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1. Rules
2. Starting
3. What are Intrinsics


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Changeling Help rules

In order to make the Changeling experience the best it can possibly be, there are several rules which must be adhered to at all times while you are a member of the guild. In addition to the rules listed here, you are expected to uphold the general rules of the mud. Type "help rules" to familiarize yourself with them.

If any of the rules listed here change, you will be notified by a new entry in "info new". It is your responsibility to remain up to date.

If you have any questions about these rules, please ask an active Guild Wizard or Guild Ancient: info admins


While public discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of forms is allowed (dispositions), the sharing of any of their special powers, abilities, quirks or damage types are prohibited. Furthermore it is not allowed to give out the total numbers or their location within the guild.

The posting of form information of any description, on any medium is not permitted.

To summarize: Anything a form does that's not shared by all other forms is covered by this rule.

** New players should be given the opportunity to explore, learn and experience the guild on their own.


The Ingest intrinsic may not be discussed and its effects may not be divulged. You may not discuss your ingested amounts, not even if you are lying about it.

Everything you need to know is here: info ingest


You may not discuss how to gain this ability or the effects of gaining it. This power is to be treated as a quest and as such all the usual rules along with it.


Your language on the guild chat lines should be clean and non-offensive at all times. Some leeway is given, but repeated uses of bad language won't be tolerated.

If your current topic of conversation happens to be offensive to an individual or group, and they request that you change the subject, then please do so, providing that the request is a reasonable one.


Some items found throughout the realms have a special means of being worn or removed. The use of these items in a form that could not normally use them is not allowed.

Player Killing

Please refrain from killing your fellow Changelings during simulated player killing events, unless you organize otherwise beforehand. This rule does not apply to opposing clans or teams.

For real player killers, it is up to you to work out what the ground rules are.


If you stumble upon a guild-related bug, then please inform a player admin or wizard guild master immediately. If none are online, then use the "gbug" command to report it, and make sure you include any relevant information.

Do not post bug-related information publicly or chat about it on the guild lines. Once reported, this does not give you the right to abuse it. See "help rules" for more information.


You are expected to be courteous to other guild members at all times on any public medium (chatlines, boards etc). If you have a personal problem with another member, then it should remain exactly that; personal and not public.

Guild Artifacts

These special items are highly useful to other Changelings. Please do not intentionally go linkdead for any extended period with an artifact in your possession that you have borrowed from the guild box; doing so may result in unpleasant consequences.

The following apply to going linkdead with an artifact that you have borrowed from the guild box:

1. Going linkdead for 1-2 hours two times a day is OK.
(We all have to eat or get to and from work and school)

2. Going linkdead for over 2 hours is NOT ok.

3. All Changeling artifacts that have been donated to the guild box should be considered guild property and treated that way.

Basically if you are in the possession of a Changeling artifact that you have borrowed from the guild and know you need to be linkdead for more then 2 hours you must return the artifact into the guild box for others to use.

Any artifacts that you find yourself outside the guild you can do what you like with, but we do encourage that you share it with your fellow guild members.


Botting is defined in 'help rules'. Read it. Know it. Live it. First offense of botting reported to me by any wizard with substantial proof will result in your removal from the guild. Period. We have enough tools for you to use to help with combat, you should not ever have a 'need' to bot. So, recap.

1st offense, guild object removed.

Last updated: January 10, 2009

Starting out in Changelings


a. Useful commands
b. Newbie
 i.   Choosing a form
 ii.  Training skills
 iii. Newbie areas

Welcome to Changelings!

Please be sure to read the main guild board (at the center of the guild) for important announcements and updates.

The following are commands that you will probably need first:

ncom Chatline specifically for asking questions.
com/chat Communicate with other online Changelings.
ecom/echat Emote on the main guild line.
morphs Lists those Changelings who are presently online.
powers Lists available miscellaneous commands.

To get help on any guild topic, use the "info" command. For example, "info rules" will display the rules file.

Important info files that will orient you to the guild include:

rules Very important guild rules.
info How to use the info (guild help) system.
pool How to navigate around the guild hall.
origins Where did changelings come from?
chaos The power that affects you.
physiology What's a changeling made of?
index A list of all helpfiles.
faq Answers to common questions.
newbie Brief guide to getting started.

To start learning how to live and fight as a changeling, read through all of the information in the "forms" section as well as "intrinsics" and "skills".

Changeling Help newbie

Choosing your First Form

It's best to get one animal form and keep working on that form until it is maxed out (info form familiarity). If you change your mind later, the only penalty is the time you spent training the one you discard. Slime may seem unappealing because it's fairly boring, but in the long run it saves your familiarity points because slime doesn't cost any to train. If you do choose an animal form, get one you're comfortable being--both thematically and ability-wise. Select an aggressive form if you like to do lots of damage and have shorter fights with smaller mobs. Go defensive if you like to battle for longer and fight slightly bigger mobs in longer fights. Neutral ("average") forms have a good compromise between tanking and damage, and are the most efficient overall.
WARNING: The biome animals can be deadly if you are very small.
Be careful!

Training Skills

Your most important goal as a new Changeling is to get 10 points in every skill so you have Relinquish, our superpower. Stick to the skills that will help you fight better early on. Train Density, Mitosis, and Resilience as much as you can and before everything else. Along the way to getting relinquish, you'll get the liquefy intrinsic, which can be a real lifesaver.

Newbie Areas

These areas are among the best for newbie Changelings. Be sure you read about them first! (info areas, info <areaname>).

mushroom, grocery store, chessboard, ice blue portal
(Originally contributed by Shaladain)

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What Are Intrinsics?


a. About
b. Chart

About Intrinsics

While choosing forms and morphing abilities are the primary capability of the changeling guild, intrinsics are the fundamental powers that a changeling wields in any form. Some of these are available immediately upon joining, and others will unlock once your skills have reached a certain point in training. These powers include being able to draw energy from a slain foe, to being able to create a clone of yourself that can assist in combat.

This table shows you at what level your skill needs to be at in order to acquire the specific intrinsic ability.

