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Character Development

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Explanations on how to chat with other players on Three Kingdoms and how to access the various chatlines currently known.

Visit the Chatlines page here.

Linked Items

A few items on the mud are very unique in nature and deserve their own pages. This is a small list of what is known and more information about each one.

Visit the Linked Items page here.


Medals can be earned by completing specific tasks throughout the realms. This is a list of each one, and if known, directions on how to obtain them (though most are self-explanatory).

Visit the Medals page here.


Missions are available if you'd like to temporarily step away from the typical grind. Depending on the mission, your reward could be more experience points, coins, stat boosts, gear, or a combination of all.

Visit the Missions page here.


Professions provide players with extra benefits. Some benefits could range in extra attacks, dodging, or damage. While other benefits could include extra carrying capacity, weapon and armour repairs, and many more.

Visit the Professions page here.


Puppies can provide your player with extra damage, though they come with some caretaking. This page will list all the various puppies that are available and how to take care of the one you choose.

Visit the Puppies page here.


Questing is optional, though it will help you obtain High Mortal status within the mud. This page is a list of all available quests with instructions on how to complete many of them.

Visit the Quests page here.


Skills allow your character to advance in special abilities and tangible effects, the combination of which will be unique to your character.

Visit the Skills page here.


Skillquests are specific tasks you can complete in order to earn more skill points (refer to the skills page).

Visit the Skillquests page here.