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Map of Rimalkins 2.0 Dungeon Location: Fantasy

Dungeon Timer: 2 Hours

Reset Type: Timed (Mobs will not respawn until dungeon has fully reset)

Scaling: No

Dungeon Details:

Rimalkins 2.0 are a non scaling dungeon cave area consisting of one upper and one lower level. While rating shows a low end mob class of 809k the range is really around 13m for "Small" rimalkins around 19m for "Large" and 26m for "Very Large". The lower level of the cave has a room with the King, but you will not be able to enter until an unspecified number of rimalkins have been killed. The number needed to gain entry might require killing them in a quantity greater than all available in a single dungeon reset. Once entry has been earned, you can retain access through reboots. The king is around class 95m and has a legendary bind on pickup ring 'Ring of Magical Deflection'. While the ring has no AC, it does have some SMD as well as a special that will sometimes prevent damage from specials.

Mobs in this Area:

A small Rimalkin
A large Rimalkin
A very large Rimalkin
The King of the Rimalkins

Items in this Area:

Ring of Magical Deflection
A golden band of metal, with a small diamond in its center.
This item is bound to you.
This item is legendary and you cannot possess more than one.
The ring is in perfect condition.
It has a magical glow about it.
It looks unbreakable.
This armor provides special defense against melee attacks.
It looks light.