Intrinsic De Ho Mi Mo Re
Absorb 1 Density 1 Homeostasis 1 Mitosis 1 Morphogenesis 1 Resilience
Absorb2 1 Density 1 Homeostasis 1 Mitosis 1 Morphogenesis 1 Resilience
Adrenalize 1 Density 7 Homeostasis 1 Mitosis 5 Morphogenesis 1 Resilience
Augment 15 Density 18 Homeostasis 1 Mitosis 18 Morphogenesis 1 Resilience
Bfuse 1 Density 14 Homeostasis 1 Mitosis 14 Morphogenesis 1 Resilience
Bioextract 1 Density 1 Homeostasis 1 Mitosis 1 Morphogenesis 1 Resilience
Bioluminesce 1 Density 3 Homeostasis 1 Mitosis 3 Morphogenesis 1 Resilience
Clone 1 Density 1 Homeostasis 18 Mitosis 18 Morphogenesis 1 Resilience
Digest 1 Density 1 Homeostasis 1 Mitosis 1 Morphogenesis 2 Resilience
Dissipate 1 Density 15 Homeostasis 1 Mitosis 1 Morphogenesis 15 Resilience
Engulf 1 Density 1 Homeostasis 1 Mitosis 1 Morphogenesis 1 Resilience
Flow 1 Density 3 Homeostasis 1 Mitosis 1 Morphogenesis 1 Resilience
Fuse 1 Density 14 Homeostasis 1 Mitosis 14 Morphogenesis 1 Resilience
Hyperproliferate 1 Density 6 Homeostasis 7 Mitosis 1 Morphogenesis 1 Resilience
Ingest 1 Density 1 Homeostasis 1 Mitosis 1 Morphogenesis 1 Resilience
Instinct 1 Density 1 Homeostasis 1 Mitosis 1 Morphogenesis 1 Resilience
Instinct2 1 Density 15 Homeostasis 1 Mitosis 15 Morphogenesis 1 Resilience
Link 1 Density 18 Homeostasis 1 Mitosis 1 Morphogenesis 1 Resilience
Liquefy 1 Density 5 Homeostasis 1 Mitosis 6 Morphogenesis 1 Resilience
Lore 1 Density 1 Homeostasis 1 Mitosis 1 Morphogenesis 1 Resilience
Mimic 1 Density 8 Homeostasis 1 Mitosis 9 Morphogenesis 1 Resilience
Morph 1 Density 1 Homeostasis 1 Mitosis 1 Morphogenesis 1 Resilience
Perform 1 Density 1 Homeostasis 1 Mitosis 1 Morphogenesis 1 Resilience
Perseverance 1 Density 13 Homeostasis 1 Mitosis 1 Morphogenesis 13 Resilience
Relinquish 10 Density 10 Homeostasis 10 Mitosis 10 Morphogenesis 10 Resilience
Revivify 1 Density 1 Homeostasis 11 Mitosis 1 Morphogenesis 11 Resilience
Sense 1 Density 30 Homeostasis 1 Mitosis 1 Morphogenesis 1 Resilience
Thermotaxis 1 Density 29 Homeostasis 1 Mitosis 26 Morphogenesis 1 Resilience
Transmogrify 1 Density 1 Homeostasis 1 Mitosis 12 Morphogenesis 1 Resilience

Guild Info Files



The corpse of a freshly slain enemy is a rich source of cellular material, which can easily be absorbed and converted into protoplasm and stamina, serving to replenish some, or all that you may have lost.


Related: protoplasm, stamina


The corpse of a freshly slain enemy is a rich source of cellular material, which can easily be absorbed and converted into protoplasm and stamina, serving to replenish some or all that you may have lost. The process of injecting some recovered protoplasm into the remains, produces a steak.


Related: protoplasm, stamina


By generating and releasing excess adrenalin into your body, you are able to induce a heightened physical aggression in your current form.

This ability is not without its downsides though, as this offensive state is more physically draining and less defensive. Your stamina will be rapidly depleted.

adrenalize (turn adrenalize on)
adrenalize check (check current status)
adrenalize off (turn it off)

7 Homeostasis
5 Morphogenesis


At times you may find that a little boost of your stats is beneficial to overcoming tough odds. By biasing your body's natural configuration, you can expend a little effort to gain a temporary increase in speed, power or toughness.

augment <stat>
augment off

15 Density
18 Homeostasis
18 Morphogenesis


The corpse of a recently slain enemy contains many useful energies and nutrients, harvestable by a Changeling with the required skills and a little stamina to spare.

The energies are extracted from the fallen foe and stored in a special bioplasm storage capsule that grows and shrinks as the changeling bioextracts or bioconsumes the bioplasm.

Consuming the stored bioplasm will soothe and refresh its consumer, filling them with lost strength and energy.

Key commmands:
bioextract - extracts the bioplasm from a fallen foe
bioconsume - consumes some of the stored bioplasm
biorelease - release and dispose of some stored bioplasm
biocheck - checks how much bioplasm you have stored
biorecover - used if anything goes wrong or needs an update in your storage

You will be able to consume little, some, lots, or loads as you start to consume the stored bioplasm. You will need to experiment with these values to optimize your usage of the stored bioplasm.

Note: bioextract will use a corpse in your room, then inventory and will only extract the contents of the corpse if your capsule can hold it. If full, you will automatically attempt to absorb the corpse.



By chemically altering your outer layer of cells you are able to generate a dull green glow; more than enough light to see by in most situations. Maintaining the glow is relatively simple, and not at all difficult for a Changeling of any stage. In extreme situations, where you need every ounce of stamina available to you, it may be wiser to seek alternate light sources however.

bioluminesce (turn bioluminescence on)
bioluminesce check (check current status)
bioluminesce off (turn it off)



Changelings with enough knowledge of the morphogenesis skill are able to create an exact clone of themselves. These clones are commonly known as 'familiars'.

The process begins with the separation of a small amount of protoplasm, which acts as both a protective bag and a food source for the growing familiar. Upon reaching a certain level of maturity, the familiar will hatch from this bag, and begin its life as a seperate entity with all the knowledge that its 'parent' possessed at the time of separation.

The clone will for the most part remain loyal to its parent, although at times it may exert its own individuality and personality by refusing to cooperate or by exhibiting strange behaviour.

The form that your clone assumes is for the most part cosmetic, and will not alter its fighting abilities.

Your clone will follow you wherever you go when able, and also assist you in combat should you wish it. They can also carry items for you, but beware; give them too much to carry and they might just decide to drop some of it!

When customizing your clone, like you, they cannot alter the appearance of a form they know little about, regardless of what form you are currently in.

NOTE: Clones are greedy creatures. You may give them coins, but they will not return them.

Usage: clone (creates a clone)
= help (to list all clone commands)
= (shows clone status)
= <command> (to command the clone)

18 Mitosis
18 Morphogenesis


Your Changeling body contains many powerful acids, rivaling those found in the human stomach. These acids are able to break down most items, absorbing any useful substances into your blood stream much like other creatures obtain nutrients from food. You may digest one item or everything you are currently holding, however you should use this with caution.

NOTE: Due to the limitations on the size of the human mouth, this power will not work while you are in human form.

digest <item>
digest all

2 Resilience


Dissipate is the skill whereby you can defend yourself against many types of attacks that would otherwise damage you by using a variety of instinctive methods.

Edged weapons can be turned aside by rapidly hardening the region about to be struck to turn aside the blow, acidic attacks can be neutralized by turning the affected region into an alkali, fire can be countered by turning the region into a thermal insulator.

dissipate (turn dissipate on)
dissipate check (check current status)
dissipate off (turn it off)

15 Homeostasis
15 Resilience

Related: perserverance


Although, as a changeling, you do not need equipment it can be nice to have for that extra boost to overcome your foe. Over time, you find that you can use some slime to engulf equipment to allow it to mold to your form. The process of engulfing will remove any armour class benefits, but special properties of the piece will be retained.

Engulfs Available at complexities: 150, 200, 250, 300

Usage: engulf <item>


Sometimes you may find that you have to repeat a series of actions, and would find it easier to flow through them. Using this intrinsic allows you to preset a list of commands to execute each round, the first being executed immediately.

