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From Science: <enter, u, 3n, w, n, play; press start>
Return to Science: (from anywhere inside, but not during combat) <pause game, s, e, 3s, d, out>

Section Z Dungeon:
Map of Section Z

Section Z Maze (The Rejected Game): Map of Rejected Game

Haywood Annex: Map of Haywood Annex

Haywood Annex Part 2: Map of Haywood Annex Part 2

Dungeon Location: Science

Dungeon Timer: 8 Hours

Reset Type: Timed (Mobs will not respawn until dungeon has fully reset)

Scaling: Yes

Dungeon Details:

The class scaling for Section Z is very linear, and should offer a good place to fight for all levels. Each of the mobs has a chance to drop a capsule, which will either be blue or orange. Green capsules drop from the unique mobs (not Brain) and shield generators. Blue and Orange capsules will deteriorate and vanish after being held for a time, while green will never vanish. You can <swallow capsule> for effects that are specific to the color of the capsule:

Blue:   +critical hit / +penetration
Orange: +focus        / +regeneration
Green:  +wisdom       / +dexterity

The bonuses from these capsules, as well as the duration of the bonus will improve based on the level of the scaler. 30 minutes is the maximum time bonus at scaler 150.

At the end of the dungeon the final boss will be the "Brain". It will drop 2 items. First is a Barrier Shield which is a breakable 'Unknown' slot item. The second is a figurine which you can use along with capsules to make one of four types of armor: Boots / Helmet / Gloves / Main. The types of capsules used to make the armor will impact the color of the final piece as well as its bonuses. The color of the final item will also be based on the capsules used to make it. You must first <open figurine> which will reveal a slot in each of the item type areas, labeled as feet/head/chest/hands. As an example, to make orange boots, you would enter the following commands:

<open figurine>
<insert orange near feet>
<close figurine>
<insert orange>

You can select any of the 3 colors for this process. Using 2 of the same will produce a more potent effect of that color. The resulting potency of any bonus as well as the AC of the armor created will be based on the scaler size.

Armor bonuses will differ slightly from the capsules themselves. They are:

Orange:  HP/SP Regeneration
Green:   +WIS/+DEX
Blue:    SMD

Because orange and blue capsules can rot/vanish after a period of not using them, there is an option to 'compress' them, which will turn them into stones. These stones will not vanish, and can be saved for later use in a figurine. Once a stone however, they can no longer be consumed for any beneficial effects.

Scaling Details:

Scaler level Class
34 35k
45 45k
50 69k - 77k
55 130k
60 225k
65 388k - 450k
70 800k - 1.3M
75 1.6M - 1.8M
77 1.6M - 2.0M
80 2.4M - 3.1M
83 3.4M - 4.1M (Brain -M)
85 4.6M - 5.1M (Brain 8.5M)
90 6.2M - 7.3M
101 11M - 13M
105 15M - 18M
110 19M - 25M
115 25M
117 32M
120 38M
130 55M
138 70M
140 81M - 87M
144 97M
148 92M - 112M
150 101M - 126M

Mobs in Section Z:

There are a number of different mob types in the area, but they all ID to "balangool".

Clone Soldiers - Blunt and Energy specials
Spiral Gun     - Blunt and Energy specials
Cloud Eyes     - Energy specials
Gromas         - Edged and Blunt specials
Leagos         - Edged and Blunt specials
Leavas         - Blunt specials
Rippers        - Blunt specials
Generators     - Energy and Electric specials

Unique mobs:
Section 19: Zamuza radiation & blunt specials
Section 39: Balba electric & radiation specials (slightly larger class than average)
Section 45: Galga fire & radiation specials (slightly larger class than average)
Section 49: Brain edged & acid specials (noticably larger class than average)

The Rejected Game:

After the brain is defeated, you can go down to meet the Developer. At this point, you may notice the hidden message spelled out in the floors leading up to the final room: "HELP I AM TRYING TO REACH ANYONE OUTSIDE THE GAME IVE BEEN HELD HOSTAGE BY..." The Developer will thank you for playing and give you a 'button' which will also change based on the dungeon scaler. From here you may exit the dungeon. Alternatively, you can <say hostage> which will lead to additional dialogue from the Developer, and he will kick you out of the dungeon. If you finished the dungeon on a scaler of 119 or greater, you will also have gained access to the 'Rejected Game' area, accessible via a hidden exit west of the 'play' room initially used to access Section Z. This new area is not a dungeon, but is only accesible to those who have completed Section Z on the proper scaler.

