Looking to reclaim his days of
glory in the past.  What became of the mighty sword is unknown.  It
hasn't been seen in many ages.

Aramathean Library
The greatest city yet remaining on the continent, it is today
but a pale remnant of what it was before the centuries of kaotic
struggle which ended with the paroxysm of the Dark Mages War.
Located at the meeting between the Wayhaven River and the
Dragonspire Bay, Wayhaven is ancient beyond belief with its
beginnings lost in the haze of myth and legend.  One group of
scholars, known as the realists or the entrepotists, argue that
the evidence is clear that Wayhaven emerged as a trading crossroads
between the lush kingdoms of the Emil Muir and the great lost
eastern continent and the many great isles that fill the seas to
the south and east.  Thus, they insist, Wayhaven grew with the
trade, eventually becoming the center of civilization and
refinement.  Another group of scholars argue that, on the contrary,
Wayhaven sprang up as a small collection of student hovels that
came to surround the ancient Tower of Zalasta which appeared
one day as if by divine intervention.  Known as the Zalastarians,
they are vehement in their beliefs although it is rumored that even
Zalasta himself laughs at their beliefs.  One last group, the
priests of the Kourlyn Temple, argue that while the Tower of
Zalasta is ancient indeed, it was predated by their temple
which drew the occasional pilgrim since the beginning of
time itself.  One day, they say, both the Tower and the entire
City of Wayhaven itself, simply appeared fully formed from one
day to the next.  When it is pointed out that old maps of Wayhaven
do not even show the Temple, the Kourlynists simply smile and
mutter about secret ways and what is hidden can still be found.
What we can say with some certainty is that since the Mage Wars
Wayhaven is but a shadow of what it once was and its various
neighborhoods are a shallow reflection of their ancient glories
(see Hightown, Lowtown and Mews as well as the Districts
and Citadel).

Aramathean Library
West Forest: The West Forest of the Fantasy Realm is somewhat
misnamed, at best.  To the northwest of mighty Wayhaven, trapped
between the great desert to the south and the plains and hills
of the east, this forest pushes up the slopes of the mountain
ranges that hold the fabled cities of Knivur, and Balooga.
In the northwest forest, the city of Murus Faralain has been
rediscovered.  Long lost to memory after the over-run of the elfish
capital by orcs 600 years ago, explorations of the city have been
impeded by current demonic residents.

Long a realm of the elfish folk, the Mage Wars and the Kaotic Fluxes
have granted great power to the elfish mythology and brought
many of their Gods to awful life in the west forest.  Now the woods,
once renowned for their beauty and hospitality, have become
dangerous yet still retain their allure.
Beware traveller ..  beware.

Aramathean Library
Xaxis is one of the largest known magical constructions in the realm.
A floating city of gold, it currently hovers over the desert sands.
Little is known about where it has traveled, but it is said that a
mage of considerable power controls Xaxis from atop his tower in the
city's heart.

Aramathean Library
Xeg-Yi: A creature of the elemental plane of air with alarming energy
properties, when brought to the material plane (i.e., here), one has
very little of itself in an incorporeal form and as a consequence is
almost impossible to kill with conventional weaponry.  They feed on

Aramathean Library
Xorn: Native to the elemental plane of Earth, a wide-bodied tri-
laterally symmetrical being designed for burrowing.  Normally not
aggressive.  Their pebbly hide was formerly valued by elvish mages
and Naturalists during the time of Murus Faralain as a component in
the manufacture of a 'stone melting cream', however the knowledge
of its manufacture has been lost since that city was over-run by
orcs over 600 years ago.

Aramathean Library
  You turn to page 1 and read...

  136th day in the Year of the Endless Burning.

  - We have finally escaped the city and started on our journey.
  Kyl was able to save this paper and I've saved the quills and
  ink from Master Pilrosh's keep, so I will be able to record
  our journey here-in. We were lucky to make it through the
  city gates and across the river before the Hoards over-ran
  the Beggar's quarter and took the gate. Even now, two days
  and three nights later, I can still see the red of the city,
  as flames flicker against a black, smoke filled sky.