Because it is such a natural activity of your protoplasmic form, there is no drain associated with flowing. However, due to the focus required to sustain these actions, they will cease if you are idle more than five minutes.

flow (check current flow status)
flow <cmd1>/<cmd2>/... (perform the commands)
flow off (immediately cancels)
flow <cmd1>/.../-r (repeat indefinitely)

3 Homeostasis

Related: instinct


Occasionally, one may find it desirable to focus on quality over quantity within their bioplast reserves. After a changeling has mastered his or her ability to bioextract the raw protoplasm within a corpse, he or she may also attempt, through biological fusion, to combine the contents of two bioplasts into one of more potency.

NOTE: Fusion is NOT a perfect process and thus some of the protoplasm involved in the exchange may be lost during the transaction.

fuse ≪type1> and <type2>
fuse all <type>
fuse all

14 Homeostasis
14 Morphogenesis

Related: bioextract, bioplast


By concentrating intently on your internal processes, the rate at which you regenerate and revitalize your body can be greatly accelerated, providing that you are not already too mentally drained.

As you become more skilled, the amount which you can heal will also increase.

hyperproliferate (turn it on)
hyperproliferate check (check current status)
hyperproliferate off (turn it off)

6 Homeostasis
7 Mitosis


Gold coins possess unique properties, which when absorbed into your system will aid in the mastery of the energies around you.

Once ingested, the gold coins are fully and permanently absorbed by your system and cannot be extracted.

To ingest a specific amount, the coins must be in your inventory.

ingest <amount> (to ingest from inventory)
ingest all (gets coins from ground also)

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When in danger, your instincts are what might save you. By setting this command to perform a life-saving action when low on HP, you can avoid untimely deaths and mishaps.

Example: instinct 120 morph

instinct (view your current command)
instinct <hp> <cmd> (performs <cmd> when HP fall below <hp>)
instinct off (clears your command)

Related: instinct2 perform flow


When you are running low on your natural resources you can use your instincts to make you react to the danger.

Example: instinct2 consume bioplast at 50 pp

instinct2 <action> at <num> <which> (PP or ST)

15 Homeostasis
15 Morphogenesis

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A trick known by all experienced Changelings is to suddenly release your current form and "liquefy" back into your natural form, which resembles a puddle of slime. The less observant opponents may mistake you for dead, and cease their attack.

To use this ability you require a small amount of stamina, so make sure you do not become severely fatigued before attempting it!

Be warned, for once fooled, it is unlikely a monster will be tricked again.

5 Homeostasis
6 Morphogenesis


By reaching out a probing pseudopod towards your enemy, you are able to determine some of their basic characteristics. Evaluating the potential threat of a monster before you attack it may aid you in increasing your life expectancy.


This ability allows you to mimic anything that you come into contact with, assuming their size and shape perfectly. Unlike morphing, mimicking does not grant you any abilities of the things you mimic, as you are only assuming their outward shape, and know nothing of their internal structure and traits.

Use common sense when deciding what you should and should not mimic. Mimicking things such as shopkeepers, quest items/monsters for the sole purpose of confusing or causing disadvantage to other players will be dealt with harshly.

This does not mean that you can't mimic these things, feel free to do so if your intent is harmless. Just be prepared to accept the consequences should a player have a legitimate complaint against it.

mimic <target>
mimic (shows mimic status)
mimic off (to stop mimicking)

8 Homeostasis
9 Morphogenesis

Related: morph


The ability to morph is what gives a Changeling their name; without this ability, they would be nothing but a shapeless mass of slime.

Morphing into different forms will grant you access to the various strengths and weaknesses of each form, and perhaps even abilities unique to that form.

You may also heal by re-morphing your current form, draining your store of protoplasm. Due to the speed with which you can smooth out the damage to your exterior, you may morph to heal as often as you desire.

Morphing while away from the guild's pool consumes your very limited remote morphing energy. Within the confines of the guild itself you may change form at will.

morph <form> (to change forms)
morph (to heal)

Related: healing, pool, confighp, cohesion


This ability lets you set a command to be executed each round of combat. The command you supply will work identically to how it would if you had typed it in manually.

Your perform setting will save from one login to the next.

Because this is such a natural activity, performing an action will cause no stamina drain.

perform (view your current command)
perform <command> (performs <command> every combat round)
perform off (clear your command)

Related: instinct


A Changeling using this ability is able to repel physical attacks by using brute force to maintain their physical integrity. If successful, the damage is negated, but the effort required to do so is considerable.

The use of dissipate in conjunction with this ability extends its usefulness to include attacks not originating from physical blows.

perseverance (turn perseverance on)
perseverance check (check current status)
perseverance off (turn it off)

13 Homeostasis
13 Resilience

Related: dissipate, stamina


Going on unseen or felt by most beings, the battle between order and chaos is a constantly raging one. As a Changeling, your unique affinity with chaos enables you to harness this little-known and chaotic source of power.

In times of great need, you can relinquish partial control of yourself to Chaos, the process energizing and strengthening your being to unprecedented levels as the chaotic forces tear through you.

During this period you may notice some minor physical changes, as dictated by the random chaotic forces. You will also discover that your regenerative abilities will be dramatically enhanced. Due to the lack of control associated with this state, you will be unable to use some form and guild abilities, and you will be unable to morph into a new form.

Once begun, one can attempt to regain control by halting the process.

Usage: relinquish [halt]

10 Density
10 Homeostasis
10 Mitosis
10 Morphogenesis
10 Resilience

Related: regeneration, morph, chaos


The brutal damage of a death blow leaves scarring that a Changeling cannot mend by normal means. With enough skill, you may remove these blemishes by focusing your energy on reviving the affected cells.

Due to the ever-shifting nature of your protoplasm, you cannot specify which scar to remove; the first one in your appearance is the one that your efforts will repair.

Usage: revivify (removes one scar each time)

11 Mitosis
11 Resilience


The protoplasm held within a changeling's body is the lifeblood from which all cellular restructuring is derived. The liquid substance which houses the cellular organelles, or cytoplasm, is filled with nutrients and the core essentials for life. Secreting excess cytoplasm into your environment may possibly allow others to benefit from its contents.

Note: Some complexity and understanding is required to perform this safely.

Usage: secrete <1-100%>


Experienced Changelings have better awareness of the surrounding chaos, enabling them to sense the general effect of how these unpredictable forces are affecting them.

30 Homeostasis

Related: chaos


At times, it can be to your advantage to inflict damage upon others without resorting to bludgeoning or cutting them. Extending upon the dissipate skill, a Changeling can burn or freeze their opponents by superheating, or supercooling the areas with which they will strike blows.

This is not an easy skill to perform, nor one which is without risks. The effort required to maintain it is far from negligible, and your body will suffer damage due to the extreme temperatures.

thermotaxis <heat/cold/off>
thermotaxis (checks status)

29 Homeostasis
26 Morphogenesis

Related: dissipate


Changelings who are both skilled and experienced with specific forms can alter their appearance somewhat, changing colours, sizes or characteristic appearances. Gender can also be changed just as easily to or from any of the three genders.

