-=[ Tempering Your Weapon ]=-

Area: Grand Hall of the Rohm Giddor [Zimpor]
From Fantasy: <portal, 12n, leave, 11n, 3e, 2n, 2w, n, swim, dive, 4w, 2s, 5w, nw, w, 2n>
Return to Fantasy: <2s, e, se, 5e, 2n, 4e, dive, out, s, e, n, 8w, portal>

No map available at the moment. Area Details:

This area allows you to make your weapon unbreakable. Note that tempering will not work on some weapons(Don't forget you can also seek out the help of a fieldsmith - refer to step 11 for a fieldsmith.)

NPC's may or may not be in the room at the time of your arrival; while the true solution to gaining this weapon benefit is to not slaughter all NPC's along the way, some are simply not necessary to continue on with your journey. So if they're not there, just keep going to the next step.

Prior to your journey, make sure you have at least 6,000 coins on you.

Step 1: <portal; 12n; leave; 11n; 3e; 2n; path; w; n>

Step 2: <dive; dive; w; kill statue>
  11k : Statue of a dwarf

Step 3: <3w; 2s; 3w; kill mosasaur>
  17k : Mosasaur (ancient)

Step 4: <2w; nw; w; 5n; bribe danar; y; press leaf>
Danar mumbles: Now to where has that new servant run off?

This will cost you 6000 coins. Do you wish to proceed? [y/n]

You hand Danar 6000 coins.

Danar takes your coins and slips them to an aide, who walks away discreetly.

Danar nods at you and goes back to his affairs.

<press leaf>
Danar looks the other way...

You depress the stone leaf and hear a slight click.

Step 5: <n; d; 3n; e; say trust me; say watchword> - make note of the watchword that you're given as it will change from player to player
  Leufarr whispers: The watchword is: chain

Step 6: Note for this step - if the guard is not here for you to say the watchword to, you can still finish out this step and move on - <w; 2s; e; say <your watchword here>; d>

Step 7: This area (also known as the mirror maze) has a down exit in it, though it changes. Wander around and look for the down exit. You may run into aggressive 50k - 70k mobs.

Step 8: Once you've found the down exit - <2d; nw; n; w; pluck massive vine> (kill all vines)
  73k : A massive fire vine
  43k : A fire vine
  45k : A fire vine
  43k : A fire vine

Step 9: <get massive vine; e; nw; give massive vine to balaban>
Balaban says: Excellent, Locrian.

Your reputation with Rohm Giddor has increased slightly.

Balaban whispers: Just wander back down the passage leadin' 'ere.
Search and ye'll find what yer after...

Balaban pulls some glowing-hot metal from the heat and folds it over itself, hammering it flat.

Step 10: <se; s; ne; 2n; dip <weapon> in pool>. This area can only be used so often though, you can either wait or come back later. If the area has recently been used, you'll see the following message -
  The pool seems agitated right now. Nothing happens.

Optional Step 11: If you're unable to temper your weapon, it is advised that you seek out the help of a fieldsmith - <profwho fieldsmith>. They have the capability to make your weapon [superforced] (also known as, unbreakable).

Return to Fantasy: <2s; sw; se; 2u>
(roam the area to find the next up direction)
<u; w; s; u; s; 5s; e; se; 5e; 2n; 4e>
<dive; out; s; e; path; n; 8w; portal>