  Eriyrin has told us of the riches that we will find when we
  uncover the tomb. How far we can trust her, I do not know,
  but she is the one who found the map before the ancient
  library at Uliris was put to the flame.

  Wyk, on the other hand, I know I can not trust. Even now
  I can see his gleaming, beady eyes staring at me from
  across the fire. Kyl says that we must take him along,
  or the Hoard's vanguard will take him when they come to
  claim this land. Wyk was able to get us out of the city
  gate at the last minute, but the way that he butchered
  the guardsmen showed that he is no novice to death,
  no matter what his foul mouth speaks. He also stinks.
  If he doesn't bathe in the next river we cross, I
  shall help him in the matter as we cross a bridge.

  You turn to page 2 and read...

  150th day in the Year of the Endless Burning.

  - This wilderness seems endless. We have been walking
  for many days, and we ran out of provisions almost
  four days ago. Eriyrin says that it isn't much farther,
  we just need to search in this area and we are sure
  to find it. If she wasn't so proficient at hunting,
  I'm positive that one of us would have stopped believing
  her long ago and done away with this forsaken plan.

  There is nothing that I will be able to do now that
  will get Myra back, even assuming that she may still
  be alive. I've been reduced to a tomb-raider. The best
  that I can hope for is that we will uncover enough
  gold to buy a good ship and set sail from this ravaged

  We can't stay out here eating rabbit and rainwater
  forever. Kyl should be back from scouting soon.
  Hopefully he'll have found this temple that Eriyrin
  continues to speak of.

  Wyk has become oddly silent. For five days he would
  not stop speaking of everything we came across. He
  would mention how one might put the feather fern
  to use preserving meat, or how obsidian grass could
  be put to use to keep one's eye's looking youthful
  even through sickness. His sudden silence worries me.

  You turn to page 3 and read...

  151st day in the Year of the Endless Burning.

  - We walked all last night after Kyl returned and
  told us of what he'd found. As the sun was just
  beginning to shine through the trees, we came upon
  the temple that Eriyrin had promised we would find.

  The temple is not quite what I had imagined from
  the descriptions that Eriyrin had related from her
  copied text. The structure sits in the middle of
  the forest, surrounded by trees and vines. The
  wilderness has grown right up to the edge of the
  temple, while its walls have begun to crumble.
  Its roof looks like a large paving stone
  that has sunk into a hole on one side. One entire
  corner of the structure seems to have collapsed
  into the ground, while the rest of the outer walls
  look close to following.

  It is strange though that the forest is so dense
  around the temple, but nothing appears to be
  growing on the ruined structure itself. It is
  as if the forest shuns the temple. This is the
  opposite of what Wyk appears to feel. The moment
  that we came within sight of the temple, he
  ran ahead to sit under the stone ceiling of the
  front entrance and hasn't moved from there since.

  You turn to page 4 and read...

  152nd day in the Year of the Endless Burning.

  - Today Kyl and I pulled branches down from the
  nearest trees and Eriyrin sacrificed a thick
  woolen skirt from her pack as we made torches.
  Wyk continues to venture into the darkness of
  the temple, even after we repeatedly have told
  him that the torches will not all be ready
  until tomorrow.

  Eriyrin has been training Kyl and me to look for
  a specific kind of rune, once we are within the
  temple. Neither Kyl nor I have ever been good
  at reading any languages other than our own,
  so it is quite difficult for us to grasp what
  Eriyrin is trying to teach us.

  For the last few nights I've noticed that Kyl
  and Eriyrin have been together more than before.
  I questioned Kyl this morning while we were
  in the forest, but he was evasive. She is an
  attractive woman, but I do not begrudge Kyl
  if she has befriended him first. Working today
  over the ancient writing confirmed what I
  had thought. I am quite sure that Eriyrin's
  hand was on Kyl's thigh more than once.

  You turn to page 5 and read...

  153rd day in the Year of the Endless Burning.

  - Today has gone quite well. We entered the
  temple at first light with our new torches
  and quickly came to find that what we had
  been able to see from the forest was only
  a small fragment of the entire temple.

