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Help and 3k Terminology is Here

This page does not yet hold all help files available on the mud. For now, it only holds the help files that are referenced within this site.

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To display a list of the help commands in any of these categories, use the help command with the '-l <category>' argument. The <category> is displayed in parentheses in the list above. You may also use the 'help all' command to display a list of all available help files.

Please read 'help help' for more information on using the 3K help systems

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Short for Three Kingdoms.


These mobs will attack you as soon as you enter their room or they enter your room.

Sometimes their aggressiveness is based on the players Charisma and if you have high Charisma they will not attack you. This is very annoying if you are tanking for a party where the other players have less then you as the mob will hit them instead of you.


As you play 3 Kingdoms, you will notice that the phrase in parenthesis at the end of your title will continually change. This is a known as your alignment. The alignment is controlled by your actions. Killing many evil monsters and performing righteous deeds will earn you a very noble reputation. The same can be said in the reverse. The order of alignments is listed below from good to evil. It should be noted that not all of the alignments are listed below. The extremes on both ends of the spectrum can only be known by achieving them yourself or being present when another player has. Until then, they are a mystery to be solved. Good luck.

Colored scale of alignments in order of alignment - heavenly, angelic, saintly, very good, good, pure, righteous, moral, nice, neutral, mean, immoral, malicious, corrupt, sinister, evil, demonic, satanic, cthulhic.
Alignment may be important for some guilds, and for the use of some objects in the game. For example, one would not expect an evil character to be able to wield a "Harp of the Angels".


A mob who assists will attack any player who starts a fight with another mob in that room. For example guards are often mobs who assist, and will attack if you try to kill the mob they're guarding.

Block exits

The mob will will block exits to stop you from going in one or more directions.

This ability works while the mob is in the room and you will need to kill it before you can proceed.

Block applies whether you are fighting or not.


One of the benefits of a Necromancer's close relationship with Death is the ability to enter into a contract to spare the suffering of another soul. A necromancer standing in the room where a comrade fell may call their soul back from the dead, allowing them to avoid ALL the usual penalties death entails.

Obviously Death does not normally allow anyone to escape his grasp completely unscathed, so the cost is higher than that incurred when petitioning for a priest's resurrection, but he has recently decided to dramatically reduce his charges.

The cost of the bloodnote increases as the level of the slain increases. The coins required raises gradually each level to 12000 coins at level 24. Beyond that, the costs reflect 3000 coins per level not to exceed 300000.


A boon is any type of boost provided to a players character by a wizard and/or Ogotaz. (Directions to Ogotaz from Center of Town: <n, 2w, s, 4w, n, e>

Boon - 'Choose Boon'

This boon gives each player a pool of points to raise their stats with. The size of this pool, and how many points can be allocated to any individual stat, is dependent on the level of the wizard that grants it. A player can <choose [stat abbreviation here]> to pick which stats to boost until the pool is used up.

This is the message when the boon is granted:
<wizard> pulls a magical staff from an unseen rift and drives it into the ground in the center of Pinnacle. Waves of power shudder through all the players of the realms. You feel the waves of this blessing pour through you.

You can now 'choose' which stats to apply the blessing to.

You have 54 seconds remaining to choose your stats.
Type 'choose' for details.

Boon - 'Coin Piles Boon'

The granting wizard creates a variable number of coin piles in various rooms around the mud. (Chosen via randomizer or handpicked by the wizard?) Each pile is thought to be 100K from limited testing. The number of piles is (probably) based upon the level of the wizard.

This is the message when the boon is granted:
<wizard> reaches WAY DEEP into his pockets and pulls out a HUGE STINKIN' MOUNTAIN of coins! He divides the mountain into <variable number> smaller piles and drops them in strategic places around the realms.

This is the message when someone locates a coin pile:
<player> has found one of <wizard>'s gargantuan piles of cash.

Boon - 'Coins Boon'

A wizard throws some coins in the air. All online players will then reach out and grab a (usually pretty small) share of these coins.

This is the message when the boon is granted:
<wizard> reaches into his treasure chest and throws a small handful of coins out over the realms.

You leap into the air and snatch <# of coins obtained> coins for yourself!

Boon - 'Dagger Boon'

The casting wizard throws daggers out across the realms, and if you manage to catch one you end up with a wizard dagger that you can use to stab a mob for a single large hit.

<wizard> digs through a great big box of weaponry and starts launching little daggers throughout the realms. You manage to grab one as it sails past without getting stabbed.

This small little dagger is remarkably sharp. However, considering just how short the blade is, you don't think it would make a particularly effective combat weapon. It does seem as though you could 'stab' someone with it and maybe do a little bit of damage though.
This weapon is in excellent condition.
It looks light.

Boon - 'Divine Blessing Boon'

This boon will boost random stats a random amount. The amount each stat is raised is based on the level of the granting wizard.

This is the message when the boon is granted:
<wizard> reaches out his mighty hand over the realms. His steely gaze turns toward you, paralyzing you where you stand. A bolt of pure energy shoots from <wizard>'s eyes, causing you to stumble slightly, but leaving you with a heightened sense of well-being.

Boon - 'Hephaestus Hammer Boon'

This boon will increase the Durability of your wielded weapon by a lot, making it basically unbreakable.

This is the message when the boon is granted:
<wizard> takes up Hephaestus' hammer and brings it down upon the anvil of time. Terror takes hold as silence surrounds you and time stands still. Blinding blue sheets of energy fly from the point of impact as time lurches forward once again. You stumble slightly as the shock of the sound wave reaches you.