Some changes may be more difficult than others and require more familiarity with your form before you may utilize them, and some characteristics may be unique to your form.

The order of the groups affects the order of the characteristics, except when changing gender. Up to two appearances may be set.

transmogrify <group-#>
transmogrify <group-# group-#>
transmogrify <male/female/neuter>
transmogrify clear

12 Morphogenesis

Related: dissipate



While your apparent size may seem to vary tenfold, your actual physical mass does not. It remains constant no matter what shape you assume, and can only be altered by improving your density. In doing so, your body becomes stronger as the additional mass improves your strength and power.

Related: training


Homeostasis represents your ability to maintain internal equilibrium by adjusting your physiological processes. While it is not an easy skill to master, the most difficult in fact, it is one that carries a certain influence.

The maximum and minimum values of your other skills are determined by your homeostasis skill.

Related: training


The replenishment of lost and damaged cellular material (protoplasm) is accomplished by mitotic cell division, which can be a slow process when large amounts are involved, especially if you are already fatigued from physical exertions. By improving your mitosis skill, you are able to accelerate your regenerative abilities, the cell division occurring much more rapidly.

Related: training, regeneration


The genetic information required to perfectly imitate a living being is enormous, and is limited by your morphogenesis skill. A new-born Changeling begins life with two forms, their natural form, which resembles a puddle of slime, and their previous form in life, the knowledge of which is retained during the conversion process.

By improving your morphogenesis skill, your ability to retain form-specific genetic information increases, along with your ability to further your knowledge of forms that you already know.

Related: training


Resilience is a measure of your ability to resist disruption and effectively maintain your current shape. By improving this skill you will find yourself able to withstand larger amounts of damage.

Related: training


As you adventure throughout the realms, you will gain guild-related experience, which is used to enhance your skills.

Each skill represents a different area of focus, allowing you to tailor your abilities to suit your needs. However, it is advised that you do not totally neglect a skill in favour of others.

There is no maximum value a skill can have, but they do become increasingly difficult to train, and are limited by your homeostasis skill. Consider this skill a "pivot" on which the other skills hinge.

At times you may find yourself unable to raise a skill because it is too high in relation to homeostasis, or that you cannot train homeostasis, because other skills are too low. The amount that they may vary increases as you become more skilled.

Related: train



The biome contains many habitats containing a large variety of animals. Use the 'legend' command to display a list of terrain symbols and their description. The wrapping for room descriptions within the biome area is configurable with the 'gset' command.

To find specific animals, you must first seek out their preferred habitats during the times in which they are usually active.

To return to the pool you will need to find your way back to the the room in which you first entered the biome.

Related: learning forms


As you spend time fighting in a form, you progressively gain more familiarity with it. This in turn improves your efficiency and effectiveness in combat.

Some forms may have special abilities, usable only when you are familiar enough with your form.

The maximum familiarity you may attain is 30. This exists partly to encourage you to learn a diverse set of forms, which is what being a Changeling is all about.

Related: learning forms, special abilities, form choice, intimacy

form choice

One question which will invariably rise to every Changelings lips, snout, beak, jaws, or whatever it is they have, is:

"Which form should I choose?"

The answer is both simple and complex, but the shortest answer is that it is entirely up to you. You will not be disadvantaged by your choice, nor will you be advantaged. Excluding your natural form, and that of a human, there is no best form, and there is no worst form.

If you fight monsters that inflict a lot of damage, then perhaps a less aggressive form is best for you. The reverse is also true, and of course there's plenty of room in the middle as well.

So feel free to pick a form that you like, not one that you think might be the best.

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form points

The number of forms you may learn, and familiarity with those forms is finite. Your "form points" represent how much more information you may learn at your current level of skill.

Learning new forms, and gaining familiarity in existing ones all drain these form points. You always need at least one spare point for gaining familiarity, and many times more than that for learning a new form.

Your most intrinsic form, Slime, along with the Human form don't use form points when gaining familiarity.

Related: forms, learning forms, unlearn, morphogenesis


Although your physiology has been dramatically altered by becoming a changeling, a small remnant of your human genetic knowledge remains. Due to this lingering cellular familiarity, the human form cannot be entirely unlearned, and gaining additional familiarity requires no form points.

While in humanoid form--unlike most other forms--you are able to wield weapons and wear armour. However (keeping in mind your innate kicking and punching abilities), wielding is intended primarily as a means of solving quests and weapon use is considered poor form (no pun intended) among more advanced changelings. Because of this, you will earn no skill experience or form familiarity while wielding a weapon.

As a human, you have average agility but are very frail.

Related: forms, physiology


As you become more comfortable with your chosen form, you grow stronger and more confident in your abilities. Each fight brings you closer to the true nature of your form. For those of you who choose to embrace this nature, you gain an intimacy with it that brings many benefits.

Intimacy also brings greater power for those of you who have mastered your basic form. Illzarach, as one of the greatest of all changelings, can show those of you who are ready to ascend, the way to power.

Important note: THIS IS A GUILD QUEST. You may not discuss this topic with other players, even those who may already have knowledge of it.

Related: familiarity

learning forms

Your greatest ability as a Changeling is that which allows you to assume the shape of other beings. In doing so, you gain access to their strengths, weaknesses and unique skills.

In your natural state, a puddle of protoplasm, you are weak and vulnerable, able to fight and move, but not nearly as effective as when you use the shape of an animal.

The animals that you will eventually study and learn how to imitate will all vary in their abilities; each one may have a use in different situations. Some may even possess special abilities which you can use when desired to aid you.

The learning of a form is a two-stage process which is not terribly difficult, but may be time consuming. This involves studying, then killing and absorbing the animal, thereby learning all you can about it on several levels.

The amount of forms you may learn is finite, but fortunately it's possible for you to forget forms by "unlearn"ing them, making room for others which you wish to learn or improve in.

To find out more regarding the learning of forms and the location of animals you can study, seek out Illzarach within the guild and talk to him (start with "say hi").

Related: morph, unlearn, special abilities


Now that you are a changeling, your innate form is a puddle of slime, oozing about and whacking your foes with tentacles.

Due to your strong affinity for your native physiology, gaining familiarity in slime does not consume form points, nor can it be unlearned.

As a puddle of slime, you are very tough but extremely slow.

Related: forms, physiology, form points


A form's special abilities and powers may not be revealed to another Changeling--treat it like quest info. Please respect others' ability to discover these powers. For details, see: info rules

Some animals possess unique abilities, which may be extremely useful to you during your travels. These abilities are usable only if you have sufficient familiarity with the form. If the ability uses a command, its usage will appear when you type "form."

Forms with special abilities may be slightly weaker than ones without, but it's possible that the ability more than makes up for this deficiency.

Related: learning forms, form, rules



This command lets you completely customize your HP bar by entering a combination of text and tokens. If you need to, you can also reset your HP bar to a one of the standard configurations.

These configuration changes will also be reflected in the Portal mud client, if you are using it.

HP bar abbreviations:
HP (hit points)
SP (spell points)
ST (stamina)
PP (protoplasm)
CF (Chaos Flux, for relinquish)
FF (form familiarity)
E (enemy health)

The next letter after Enemy indicates the current chaotic forces affecting the guild. D = detrimental, N = neutral, and B = beneficial.