  Once we ventured through the first crumbling
  room, we moved down a cracked flight of stairs
  and into what appeared to be a large prayer
  chamber. It is covered with floor to ceiling
  pictures carved into the stone of the walls.
  The ceiling also appears to have multiple
  carvings, but it is too high up to make out
  in the dim light of the torches.

  I found Wyk over in one corner, scraping at
  the seam between the floor and the wall.
  I asked what he was doing, but he said that
  he had just become lost in the darkness and
  that he was glad that we had finally come.

  You turn to page 6 and read...
  154th day in the Year of the Endless Burning.

  - We've found the ancient rune stone. Kyl was
  searching a room off of the main tunnel
  when he came upon what he thought were the
  markings. Eriyrin confirmed his guess. She
  told the rest of us to stand on the other
  side of the broken down stone room while she
  removed a large book from her pack.

  We looked on as she read some bizarre language
  from the book. The stone pictures on the wall
  suddenly began to glow a deep green and then
  a small hole opened up in the wall, and there
  lay a small smooth round stone with some more
  of the strange runes carved into it.

  We all felt it in our hands, and moved it
  around, feeling the warmth that came from the
  stone. All of us except for Wyk. He has
  barely said anything these last few days, and
  what he has said has made no sense. When he
  speaks it's as if he's talking to someone who
  is not there.

  You turn to page 7 and read...

  155th day in the Year of the Endless Burning.

  - Today I found a room that we hadn't come
  across before. My torch was going out as
  I was coming back through the lowest tunnel,
  when I stumbled into the wall and it crumbled
  around me, revealing a new room.

  This new temple room is unlike any that we've
  come across before. My faith in the treasures
  that Eriyrin promised us has been fading as
  we've moved crumbled block after block. But,
  Kyl has been ever more positive about our
  prospects. This could be because he still
  believes that we'll come upon treasure, or
  it could be because both he and Eriyrin
  slept under the same sleeping skins last night.
  Whichever it may be, I've been heartened by
  what we've come across.

  This new room appears to have all of its stone
  carvings inlaid with gold. There is a fine
  jade statue at the end of the long room, that
  has many of the same runes as the ancient rune
  stone carved into its base. Eriyrin says that
  the new carvings say that we must place the
  rune stone in the outstretched hand of the
  statue. We will have to build something to
  stand on, so we will have to wait until

  You turn to page 8 and read...

  156th day in the Year of the Endless Burning

  - I should have known something was wrong.

  We were building the scaffolding to allow
  us to climb up to the statue, when Eriyrin
  told Wyk what we had found as he emerged
  dusty and dirty from the darkness of the

  Upon hearing the news, Wyk immediately
  made Eriyrin show him the room, while Kyl
  and I finished the scaffolding. When we
  entered the room, we found Wyk sitting
  cross-legged under the statue, while
  Eriyrin was trying to question him.

  Kyl asked Eriyrin what the problem was,
  but she seemed very displeased with
  Wyk, which didn't help out Wyk's relationship
  with Kyl. During this, I put the
  scaffolding together and then we were ready.

  Ignoring Wyk's actions for the moment,
  Eriyrin focused on the task at hand and climbed
  the scaffold, setting the ancient rune stone in
  the palm of the statue's hand. She descended,
  and told us that the ancient book describes
  a ritual that would open up the way to unfound
  riches and glory.

  Following Eriyrin's directions, Kyl and I
  chanted along with her, as well as traced the
  symbols that the book describes. As we continued
  to chant, Wyk suddenly took up chanting the
  same strange phrases that we were uttering.

  I looked at Wyk, and saw that his eyes were shining
  with a brilliant glare of green light. That is when I
  truly became frightened. I stopped chanting
  and tried to stop Kyl and Eriyrin, but it was
  too late. By now, Wyk was screaming the phrases
  and the statue had begun to glow. With a crack
  of thunder so loud that it shook the stone blocks
  from the walls, a brilliant green light overcame
  everything and then we were suddenly no longer
  within the temple room, but in this strange
  forsaken land.