A brilliant blue light engulfs your weapon. It pulses with renewed power in your grasp.

Boon - 'No Death Boon'

A boon that while in effect will not let you die should your HP drop below 0.

This is the message when the boon is granted:
 Not gathered yet.

When the boon expires this message is displayed:
 Not gathered yet.

Boon - 'Protection Boon'

This boon will give all players online protection from damage, the damage will be redirected to the granting wizard. In combat you will see emotes when this happens.

The damage able to be absorbed by the granting wizard comes from a pool, the size of the pool is based on the wizard's level.

The wizard is also able to see which players used how much out of the pool.

This is the message when the boon is granted:
A swirling vortex in the heavens catches your attention. Looking intently, you see the god-like form of <wizard> going through the motions of an ancient ritual. As you watch, <wizard> raises his hand toward the high heavens of the elder gods, his index finger extended. What first appears to be a spark at the tip of his finger flares brighter and brighter, growing to the intensity of a star. The brilliant orb begins pulsing, seemingly in time with your own heart beat. <wizard> looks at you and you sense an aura of protection about your being.

When the boon expires this message is displayed:
<wizard>'s form begins to glow as the monumental energy absorbed on the behalf of the mortal denizens of the realms surpasses even his mighty stamina. His glowing form flares and then vanishes with a mighty sigh, his protection no longer sustaining you in combat.

Boon - 'Strade Boon'

This boon boosts one random stat by around 10 for each player online. Each player then has the option to strade once with another player to swap the stat being boosted.

This is the message when the boon is granted:
 Not gathered yet.


Acronym for Center of Town (this is the center of the city of Pinnacle).


Mining generates raw materials. Predominantly, these are ores. Occasionally, you get special mining drops: dusts, shards, and jewels (collectively referred to as goodies). Also, Miners can turn ores into bars (by smelting).

Enchanting uses fragments and goodies to generate uncharged gems. Enchanters can take an ore and have a chance to turn it into a goodie (trying this dests the ore in any case).

Wrangling uses uncharged gems and chaos essences from the mobs wranglers kill to generate charged gems.

Smithing uses bars, goodies, fragments, and charged gems to produce weapons and armor.

Farming generates foodstuffs for use in cooking.

Cooking uses foodstuffs from farming and produces consumable food and drink.


Due to their close relationship with Death, Reapers over a certain level may enchant a single gold coin on another player's behalf with the power of the Deathwatch. Whomever has been provided with such a coin may then use it during direst need to pay reaper, calling upon Death himself to save them from combat and carry them to the safe haven of Pinnacle.

Only players with less than 50% hp may call upon Death's favour in this manner, and then only once per boot. There are also some areas within the mud that even Death's long reach may not save you from, examining the coin can tell you more.


Mobs with this ability will pick up items and/or coins from the ground and add them to their personal inventory (usually as if they had used a "get all" command). Some mobs seem to grab things quicker than others. Note that "items" can include the corpses of other mobs/players (sometimes quite annoying)

Hard wimpy

This mob makes it difficult for you to leave the room while in combat with it. It may take several tries to leave the room.

Hits around

This mob will switch attacks from hitting one player to another player and not just hit one player. These mobs are usually bad for parties that have one person tanking as all people in the party need to be able to tank the hits.


The mob will follow you if you leave the room while fighting it. Most of the time these mobs will only hunt to the exit of their area, however this it not always the case.

No corpse

This mob, when killed, will not leave a corpse behind.

No peace

This mob, when killed, will not leave a corpse behind.

No port / No teleport

This is more of a room ability, in that the room itself will not allow people to teleport into or out of the room. Often associated with specific large mobs or traps, although some entire areas are no teleport.

No wimpy

This ability is similar to the Blocks exits or Hard wimpy abilities, except the mob will stop you leaving at all until it is dead. Usually this ability only becomes active after you attack the mob, not in all cases however.


This mud "resets" around once every week. Which means that all of the items you obtained while being online, will disappear upon reboot. All items are returned to the original mobs, all areas reset, all 'once per boot' quests are reset, etc. You do, however, keep all experience and coins gained.

Room damage

This mob ability is when a mob is able to damage to the room itself. This damage will affect everyone that is in that room.


This mob will generate one or more mobs when it dies. Usually these mobs are smaller than the original, and often aggressive, they attack you straight away.


Acronym for Surreal Spirits.


Short for Stat trade, which relates to the Strade Boon.


The Gentech superpower, sometimes requested by other players. This ability allows the Gentech to reset a room at will. Not all Gens have this power (even those who meet the guild level requirement). Those who do, have varrying numbers of slides per reset.

Guild Level: 15 - 1 Slide per reset
Guild Level: 30 - 2 Slides per reset

As can be expected, some Gentech are more willing to sell/give out slides than others. There are a couple ways in which this can be accomplished. The requesting player can guide/drag the Gen to the room they want to reset or they can request a Timeslide Link Bracer which, when worn, allows the Gen to slide that player's room while the Gen is safely back at his/her guild (or within a Dropship). Note that in any case, using this power drops the Gen to 1HP and 0SP, use of the Link Bracer will also hit the other player for "some" HP/SP damage. Messing with time simply hurts, no gettin around it.

Because of the 1HP/0SP feature, to timeslide a powerful Aggressive mob is known as John Wayning the mob and can be... quite fun.

Adventurers Guild

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