The Rejected Game area is designed for parties, with mob classes ranging from 500M+. Every few minutes the area map will 'rotate'. The colors displayed in the room long description will indicate the current colors and rotation, which can be seen on the linked map. In the center of the map is the final boss the "Colossal Inductor" (Class 2B) which will drop an item that allows you to "graft" any armor item onto your person, enabling you to wear an additional item circumventing the current slot limitations. The type of item you can graft will depend on your button, which depends on the scaler you completed. Grafting limits are as follows:

119: Amulets/Rings
126: Helm/Boot/Gloves/Greaves/Other
133: Cloak/Breastplate/Shield
140: Main

Mobs in The Rejected Game:

A Jacked Transistor
A Swole Capacitor
A Joked Resistor

Haywood Annex:

Within Section Z, there is a small chance for a Balangool enemy to drop a White capsule. This capsule is not consumable, and is not capable of being used in the figurine. If you carry it to the "crack" room within the Rejected Game area, it will leap from your hands and detonate, opening a doorway where the crack once was. From here you may access a new area called Haywood Annex. This area does not contain enemies, but rather leads to 9 different open "safes" (also labeled Time Capsules) which will allow one item to be stored per individual player. Once the item is locked in the safe, it will display a number which indicates the specific reboot in which the safe will open. When the item is placed, the player is able to enter a password which will open the safe. It can not be opened until the reboot number on the display.
a bright white capsule
The tiny white capsule is freezing cold to the touch.  It convulses in your hand as if it were trying to break free.  It looks small enough to swallow, though it may not be recommended.
It looks light.

insert white near feet
As you insert the white capsule into the figurine, its eyes open and its face twists in agony.  The entire body of the figure clenches and pops the capsule out of the hole, and it lands on the floor.

consume white capsule
The white capsule forces itself away from your mouth, and you can't seem to get it close enough to swallow.

The capsule leaps across the room and into the crack in the wall, causing a small explosion, revealing a doorway behind the rubble.

smell compounds
You inhale the air deep into your lungs, and things turn black...
A voice whispers: I don't think you're supposed to be here yet.
A voice whispers: No, this doesn't make sense, you shouldn't be here.
A voice whispers: You have no rust.
A voice whispers: Come back when you have what we need.

Haywood Annex Part 2:

If you are lucky enough to secure a second white capsule and return to the annex, you will find your previously stowed item waiting for you. Enter the security code used at the time of storage <enter 0000> and <retrieve item>. Here you will notice that some aspects of the original item have changed, the name now currupted. A Ring of Hearts for example might show as 'Wing:of Hoartx (molecularly altered)'. The item description will also contain the following message: This armor has: strange digital rust

Now that rust has been acquired, you may move on to the next part of the Haywood Annex. <smell compounds> and you will witness the following encounter:

A voice whispers: Oh wow..
A voice whispers: We have one. They have rust on them.
You hear muffled voices, but can not make out the words no matter how hard you strain.
A voice whispers: We need your help.
A voice whispers: We were once human. Or rather, we once has flesh, bones, and blood. Like you.
A voice whispers: The eight of us, we made games. Free games, nothing crazy, just fun little adventure games.
A voice whispers: When Haywood offered to buy us, the company that produced blockbusters like Carphon and Section Z, it felt too good to be true.
A deep, forlorn sigh fills your ears.
A voice whispers: And well.. you know what they say.
A voice whispers: Suffice to say, we were just the next in a long list of sacrifices.
A voice whispers: Our postmortal energy is being held captive in this facility by an energy that we don't quite understand.
A voice whispers: We have reason to believe it's man-made, and thus can be disabled or otherwise destroyed.
A voice whispers: Please, PLEASE.. find it and free us.
A voice whispers: We'll let you into the basement of the facility now, from where we believe our ethereal captivity stems.
A voice whispers: Some have tried to best our captor before, but none have succeed.
A voice whispers: However, based on what we've witnessed of previous attempts, we know it will take five courageous souls to accomplish.
A voice whispers: That, unfortunately, is about all we know. I wish we could offer more advice.
A voice whispers: Also, it's not safe to come back this way, but there are hidden exits from within the basement.
A voice whispers: Once you've found the exits, you can always sneak back in the same way you left, and should be able to bring others in with you to help with your efforts.
A voice whispers: Just seek out the rust, you should be able to sniff it out.
A voice whispers: Just, please.. help us.
A rush of wind tickles your nerves, and you find yourself elsewhere.

The second part of the Haywood Annex will initially only be accessible by those who had previously been able to store an item. Because the final encounter requires exactly 5 players, addtional players can be brought in through various 'shafts' on the map. Where these shafts go may change from one run to the next, but where they went initially have been highlighted on the map. If you were to <climb shaft> to the hippie area, have someone meet you there, then <smell rust> you will both be transported to the annex. Once 5 people have been gathered, head to the center of the map.

The final encounter is the Haywood Warden. The encounter requires 4 players to move to one each of the pods and <touch indentation>. The 5th player needs to move to the cell room. They will be able to observe when all 4 players have 'touched' and are all ready to go. The person in the cell room will now fight the Warden, while the other 4 players in the pods will act as a HP "battery" absorbing all (considerable) damage spread amongst them. While in the pod, you will take damage and be able to heal, but not see or contribute to the fight in the cell room. If a player dies, the damage will increase among those remaining, and the cell room player may also begin to take damage. The eternal power (immortality will not function for the pod players during this encounter. Once defeated, each remaining player of the 5 should see the following message:

As the Haywood Warden dies, a powerful charge of
energy runs through every limb in your body, electrifying your
every nerve.  You feel different somehow.. powerful and excited on
a molecular level.

Mobs in Haywood Annex:

10m : Haywood Warden

This "boon" is a damage increase of approximately 20% that should last for the rest of the boot. This is currently understood to be available to only one group of 5 per reboot. Players may now exit the area via any one of the 6 shafts.