  I sit here now, wondering if we shall survive.
  The sand is endless, and there is no vegetation
  in sight. The sky is a blank, yellow-green light.
  No clouds, no sun, no change. It has been that
  way since we mysteriously arrived, and has not
  changed at all. How can there be no sun? How
  can the light not change during a day? Where are

  You turn to page 9 and read...

  157th or 158th day in the Year of the Endless Burning

  - What has happened to us? I had tried to warn Kyl
  long ago that we should never meddle in magic, but
  he thought that Eriyrin would be able to bring us
  the wealth that we needed to pay back the Clan of the
  Burned Ones. I doubt we shall ever see the face of
  an unburnt assassin ever again.

  Kyl had two rabbits strapped to his belt when we were
  brought here, so we have been able to eat something.
  We can at least continue. The sky has not changed,
  even though we have grown hungry and tired many times
  now. Time must have passed, but I am losing track of
  the days. Is it night? Should we sleep, or keep on
  walking? The desert is endless. We have seen nothing
  but sand. Not even a medium sized stone, only the
  same unending yellowish sand.

  Eriyrin continues to study her book when we are not
  walking. She continues to believe that we will find
  something. Kyl and I continue to scout out ahead and
  double back before losing sight of the group.

  Wyk has become stranger. He now talks only of some god
  of his. The Nesh, or Neich, or Nex something. He babbles
  so quickly. The Unliving god he calls it sometimes.
  He says that we are trapped here because we violated
  its temple. I stopped believing in all powerful gods
  long ago, but he may think that some wizard is his god.
  This place drips with the feel of sorcery. If we continue
  on, we may find the wizard who did this to us, if such
  a being exists.

  You turn to page 10 and read...

  Date unknown.

  - Wyk stole and destroyed the last rabbit before we were
  able to eat it. We were tired, and although the sky
  hadn't changed from its bright yellow-green color since
  our arrival, we stopped to sleep. Eriyrin was on watch
  and says that she was watching Wyk, but she has been
  so absorbed in finding a way out of here in her book,
  that she must have missed his treachery.

  Wyk says that he took the rabbit because his god told him
  to do so. Kyl thinks that the slimy little man ate it,
  and I would agree with Kyl. We have seen nothing in
  the way of animals or vegetation for however long we've
  been here. What will we eat now?

  As I look out over the sands, I see nothing. Nothing
  at all but desolation and despair.

  Wait. What is that black speck that's moving?

  You turn to page 11 and read...

  Date unknown.

  - I must write quickly. We do not stop for long. Why
  we even stop, I do not know. What might have been
  yesterday, or even three days ago, I saw a shape
  moving out in the sands. We immediately ran towards
  it. As we got closer, we came up over a small ridge
  in the sands and saw what appeared to be some kind
  of caravan. There was a lead group with a line of
  people behind it, all walking at a slow pace.

  We ran towards it, hoping that they may have food
  or water. We have been so hungry and thirsty. As
  we came up to the end of the caravan line we found
  the awful truth. This place is a land of Death.

  The dead walk these shifting sands. The caravan is
  made up of the walking dead. The zombies stretch out
  for a very long ways. They seem to take no notice of
  us. They barely make a sound, other than the shuffling
  of their feet, and the occasional moan.

  Kyl has scouted to the front of the line and found
  that one of these forsaken beings looks different.
  It is a large woman, who speaks to the undead around
  her. She has the same coloration as them, and we think
  that she is also one of the unliving.

  With no other choices, we have fallen in line with these
  beings. I hope that wherever they are going, it
  will be better than this unchanging desert. I pray.

  You turn to page 12 and read...

  Date unknown

  - We have stopped. After what must have been days,
  we have finally stopped. I am so thirsty. I do not
  know what to do. Are these beings that we walk with
  travelers like ourselves? Did they too become lost
  here? Is this what we will become?

  We march on and on. I still do not know why we stop.
  The undead seem not to mind either way. They continue
  on, shuffling along, every once in a while a finger
  or a piece of flesh will fall off into the sand. Other
  than that, they walk on, unceasingly.