Enemy health will be shown as perfect, bruises, bleeding, etc. unless you have raised the Mud Skill for "Evaluation" (see "help combat.proficiency.evaluation"). At level 4, Evaluation will also show you the enemy health when you look at the room.

The last set of letters are abbreviations for intrinsics that are currently active. The most common one is P for Perform. Others you will note as you turn your intrinsics on and off.

For more information and a list of tokens, type "confighp".

Example: confighp HP:$CHP/$MHP SP:$CSP/$MSP ST:$STA PP:$PPM = HP:2141/2262 SP:1498/498 ST:100.0% PP:100.0%

confighp (view current settings)
confighp <text> (reconfigures your HP bar)
hp <#> (view standard HP bar <#>)
confighp reset <#> (reset your HP bar to a standard one)
confighp showskill <skill> (sets the $SKN and $SKP skill)
confighp showskill off (stop showing skills)
confighp showbioplasts (toggles showing number carried)

Related: physiology, protoplasm, stamina, intrinsics, cohesion, help combat.proficiency.evaluation


On the fcom line, your chats are identified by your form instead of your name.


This command displays your current form and detailed information about your appearance.

The "masked name" is what is shown when you say and emote, unless your form matches the name of an existing player, in which case "A" or "An" will appear before the masked name when speaking, emoting or being hit.

If the form has any special abilities, these will be documented as well, when you have achieved sufficient familiarity.

Usage: form

Related: transmogrify, forms, learning forms, familiarity, unlearn


This command allows you to easily modify the ansi variables associated with guild abilities and messages. Use the syntax shown below.

gansi (lists variables and default colours)
gansi <var> <colour> (sets ansi <var> to colour <colour>)
gansi <var> (removes the colour for <var>)
gansi default (sets all vars to their default colours)
gansi clear (clears all variables)
gansi colours (view list of colours)


At times you may wish to view briefer messages to lessen the amount of data that scrolls across your screen. This command allows you to toggle the brief/verbose settings on various messages. Use "gbrief" with no argument, to view the list of what may be briefed.

NOTE: If you've been in the guild a while, you may lack the new "reform" option to brief reform. type "gbrief reset" to refresh your list of options.

gbrief (shows options and their status)
gbrief <option> (toggles option)
gbrief all (toggles all options)
gbrief reset (reset the options and adds any new ones)

Related: Powers


This power lets you report a guild-related bug for the wizards to fix. Please be specific in your description of the bug, and supply any information you deem relevant.

NOTE: The multiple-line method is greatly preferred because a proper "Subject line" makes it so much easier to read your submission!

When inputting multiple lines you can still issue commands to the mud, simply prepend them with a !. Eg: !morph

gbug (enter multi-line input mode)
gbug <description> (input bug as a single line)

Related: gidea, admins


This command allows you to set a customizable guild entrance message. Note this power is only available to highmortals and above.

As usual, anything offensive here will be removed.

Example: 'genter boogies his way into your reality' will display:
[[MORPH]]: Slick boogies his way into your reality

Usage: genter <entrance message>

Related: gexit


This command allows you to set a customizable guild exit message. Note this power is only available to highmortals and above

As usual, anything offensive here will be removed.

Example: 'gexit boogies his way out of your reality' will display:
[[MORPH]]: Slick boogies his way out of your reality

Usage: gexit <exit message>

Related: genter


This command displays information about fellow Changelings, including their complexity, the date they joined the guild and their guild age.

Usage: gfinger <who>

Related: powers


This command displays a detailed history of your guild activity, including advancement, skills, forms, levels and deaths.

You may filter your history by the words that appear in any history entry to narrow down the display.

By supplying the -r parameter the list will be shown in reverse order.

ghist level
ghist density
ghist homeostasis 10
ghist -r
ghist -r density

ghist (view your entire history)
ghist [-r] <filter1> <filter2> ... (search for filter matches)

Related: skills, powers, forms


At times you may have an idea for a new power, form, area file, or some other addition to the guild. We welcome these--this is YOUR guild, after all! Use this command to log your idea, so the guild admins can evaluate it for inclusion in the guild.

If you have any questions regarding an idea, please contact an Ancient (player administrator).

When inputting multiple lines you can still issue commands to the mud, simply prepend them with a !. Eg: !morph

NOTE: The multiple line method is greatly preferred because a proper "Subject line" makes it so much easier to read your submission!

gidea (enter multi-line input mode)
gidea <description> (input idea as a single line)

Related: gbug, admins


This power allows you to view your guild score, a page which displays various pieces of important information about your status in the Changeling guild.

Related: gs2


This power allows you to view the highest hits you have done with each of your forms.

Use "gs2 -removeform <form name>" to remove a form permanently from gs2. Related: gs


The saving of your guild status is automatic, and occurs periodically in the background while you play. Should you wish to manually perform a save, you may use this command.


This command allows you to configure miscellaneous guild options that are not related to a specific ability. To see a list of the configurable options type gset with no argument.

Example: gset (displays a list of options) gset <option> <value>


This power allows you to select what information is shown on the "morphs" listing.

You may presently show "form", "location", "nothing" or just specify a message to show it instead.

show <what>

Related: morphs


Changelings seeking to share their emotions with other guild members may use "gsoul" to send a mud soul command to every logged-in member of the guild.

Two "gset" options apply to gsouls: blockgsoul, which blocks all gsouls, block all guild souls; and gsoulprefix, which lets you prefix the guild souls so you can differentiate them from souls sent to you directly. Put $S$ in the gsoulprefix to indicate trailing whitespace.

Some souls are blocked from gsoul usage. These are:
moose, reproduce, cletus, flair, vorlon, terran

If you suspect a soul fits into this category, please do not test it. Use gbug or ask an admin. Thanks for helping us keep gsoul fun.

Abuse of this command will result in your inability to use it.

gsoul <soul>
gset blockgsoul 1 (block gsouls)
gset blockgsoul 0 (allow gsouls)
gset gsoulprefix <prefix> (set a prefix for incoming gsouls)
gset gsoulprefix [[GSOUL]]:$S$ (example gsoulprefix)
gset gsoulprefix 0 (remove the prefix)

Related: powers, gset


While regular mortal Changelings will have their titles changed whenever they morph, High-Mortals may elect to have them kept unchanged. This command will forcefully update your title, even if you have used the "titlekeep" power to keep it constant.

Related: titlekeep


A helpful alias to the proper "morphs" command for people who are used to using gwho in other guilds.

Related: morphs


This command allows you to browse through the guild info files, and to perform searches for files with titles matching your supplied text.

If you are using the default ansi settings, categories will be displayed in white text, and actually info files in brown. The numbers next to the names correspond to the file index, and may be used instead of the actual category/file name.

If the file you asked to see is not found, a list of entries may be shown if they match your supplied string.

"info new" has special use, and will display a list of most recent guild announcements. If any new announcements have been added since you last viewed this list, you will see a flashing message when you next log on.