  I look at the undead flesh and wonder how it would
  taste. I am so hungry. Would it hurt me? I seem to
  remember Eriyrin saying something about not touching
  the flesh, but how would one bite hurt? It would
  be food. Eriyrin looks very bad. She is so gaunt,
  and her skin is a deep yellow color now. Kyl's face
  is starting to hollow. Do I look like them? How
  long can we last? What has happened to Wyk?

  You turn to page 13 and read...


  - We have stopped again. What is this place? We
  have come to 'something' that is hanging in the
  air. It appears to be a building that hangs in
  the air with nothing around it. Does a wizard
  live there? Why would I think that? What would
  a wizard do in a desolate place like this?

  You turn to page 14 and read...

  - I'm so weak, but Kyl says that he has found
  something. Wyk has been traveling with the woman
  at the front of the caravan, and now he's come
  back to us. Kyl has brought him.

  Wyk does not look hungry or tired or thirsty.
  How can that be? He says that the woman is a
  queen. A queen of what? Why is she here? He
  doesn't answer.

  Wyk says that she has something that he wants,
  and that together, we can all take it from her.
  What would an unliving Queen have in this
  strange place?

  You turn to page 15 and read...

  - We are alive!

  For the first time in however many days it has
  been, I feel that we may actually survive.

  Together, Eriyrin, Kyl, and I killed the
  Zombie Queen. She burned and howled, but we
  have won! Kyl was able to use his dagger,
  and I was able to glean a weapon from one of
  the many zombies in our camp. Eriyrin used a
  fire spell and we won! Eriyrin was badly hurt,
  as well as I. We were bleeding, but because
  of our weakened state, I feared that we would
  perish quickly.

  As the Queen lay dying, Kyl took an item off of
  her. Wyk flew into a rage and demanded it, but
  Kyl had seen how Wyk had stayed within the zombie
  ranks during the battle. Kyl ignored Wyk, and
  put on the piece of armour.

  When he put it on, his eyes flashed a brilliant
  green, and all of his fatigue appeared to melt
  away. He came to us and said that the Unliving
  God that Wyk had spoken of was real, and that
  it could be accessed through the armour that
  he was wearing. He said that the god spoke to him.

  Kyl put his hands upon both Eriyrin and I and
  uttered the word 'huic', and 'medicor'. We were
  both healed! My wounds were gone and I no longer
  suffered from the ravages of this land.

  Kyl then uttered words that were unknown to me, and we
  were suddenly within a massive structure. I sit
  now in the structure. I am near a window and
  can look out. It appears that we are in the
  structure that was over our heads. I look out
  and see the yellow-green sky that I have known
  for far too long. The ceaseless sands of this
  plane of waste and despair stretch out before

  What is it that this god is speaking to Kyl?
  Kyl has gone off to search this place with
  Wyk. Eriyrin and I have stayed.

  You turn to page 16 and read...

  - We have defeated yet another of these Unliving
  creatures. It came into the structure. I do not
  know how it arrived. Kyl was the first to sense
  it. His powers granted by his armour are amazing.
  During the battle he chants strange phrases.
  'Vereor', 'Notitia', 'Agnosco' and 'Orare'. What
  do these words mean? Why does he utter them?
  He has gained another piece of this powerful

  You turn to page 17 and read...

  - Kyl grows more powerful. He now leaves us here,
  in what he calls the Temple to his Unliving God.
  He heals us. He says that through 'dispono' he
  will be able to maintain his 'erus'. I ask him
  what this means. He says that if he does not use
  the power of this 'Veneratus Nex' at least once       JES: It seems for a
  every seven days, he will lose all of the power       significant sacrifice
  that he has gained.                                   of knowledge of the
                                                        Nex, you can 'conservo'
   <It seems someone scrawled something in the sidebar  and not lose all the
    on this page, it is in a different handwriting.>    power so quickly...

  Kyl is becoming more distant. I watched as Eriyrin
  tried to talk with him, but he would not listen
  to her. He says that we must stay here. Wyk is
  here as well. Kyl and Wyk often go off and talk
  together. What do they talk about?

  You turn to page 18 and read...

  - The Zombie Lords now come and Kyl dispatches them
  alone. His power is immense. While watching the
  battle, I have seen his armour grant him amazing
  power. His body moves faster than his enemy,
  he heals quickly, and is able to injure his enemy
  with spells unlike any that I've seen a wizard cast.

  Kyl says that the Zombie Lords will not stop
  coming. They come to this place to worship 'our'
  god. I can only think that he means the Unliving
  god that he speaks of now so often. This god
  somehow has bestowed the Veneratus Nex to these
  lords, and they gain their power through it.
  As Kyl defeats each, his power increases, but
  so do his needs. He no longer waits for the
  zombies to come to him, but rather, he seeks
  them out, needing their power to feed the
  growing hunger of the Veneratus Nex.

  You turn to page 19 and read...

  - It is becoming hard to remember when I ate last.
  Kyl appears to be able to come and go from this
  temple as he pleases, but he does not bring
  us food. When we become weak, he heals us and
  we survive. If we do not eat, what are we? Is
  this how the zombies are created in this
  forsaken place? Eriyrin thinks that we must
  reason with Kyl to let us leave here. We
  will talk with him when he returns next.

  You turn to page 20 and read...

  - I fear for our safety. We confronted Kyl
  when he last came to heal us. Eriyrin tried
  to reason with him. Wyk stood next to Kyl
  and said nothing as Kyl flew into a rage.
  He keeps us alive he says. Why would we want
  to leave the graces of his Unliving god?
  This is all that we should ever want.

  The rage was consuming him. I could see the
  hunger in Kyl's eyes. What is the cursed
  armour doing to him?

  I saw Wyk smiling when he saw the state
  that Kyl was in. He walked up next to Kyl
  to stand beside him, but Kyl's fury was
  unbound. He flung Wyk against a pillar
  and shouted at the frail man that he no longer
  needed Wyk's assistance. The Unliving god
  had forsaken him. The Zombie Lords had
  ceased coming. No more were to die by
  Kyl's hand. He had been warned that he
  must give the ultimate sacrifice. At
  that Wyk became very frightened. Kyl
  winked out of sight and was gone. I must
  find out what Wyk knows of this.

  You turn to page 21 and read...

  - The worst has happened, and now I must
  ally myself with Wyk. He has said that
  Kyl now thinks himself closer to a god
  than a man. His power has grown strong with
  the help of the Unliving god, but if the
  Zombie Lords have been commanded to stop
  coming to this accursed place, then to
  maintain his power, Kyl will need to use
  the power garnered from some other lifesource.
  Wyk says that he knows Kyl has been keeping
  us alive for so long so-as to kill us and
  use our corpses to feed the appetite of
  the Veneratus Nex.

  Eriyrin says that this can't be true, but
  we have all seen the state that Kyl has
  been relegated to. We must prepare as best
  as we can. Nothing that we have can stand
  up to Kyl's power, but we must try.

  Wyk says that he knows a way out, but the
  incantation will take some time and he
  needs the ancient rune stone.

  You turn to page 22 and read...

  - Kyl comes. We heard him enter the temple
  a few moments ago. I await with the dagger,
  while Eriyrin readies her spells. Wyk has
  hidden himself off in a corner, trying to
  open whatever portal he believes he can

  I can feel Kyl's power surge through the
  stone of this place. It resonates with the
  strength of his magic. If he truly means
  to kill us, will we succumb to the horrible
  fate of the unliving? Will he bring us back
  to a cursed undead life, to roam this bleak
  empty land for eternity?

  I pray that Wyk is able to open the portal
  soon. Kyl's footsteps grow louder. The time
  has come to face this self-made god. I pray
  that I survive.


  You turn to page 23 and read...

An old worn journal - This is an old worn-out journal. The cover is faded and scratched. The paper within appears to be made out of a fine rag-linen paper. Maybe it could be opened.
It doesn't look too heavy.

You carefully study An old worn journal.
This item is inexpensive.