NOTE: Searching is case-sensitive, "Forms" is different than "forms".

info <topic> (to see help on <topic>)

info <#> (to view a file by its #)
info <search> (to search for <search>)
info index (view a listing of all help files)
info new (to see the latest changes/messages)
info allnew (to see all latest changes/messages)


During your login, various combat and advancement statistics are recorded, and can be viewed using the "lstats" command.

To reset the counter for these statistics, type "lstats reset".

lstats (to view the statistics)
lstats reset (to clear them) Related: lstats2


During your login, various combat and advancement statistics are recorded, and can be viewed using the "lstats2" command.

To reset the counter for these statistics, type "lstats2 reset".

lstats2 (to view the statistics)
lstats2 reset (to clear them)

Related: lstats


This power will list all the online Changelings, showing their complexity, level and guild rank.

The Status column shows:
F (fighting)
A (AFK message set)
I (idle > 2 minutes)
W (writing a note)
M (mailing)
E (editing)
<>'s around the name means the changeling is whoinvis and may not want its presence known, please respect this.

Use the "gshow" command to display your current form or your location in the Miscellaneous column.

You will also notice a message regarding the state of the chaotic forces at the bottom of the list. See "info chaos" for details.

Related: gshow, chaos, complexity


This command lets you view your solved and unsolved quests, as well as details of any quest you are attempting to solve. Good luck!

questlist (view the status of all quests)
questlist <quest> (view details of a quest)

Related: rcost


This command allows you to view your stat and level costs while outside the guild. It is identical to the "cost" command used in the main guild room.

Related: questlist


At times you may find that your guild object is not working properly, or a wizard may ask you to recover. This command will refresh your guild object, hopefully alleviating any problems that you may have had.

Apart from when errors are encountered, this command will have no practical use.


Avian forms are always flying about and cannot "get" items directly from the ground. In order to pick things up, you must swoop low to the ground.

All forms may use swoop in place of get, so many Changelings find it convenient to make an alias for get (alias get swoop) which allows them to use one command for all forms.

swoop - picks up everything
swoop <item> - pick up that item

Related: powers, forms


This command will only function for High-Mortal players, and will enable them to prevent their title from changing while changing forms.

Related: gtitle


This command displays the top 30 guild members sorted by guild experience.


Shows your name in change_titles (defaults to yellow), all others in the color you have set chan_headings to (default white)

toplist -ansi
Shows your name in bright green and other names in colors depending on when they last logged out. The colors used are:
Under 1 day - white (chan_headings)
Between 1 day and a week - yellow
Between a week and two weeks - brown
Over two weeks - red
Related: gfinger, powers


As you adventure and slay monsters, you acquire knowledge which may be used to advance your skills. This command enables you to train them, assuming that you have the required knowledge.

Your homeostasis skill will affect how far you may train your other skills, while at the same time, they may govern how far you may advance homeostasis.

Related: skills, training


With the number of forms that you can retain limited, at times you may wish to forget what you have learned about one, and focus on learning more of another. With each use of this power, it will remove one point of familiarity, then when that reaches zero, it will remove the form entirely.

At present there are no other penalties associated with unlearning a form, but beware, this may not always be the case.

Related: forms, learning forms



GUILD CREATOR: Tharog (Opened November, 2002)

Guild Master - Frank, Revelation

Ancients - Javelin
Elders - Al Related: chaos, bug, gidea, elder, ancient, retired


Ancient is the rank of the guild player admins.

Related: admins, elder, retired


As a Changeling, you have a unique affinity with the chaotic forces which permeate throughout the realms; unseen and mostly unfelt by all other living things.

Since the moment you immersed yourself into the pool of protoplasm which you now call home, you have been both fuelled and affected by these forces.

All Changelings are able to get a general sense of how they are currently being affected, while those of great experience are able to sense the effects in much greater detail.

At times you may feel a shift in the forces, a sudden pulse of chaotic energy which tears through you, signaling a shift in the balance of Chaos.


Your molecular structure will lose its cellular cohesion the more you morph, causing you to get more drained from each time you change form within the current chaos flux.

As the chaotic flux shifts and sends energy tearing through you, the molecular structure will get rejuvenated and more dense again.

Usage: See confighp ($COH)

Related: morph, confighp


The sum of your five skills is termed your "complexity", and is used to measure your status within the guild.

Changelings with similiar complexities may have greatly differing skills, so the number is for the most part cosmetic.

Related: skills


Changelings have little or no use for physical objects, therefore there are no rewards for donating equipment to the guild.

Bioplasts are the only exclusion to this rule, as donating these can certainly aid other members immensely. The number of bioplasts you donate (or borrow) is recorded by Jennifer, who is usually found in the pool right below the advancement room.

While there is no benefit for donating huge amounts, there may be certain downsides to borrowing too many. Speak to Jennifer, and she will tell you what you need to know.

Related: ingest, bioplast


The elder rank represents a member of the player admins. The elders work with the Ancients to manage the day-to-day guild operations and make recommendations to the Enlightened ranks. Related: admins, ancient, retired


After many years of absence, fraals have been sighted in the biome once again. Their unique physiology makes them unsuitable to learn or study from, but it is rumored that they may be tamed as pets.

The only one who can help you to capture such a critter is Kaska, in the guild shop.

Related: fraansi


There are 4 ansi vars you can set for your fraal:


Use aset (help aset) to set those variables.

Related: fraals


Changeling healing abilities are remarkable to say the least, due mainly to the nature of their structure. Even though when the form of an animal is assumed, the respiratory and circulatory systems are functional, they are not critical to the survival of the changeling. Wounds inflicted on organs or their failure will not cause extra harm.

Healing damage is simply a matter of closing holes, regrowing severed limbs, or redistributing damaged regions throughout the rest of the body.

A full heal, assuming the Changeling's protoplasm reserves are sufficient, is obtained during morphing or by reforming their current form.

Related: morph, regeneration

old bioplasts

Created by the use of the bioextraction skill, a bioplast is a small sphere with a hard translucent outer shell. Contained within is bioplasm, protoplasm in its purest form.

Depending on the quality of the corpse used for the extraction process, the bioplast may vary in quality, ranging from opaque to translucent, with turbid, cloudy and milky somewhere in between.

Consuming a bioplast will replenish lost stamina and protoplasm, making bioplasts handy to carry while adventuring.

Non-Changelings are unable to open the outer casing of a bioplast.

Related: bioextract, donations


Little is known of the Changelings who first roamed the land ages ago, rumours and tales corrupting the truth into fantastic fairy tales.

Recent rumours suggest that there is a pool which if entered, will mutate any living creature into a shapeless creature of Chaos, a Changeling. The location of this pool is said to be on the very edge of the Chaos realm, its slimy tendrils reaching hungrily outwards. Hidden from casual observation, only those actively seeking it out are likely to discover it.


Upon entering this very pool of protoplasm, your body was mutated drastically by the chaotic forces contained within its translucent depths. These changes, combined with the now continuous affinity with these forces, grant you a physiology which is both highly unique and extremely versatile. Consisting entirely of protoplasm, which in turn contains highly complex, polymorphic cells, your body is not constrained by the natural limits imposed upon all other known species.