You carefully study An old worn journal.
This item has no legend.

This journal was purchased from Wyk - the hobbled old necromancer, in the Temple of the Zombie God area within Wayhaven. Visit our Fantasy page for directions and more information on Temple of the Zombie God.

Last updated 14 July 2021.

An old worn journal
The studies of one of the students here has been brought to my attention today. It seems that he is dabbling quite a bit in making contact with greater demons. Perhaps his over excitement in this area will die out with time, or perhaps not. Either way I shall keep my eye on him.

Rathanon's interest in the powers of the greater demons grows greater almost daily. I fear that he shall reach the point where he can no longer resist the tempations of their power. If this continues I can only see his downfall and perhaps the downfall of this entire community. If this were to happen I would be devastated. My life's work destroyed by this one simple minded fool. I am determined not to let this happen.

Rathanon is quite strong in the ways of controlling the lesser demons. While he has mastered this, he is still far from understanding the greater demons. He does not realize their destructive and powerful nature. He is overly eager and ambitious. I must soon act or watch my plans crumble about me.

Today I warned Rathanon to avoid the greater demons and abide by the laws I have set down concerning their summoning. I don't believe he received the message. He is young, arrogant and does not believe what I say. If he still persists I will be forced to remove him...permanently.

Rathanon continues to persist in his ways. He will have to be removed before he ruins everything. I shall take care of this matter tommorrow at sunrise before the others are awake.

Blast it! Rathanon has left during the night before I could properly dispose of him. He has also taken the Serpent Dagger! That was the key he was missing to summon the greatest of the greater demons. I have sent some minor imps to find him and report back.

The imps have found Rathanon living alone in a small lair in the icelands. He seems to be continuing with his experiments. I have sent the imps back to retrieve the Serpent Dagger from his possession. If all goes well I will have it within my possession tomorrow morning.

The imps were successful in retrieving the Serpent Dagger. I may now continue with my plans for the community. Hopefully Rathanon has been neutralized till a more appropriate time.

You've come to the end of the journal and so you close it.

This information was located inside the Private Study of Ywerthin the Master of Demons, which is within the area of Demon Summoners (far southeast room of the cavern after you <search back wall>). Visit our Fantasy page for directions and more information about the area itself.

Last updated 10 August 2021.

Private Study
  After the Mage Wars, it is rumored that a surviving mage, Zelligar, who
betrayed his two brothers, went into hiding for fear of his life.

  His two younger brothers, who were identical twins, forgave him for his
actions.  But Zelligar, having been driven insane from his defeat in the
Wars, no longer trusts anyone, including his own family members.

  It is said that he now lives in a once beautiful castle, that has fallen
into dilapidation, and has surrounded himself with guards to protect him
from the enemies who no longer exist.

Aramathean Library
The hidden fortess Zith-El is the stronghold of Kumahl, dread
Nethermancer, and icon of power during the Mage Wars.  It is told he
personally led legions of undead to victory, before he mysteriously
vanished, his undead armies falling inert as their magic failed.
It is unknown whether he survives this day; his fortress has remained
hidden, though many have sought its location.

Aramathean Library
You search the library catalogue for any entries concerning Zosimus the
Alchemist.  His name is mentioned in some old journals from many years
ago, it seems that he was a figure of considerable power and some renown,
but then there is no mention of him at all for about 25 years.
There is one single document that is a recent addition to the library's
great store of knowledge.  It is a brief paper written by the old
Alchemist himself.

You take the scroll to a nearby desk and sit down to read it.  The
paper is a brief overview of a process Zosimus is working on that will
alter the physical properties of a piece of armour without destroying
any magics contained within it.  When the paper was written Zosimus
was awaiting the completion of a piece of magical apparatus by Sveed, the
celebrated artificer, but perhaps it is now ready as the paper is dated
some weeks ago.  The paper concludes with a brief caveat from the old
alchemist stating that whilst he is confident his procedure will work,
some magics are delicate and yet others are very unpredictable, so
some unexpected results are likely.

You return the scroll to a nearby librarian and consider what you have

Aramathean Library