Possessing no actual brain (or any other organs for that matter), your reactions are instinctive, and accumulated knowledge is stored within each and every cell. Loss of constituent parts is merely a temporary setback, as your body continually regenerates lost protoplasm when required.

In your natural state you resemble a large puddle of translucent slime, your body possessing the consistency of wet clay, but with a surprisingly dry feel to the outer surface. This state is rather weak and highly ineffective for both locomotion and combat, but its malleable and resilient properties provide substantial protection.

These traits combine to give you both your unique ability and name. In imitating those beings that you encounter, and using their strengths and special abilities, you become known as a Changeling.

Related: minutiae, protoplasm


Spinning slowly and changing size when you least expect it, the pool's translucent depths is a very strange place to call home. But to you, a Changeling, this is what it is.

Entering the pool from Pinnacle, you will find yourself at the topmost level in the centre, the rest spread out below and around you. Here you will always find the tools to advance your level and statistics.

Due to its nature, navigating the pool may initially appear tricky. Consider it a slowly spinning whirlpool where you may move upwards, downwards, or alter your orbit distance from the centre.

Locations of things within the guild will change every so often, excluding the advancement room located at the top centre, and the chaotic currents which take you to various parts of Pinnacle.


Tips for using the Portal Client

Because our guild point values--stamina and protoplasm--are "floating point numbers" (e.g. they have decimal points), they need to be handled differently in Portal, which is generally designed to deal with only integer values coming from the mud.

Portal drops the decimal point in any mathmatical calculations rather than rounding or truncating. In other words, to check if stamina is over 20%, the statement is "@GP1<2000" rather than "@GP1<20".

More Portal information can be found by using the PortalChat chatline (help portalchat) and on the Portal Discussion Board, w/2d/s from COT.

Thanks to: Punkin

Related: confighp,


Your body, like all other Changelings consists entirely of protoplasm; a translucent, semifluid substance which contains the polymorphic cells which make you what you are.

Protoplasm is shown to you as a percentage, which progressively lowers as you drain your reserves. Should you drain yourself totally, then you will discover that you will be unable to perform some guild abilities.

Physical damage and some abilities may damage or drain away some of your protoplasm reserves, the amount is highly variable. Unless your reserves become extremely low, this poses no threat to you, as your body will automatically regenerate lost protoplasm. Your level of fatigue is an important factor in the speed of this process; low stamina will result in a much slower regeneration rate.

Related: stamina, physiology


A Changeling's physical health and mental stamina will not regenerate automatically; abilities must be used to supplement these losses.

Regeneration of stamina and protoplasm will occur naturally however, and are affected by the Changeling's skills.

Related: bioextract, absorb, hyperproliferate


These people have helped to mold the guild into what it is today.

They are currently taking a very long and relaxing bath in the protoplasm pool. If you run into any of them remember to show them your respect for their work on the guild.

Tharog, Infiniti, Slick, Aztec, Vraal, Orthas, Argoth, Calaran, and Phoenix

Windward, Cityhunter, Geoduck, Wyvern, Elminster, Rapp, Sparkle.

Related: admins, ancient, elder


Your stamina is shown to you as a percentage, and represents the current state of your physical endurance. As you expend energy fighting, morphing, or using abilities, you will find yourself fatiguing. Depleting your stamina completely has no directly adverse effects, but may indirectly hurt you as you will no longer be able to maintain abilities which drain stamina, or begin using new ones.

Newly learned forms are very fatiguing to use as you are unaccustomed to their movements. As you gain more familiarity with a form you will find it much less demanding to fight in.

Related: minutiae, absorb


Gsoul fishslap.

Related: whee


Are you having fun yet?


Guild Shop:

Typing Tester 100 coins
Whistle of the Fraal Tamer 10,000 coins

Changeling Forms

Form Class Highest Attribute Lowest Attribute
Aardvark Mammal Tough Very Slow
Acrocanthosaurus Reptile Extremely Vicious Extremely Slow
Albatross Avian Extremely Vicious Extremely Slow
Alligator Reptile Aggressive Very Slow
Anaconda Reptile Vicious Extremely Slow
Ankylosaurus Reptile Extremely Tough Extremely Slow
Ant Insect Extremely Tough Extremely Slow
Anteater Mammal Tough Extremely Slow
Anole Reptile Agile Frail
Archaeopteryx Avian Agile Lacks Aggression
Armadillo Mammal Robust Extremely Docile
Asp Caterpillar Insect Extremely Tough Extremely Slow
Badger Mammal Agile Lacks Aggression
Bear Mammal Very Aggressive Extremely Slow
Beaver Mammal Very Aggressive Very Slow
Bee Insect Very Swift and Agile Extremely Frail
Beetle Insect Tough Very Slow
Black Mamba Reptile Tough Lacks Aggression
Blue-footed Booby Avian Extremely Swift and Agile Extremely Docile
Boa Constrictor Reptile Very Aggressive Extremely Slow
Boomer Mammal Average Toughness Lacks Aggression
Brachiosaurus Reptile Very Tough Extremely Slow
Budgie Mammal Extremely Swift and Agile Extremely Frail
Bull Mammal Very Tough Extremely Slow
Butterfly Insect Extremely Swift and Agile Extremely Frail
Caiman Reptile Vicious Extremely Slow
Camel Mammal Tough Very Slow
Cape Buffalo Mammal Vicious Extremely Slow
Capybara Mammal Very Tough Docile
Carcharodontosaurus Reptile Extremely Vicious Extremely Slow
Cat Mammal Average Aggression Average Agility
Chameleon Reptile Robust Somewhat Sluggish
Cheetah Mammal Average Aggression Average Toughness
Chihuahua Mammal Very Swift and Agile Very Frail
Chinchilla Mammal Very Swift and Agile Very Frail
Chipmunk Mammal Very Swift and Agile Docile
Cobra Reptile Average Aggression Average Agility
Cockatoo Avian Tough Very Slow
Cockroach Insect Tough Docile
Compsognathus Reptile Extremely Swift and Agile Extremely Frail
Condor Avian Vicious Very Slow
Coot Avian Robust Average Agility
Cow Mammal Very Tough Extremely Slow
Coyote Mammal Average Aggression Average Agility
Crab Crustacean Tough Extremely Slow
Crane Avian Average Aggression Average Agility
Crocodile Reptile Extremely Vicious Extremely Slow
Crow Avian Average Aggression Average Agility
Cuscus Mammal Very Tough Extremely Slow
Decollate Snail Mollusc Extremely Tough Extremely Docile
Deer Mammal Agile Lacks Aggression
Dilophosaurus Reptile Agile Very Frail
Dikdik Mammal Very Swift and Agile Docile
Dingo Mammal Tough Somewhat Sluggish
Diplodocus Reptile Very Tough Extremely Slow
Dodo Avian Vicious Extremely Slow
Doe Mammal Agile Lacks Aggression
Dog Mammal Swift and Agile Frail
Donkey Mammal Very Tough Docile
Dragonfly Insect Extremely Swift and Agile Extremely Docile
Drake Avian Swift and Agile Extremely Docile
Duckling Avian Swift and Agile Extremely Docile
Eagle Avian Extremely Vicious Extremely Frail
Elephant Mammal Extremely Tough Extremely Slow
Emu Avian Very Tough Docile
Falcon Avian Vicious Somewhat Sluggish
Ferret Mammal Vicious Extremely Frail
Finch Avian Very Swift and Agile Extremely Frail
Firefly Insect Extremely Swift and Agile Extremely Frail
Flyer Mammal Average Toughness Lacks Aggression
Fox Mammal Agile Frail
Frog Amphibian Very Tough Extremely Docile
Funnel Web Spider Arachnid Vicious Very Frail
Gazelle Mammal Extremely Swift and Agile Extremely Docile
Gecko Reptile Swift and Agile Docile
Gila Monster Reptile Aggressive Somewhat Sluggish
Giraffe Mammal Very Swift and Agile Extremely Docile
Goat Mammal Robust Somewhat Sluggish
Goose Avian Tough Extremely Docile
Gorilla Mammal Average Toughness Very Slow
Greyhound Mammal Aggressive Frail
Grizzly Bear Mammal Very Aggressive Extremely Slow
Ground Sloth Mammal Very Tough Extremely Slow
Hamster Mammal Extremely Swift and Agile Very Frail
Hawk Avian Vicious Very Frail
Hedgehog Mammal Robust Docile
Hen Mammal Agile Frail
Hornet Insect Agile Lacks Aggression
Human Mammal Average Agility Very Frail
Hummingbird Avian Extremely Swift and Agile Extremely Docile
Huntsman Spider Arachnid Agile Frail
Iguana Reptile Agile Frail
Jaguar Mammal Aggressive Frail
Kestrel Avian Agile Lacks Aggression
Kitten Mammal Average Aggression Average Agility
Koala Mammal Very Aggressive Very Slow
Komodo Dragon Reptile Very Aggressive Somewhat Sluggish
Ladybug Insect Extremely Swift and Agile Extremely Docile
Leopard Mammal Aggressive Frail
Lion Mammal Extremely Vicious Very Slow
Llama Mammal Tough Very Slow
Lobster Crustacean Very Aggressive Very Slow
Loon Avian Extremely Tough Extremely Docile
Lynx Mammal Agile Frail
Mammoth Mammal Very Aggressive Extremely Slow
Mare Mammal Aggressive Somewhat Sluggish
Mastodon Mammal Very Tough Very Slow
Meerkat Mammal Very Swift and Agile Very Frail
Mole Mammal Average Toughness Lacks Aggression
Mongoose Mammal Very Swift and Agile Very Frail
Moose Mammal Tough Somewhat Sluggish
Mosquito Insect Extremely Swift and Agile Extremely Frail
Mouse Mammal Extremely Swift and Agile Very Frail
Mule Mammal Tough Somewhat Sluggish
Mussaurus Reptile Extremely Swift and Agile Extremely Frail
North American TermiteInsect Extremely Vicious Extremely Slow
Ocelot Mammal Agile Very Frail
Osprey Avian Very Aggressive Very Slow
Ostrich Avian Tough Docile
Otter Mammal Robust Lacks Aggression
Owl Avian Robust Lacks Aggression
Owlet Avian Very Swift and Agile Docile
Panda Mammal Aggressive Extremely Slow
Penguin Avian Tough Very Slow
Peregrine Falcon Avian Extremely Swift and Agile Extremely Frail
Pigeon Avian Robust Average Agility
Pill Bug Crustacean Extremely Tough Extremely Slow
Pit Viper Reptile Average Agility Average Aggression
Platypus Mammal Very Tough Extremely Docile
Polar Bear Mammal Very Aggressive Extremely Slow
Porcupine Mammal Robust Docile
Praying Mantis Insect Extremely Vicious Very Frail
Pteranodon Avian Vicious Very Slow
Pterodactyl Avian Average Toughness Average Aggression
Python Reptile Vicious Somewhat Sluggish
Rabbit Mammal Robust Docile
Ram Mammal Tough Lacks Aggression
Rat Mammal Swift and Agile Docile
Raven Avian Aggressive Very Slow
Recluse Spider Arachnid Extremely Vicious Extremely Slow
Red Back Spider Arachnid Agile Frail
Reindeer Mammal Agile Lacks Aggression
Rhinoceros Mammal Vicious Extremely Slow
Rooster Avian Agile Frail
Sabre Tooth Tiger Mammal Extremely Vicious Extremely Slow
Sabre Tooth Tigress Mammal Extremely Vicious Extremely Slow
Saltopus Reptile Extremely Swift and Agile Extremely Frail
Scorpion Arachnid Extremely Vicious Very Frail
Seal Mammal Very Tough Very Slow
Skink Reptile Agile Lacks Aggression
Skunk Mammal Agile Lacks Aggression
Slime Other Very Tough Extremely Slow
Slug Mollusc Very Tough Extremely Slow
Snail Mollusc Very Tough Extremely Slow
Snow Leopard Mammal Extremely Vicious Extremely Frail
Sparrow Avian Very Swift and Agile Docile
Spider Wasp Insect Extremely Vicious Extremely Frail
Squirrel Mammal Extremely Swift and Agile Docile
Stallion Mammal Aggressive Somewhat Sluggish
Stegosaurus Reptile Robust Docile
Swallow Avian Very Swift and Agile Frail
Tapir Mammal Very Aggressive Extremely Slow
Tarantula Arachnid Aggressive Somewhat Sluggish
Tasmanian Devil Mammal Extremely Vicious Extremely Slow
Teiid Reptile Agile Lacks Aggression
Tick Arachnid Extremely Tough Extremely Docile
Tiercel Avian Vicious Somewhat Sluggish
Tigress Mammal Vicious Very Slow
Toad Amphibian Extremely Tough Extremely Docile
Tortoise Reptile Extremely Tough Extremely Docile
Trap Door Spider Arachnid Very Swift and Agile Extremely Frail
Triceratops Reptile Aggressive Very Slow
Trilobite Crustacean Extremely Tough Extremely Docile
Turkey Avian Extremely Swift and Agile Very Frail
Turtle Reptile Extremely Tough Extremely Docile
Tyrannosaurus Rex Reptile Extremely Vicious Extremely Slow
Vampire Bat Mammal Very Aggressive Somewhat Sluggish
Velociraptor Reptile Vicious Extremely Frail
Vixen Mammal Agile Frail
Vulture Avian Extremely Tough Extremely Slow
Walrus Mammal Very Tough Extremely Slow
Wandering Spider Arachnid Extremely Vicious Extremely Slow
Wasp Insect Average Aggression Average Agility
White Tail Spider Arachnid Extremely Swift and Agile Extremely Frail
Wolf Mammal Robust Docile
Wolverine Mammal Extremely Vicious Extremely Slow
Wombat Mammal Extremely Tough Extremely Slow
Woodpecker Avian Very Swift and Agile Docile
Worm Annelid Very Tough Docile
Yak Bull Mammal Very Tough Extremely Slow
Yak Cow Mammal Very Tough Extremely Slow
Zebra Mammal Robust Somewhat Sluggish